Schiano: Sheridan will call plays


New Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan says he will be running Greg Schiano’s defense.  But Sheridan will be the one calling the plays.

In an interview that will air on NBC SportsTalk, Schiano said that he trusts Sheridan to handle gameday duties to free Schiano up for managing the team.

Asked about the perception the Bucs were ready to spend a lot in free agency, Schiano said the team has always been ready to spend. But they want to spend smart.

Longtime Buc Ronde Barber and Schiano will sit down to discuss Barber’s future after the Combine. Schiano sounded open to having Barber back on the team.

6 responses to “Schiano: Sheridan will call plays

  1. Everything old regime was not. Mainly, organized with a plan for what to do tomorrow when they go to bed at night instead of “let’s party with the players and decide what to do tomorrow”.

  2. That is not a good thing, Sheridan is just plain awful. I remember when he was with the Giants and he would constantly outhink himself, making players like Tuck try to cover TEs like Witten. he also refused to make in-game adjustments. man that was a painful year.

    the guy has no idea how to use his personel

  3. As a lifelong Rutgers fan, I really want to see Schiano succeed. That being said, this is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea. Better start interviewing candidates for 2013.

    -Giants fan

  4. Maybe the guys that were brought in to replace injured players that year were terrible?

    So classy for Jerk Giant so-called fans to insult a guy no longer with the team. They have a coach that they disrespect constantly that has brought 2 Super Bowls to their undeserving town. What if Eli Manning’s dad had not been such a Boob and made his son be such a Weenie and not play where he was drafted? Huh… Jersey Boy’s? He has earned and deserved very much respect now, just such a shame that a great team resides in a place with despicable fans.

    We took your Qb coach, get over it!

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