Schwartz doesn’t rule out interest in Finnegan

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Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan is due to become a free agent.  Lions coach Jim Schwartz used to be the be Titans’ defensive coordinator.

And so it’s obvious to connect Cortland to Schwartz.

Schwartz didn’t rule out the possibility on Thursday at the Scouting Combine.  Walking like a Wallenda on the tampering tightrope, Schwartz didn’t say that the Lions are interested in Finnegan.  But Schwartz also didn’t say the Lions aren’t interested.

“There’s a lot of guys that fit our scheme,” Schwartz said, via Anwar Richardson of  “I think it’s important for us as an organization, for us a team, to keep a lot of the players we already have before we start looking elsewhere.  I think the approach we’ve taken the last couple of years is we’ve kept an open mind in just about everything we have.

“We haven’t gone all in on any one person. We haven’t also discounted any player or person.  Anybody that fits our scheme, anybody that makes sense for us, we’ve done a good job of evaluating those guys.  If Cortland ends up being one of those, then we’ll be in that position with him.”

That sounds good, but it’s safe to say that the Lions already have done their evaluation of Finnegan.

Before the Lions can spend big money on a free agent from another team, they need to figure out what they want to do with their own guys.  With the Lions, per Richardson, $11 million under the cap, using the franchise tag on defensive end Cliff Avril would tie up most of that money.

The key therefore remains extending Calvin Johnson’s contract and reducing his ridiculous cap number of $21 million.

17 responses to “Schwartz doesn’t rule out interest in Finnegan

  1. Finnegan’s gone from the Titans. (I hope Griffin is too)

    My bet is that Finnegan will either be with Lions or Rams.

    Finnegan can play but isn’t worth what he’s asking.

  2. Free agent class is weak this year at most positions, guys like Finnegan are going to be over paid once bidding begins…

  3. I’d rather let Cliff go and pick up Finnegan. Houston was pretty solid last year but we need another corner, and extra depth will help there was well. WRs were getting in on nickle packages late season…

  4. Swartz would only want him if finnegan can protect him from harbaugh. He doesn’t want to get beat up again. Oh wait never mind that. #andre johnson

  5. Don’t restructure Calvin, unless you get 100 mill guaranteed!!! Bears would love to pay you that money!!!!!!

  6. In the past Mayhew didn’t show much interest in high profile, large dollar, free agents. If Finnegan gets pricey, Mayhew will find other options – and that includes the draft. I trust him to fix the secondary – I’m a believer.

    The good news is that players who (in the past) would have refused to consider going to Detroit are now be open becoming a Lion. Like Coach Madden famously said, “Winning is the best deodorant.”

  7. vikescry1 says:Feb 23, 2012 4:24 PM

    Swartz would only want him if finnegan can protect him from harbaugh. He doesn’t want to get beat up again. Oh wait never mind that. #andre johnson

    I don’t think Schwartz is worried. Hairbow is a crybaby punk.

  8. Funny how people hate on a guy with balls big enough to fight Andre Johnson. In the streets of Detroit, that kind of thing earns you respect, not mockery.

  9. The Lions would be a great fit for Finnegan and he would bring even more aggressiveness to an already fierce defense. I enjoyed the way they played last year and adding him will make the defense that much more solid. However Tulloch needs to come back, Avril is good but I get the feeling he is replaceable thru the draft where the Lions have a good track record, especially at D line. Finnegan and Delmas would be nasty in the secondary.. All this from a bears fan

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