Thursday morning one-liners

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The Bills will meet with free agent WR Stevie Johnson’s agent on Friday.

The Miami Herald looks at the Dolphins’ potential offseason plan.

The defensive line is a draft need for the Patriots.

Jets brass is prepared for the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Ravens win more in the regular season than the offseason.

Free agent RB Cedric Benson’s future in Cincinnati is bleak.

Former Browns C LeCharles Bentley is training draft prospects.

Former Steelers C Dermontti Dawson commands respect.

The Texans need a big proposal to keep free agent LB Mario Williams.

Colts QB Peyton Manning is a legend in Indianapolis.

The Jaguars are in search of a big-time wide receiver.

The Titans have had contract talks with free agent S Jordan Babineaux.

The Broncos were pleased with their 2011 draft class.

Free agent RB Jackie Battle may leave the Chiefs for a bigger offensive role.

Was Raiders QB Jason Campbell a runaway groom?

Chargers QB Philip Rivers inspires confidence within the organization.

Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware wants free agent LB Anthony Spencer to return.

The Eagles may no longer look at defensive tackles in the draft.

The Redskins “love” Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden.

About 40 Bears staffers are attending the Combine.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford excels in the red zone. breaks down the Vikings’ 2012 salary cap.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan will soon be angling for a new contract.

The Panthers get Penn State DT Devon Still in this mock draft.

The Bucs are expected to be aggressive in free agency.

Free agent WR Reggie Wayne makes sense for the Cardinals.

49ers LB Ahmad Brooks may leave in free agency. dissects the Seahawks’ history with Combine results.

Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon may not run at the Combine.

8 responses to “Thursday morning one-liners

  1. As much as Andy Reid hates it the Eagles need to draft some great linebackers.They already have really good defensive tackles.

  2. If the Buccs had been aggressive in FA last season maybe they would not have had to fire their head coach…..

  3. You know its a slow news day when your “Browns” item is about “former Browns center LeCharles Bentley”. One, I don’t think he played a snap for the Browns did he? Two, either way, the article has nothing to do with the Browns. They aren’t mentioned a single time in the whole article. Should have just not had a Browns item today instead of trying to find a way to connect that article with that team.

  4. Noteworthy QB’s won’t throw at combine.
    Noteworthy WR’s won’t run at combine.
    Noteworthy (insert position) won’t (insert activity) at combine.

    Once again the agents stomp a little more joy out of the world.

  5. Was Raiders QB Jason Campbell a runaway groom?


    His fiancee spoke on a Chicago radio station, saying they broke up days before the wedding. He wasn’t a runaway groom.

  6. OK EFX you did good in the 2011 draft BUT you were picking second in every round. Lets see how you do when you are picking 25th in every round.
    Players at #2, #34, and #56 are easier to select then #25, #57, and #89 when you are looking for 3 starters.

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