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The VW bus arrived late last night. I’m back in my winter home of Indianapolis until Sunday representing PFT here at the Scouting Combine.

The on-field activity doesn’t start until Saturday, but the Combine begins in earnest Thursday, with interviews of draft prospects, coaches, and General Managers.

I’ll be conducting four or five interviews Thursday for NBC SportsTalk with guys like Bucs coach Greg Schiano, Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Bills G.M. Buddy Nix, and Vikings G.M Rick Spielman. We’ll also hear from all the coaches and General Managers, who will take their turns throughout the day at the podium.

Tight end and offensive line prospects talk Thursday before the skill positions (quarterbacks, running backs, wideouts) on Friday.  Defensive player interviews happen over the weekend.

If there is anything you want asked to the men above or any prospect/coach, now is the time to let me know in the comments.  I’ll pass the question along and tell them someone from PFT Planet wants answers.

We’ll try not to disappoint you with “completely inaccurate portrayals” over the next four days.

18 responses to “Welcome to the Combine

  1. Is Rick Spielman looking for a new quarterback? Or what is he doing to help Christian Ponder out?

  2. Ask Coach Rivera if the Panthers are going to target any wide receivers in free agency, and what their top needs are that they will address in the draft. Thanks!

  3. For Panthers coach Ron Rivera: With so little salary cap room, and quite a few defensive holes to fill, are the Panthers offseason moves going to be geared toward winning now, or building for a very strong future? In your opinion, what are the weakest areas that need to be addressed in order to make the Panthers a “complete” team and perennial playoff powerhouse?


  4. For Buddy Nix:

    What does the switch to a 4-3 do for their scouts? Do they start looking for different characteristics in prospects or does it remain the same? Also, what does he think about Courtney Upshaw and what scheme he thinks he fits in?

  5. With recent comments by GM’s and Head Coaches who stated that they put more emphasis on what players did on Saturdays then how they perform at the combine do any of the above mentioned GM’s feel that the combine has lost any importance or relevance?

  6. MF you couldn’t ask anything weirder than what Marcellus Wiley was asked. This morning on Mike & Mike he said a team asked him if he wet the bed!!! And he told them YES until he was 13. LOL

  7. For Buddy Nix-
    Does he think it was easier 10 years ago as a scout or does today’s technology really give them an edge?
    Since most of the Defense was set up for the 3-4, will they be able to find spots for guys like Spencer Johnson and Alex Carrington with switching to the 4-3? Johnson may not be a superstar, but showed up a lot last season with some big plays, I would think Buffalo would be interested in keeping him out there, but is there a spot?

  8. Ask Greg Schiano what he plans to do for the Bucs considering they only have 10 winning seasons in their franchise history, not counting the 8-8 season, and if he truly believes or just hopes to have great positife strides this next year or if it will be a process over a few years.

  9. I’m curious about the Vikings role in free agency with the salary cap situation they have. I’m sure the Wilfs will be willing to spend money on impact players, but the salary cap could be a problem. Maybe they can restructure contracts or something because with their high draft picks and what seems like a deep free agent pool, they have the opportunity to add some solid players.

  10. Ask Buddy Nix: Since the Bills are the only true New York team, why haven’t they advertised themselves as that?

    Why haven’t they used “The New York Buffalo Bills” ?

  11. Ask Pioli if he is ready to admit that Tyson Jackson is a complete bust and ready to replace him and free up more money that they won’t spend.

  12. I agree, if Griffin 3 is there at three the Vikes take him ans shore up QB needs for the next 12 years for sure. Ponder is not the guy. Smart but spaghetti armed. He ain’t leading the team to the promised land thats for sure.
    Plus with a fast AP and Griffin in the backfield and a couple of young receivers, this team turns around quickly.
    Would not be totally shocked if the Vikes, opt for the two position. Would not be totally shocked if Griffin goes number one and fools us all.

  13. ASK Spielman…If the Vikings think RG III is a game changer, would they consider putting Ponder on the Trading Block? And if so, what would type of player(caliber) or draft position would Ponder be worth after his Rookie season?

  14. Ask the scouts how much they pay attention to combine/pro day measurable numbers compared to actual tape. Also, ask them if they think draft “experts” such as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Jay Bilas, and Mike Mayock are clowns who make their jobs harder when they bash teams for not drafting players according to “their” draft board.

  15. for Ron Rivera:

    When is the coin flip w/ Miami tomorrow for the 8th pick? Also, how he feels Cam is prepared for this additional pressure this season, considering the fact that he had the best rookie season ever in the history of the NFL. how will he stay grounded and get us to the playoffs?

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