Alshon Jeffery sheds large amount of weight for Combine

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Pre-Combine rumors swirled that South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery might show up to Indianapolis overweight. Jeffery apparently reacted to the speculation, shedding a significant amount of pounds and reporting to the Combine at 216 on Friday.

Jeffery admitted he played his final college season weighing in the 230s. He also conceded that 216 pounds is the lightest he’s been since high school.

The sudden weight loss begs the question of whether Jeffery has lost strength. He is not used to being so small, and muscle usually goes first when a person is trying to drop pounds rapidly.

Other official measurements from Jeffery’s Friday weigh-in included 10 1/4-inch hands with an 80 1/8-inch wingspan. He is 6-foot-3 and an eighth of an inch tall.

40 responses to “Alshon Jeffery sheds large amount of weight for Combine

  1. If its helped him run faster, he could have just gotten himself back into the first half of the first round. I thought this dude was going to be Mike Williams 2.0, but maybe I’m wrong.

  2. That second to last paragraph is also utter nonsense. Clearly you’ve never put on a few pounds and then gotten back into shape. Jeffrey clearly had a few extra pounds around the middle that he could afford to lose without losing any muscle.

  3. Good luck to this young man. He just took a huge gamble dropping that much weight. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire on him. Nobody will cut him any slack unfortunately.

  4. 216? I thought he’d maybe pull into the 220’s based on how big he looked before, but that’s incredible. He just locked up a first round spot if he runs fast.

  5. Alarming sudden weight loss. Just a couple of weeks ago, fantasy football bloggers assured us he was 250 pounds and huffing his way through 4.9 40 yard dashes.

    Even noted NFL analyst Mike Wayoff joined the chorus. Surely it must have been true.

  6. It is good that he saw the combine as a “business trip” as RGIII did rather than seeing it as former Alabama tackle Andre Smith did , but along with the question wondering whether he has lost muscle, there should be a question whether he can keep the weight off once the minimum of $400k comes in.

  7. Jeffery is a wide receiver, not an offensive lineman. Hopefully Jeffery’s sacrifice will result in a good 40 time.

    If Jeffery runs a 40 below 4.5, no one is going to worry about how many times he benches 225 lbs.

  8. Amazing what an athelte will do for a bigger payday, but not for his own good or to help his game being that he sat at 23olb in college because he oculd get away with it and there wasn’t $ involved. Now a paycheck coincides with his wieght and 40 time, so he lost the wieght. I don’t like this. I would stay away.

  9. its tough to figure this guy out, he had decent production for having a horrible QB at south carolina

  10. I love the headline “Alshon Jeffery sheds large amount of weight for Combine” because it sounds as if he went from 450 to 300!!!!

  11. Wow….talk about some serious Combine-Rube talk.

    The guy lived it up the past couple months….ate carbs, lotta fat and probably drank beer. Good for him.

    Now he is executing on his business trip because he is focused for work.

    Is this guy much different than a lot of us?

    Who cares.

  12. So one day he gets bashed for being “overweight” although no DB could contain him in the SEC….

    Now he changes his body to get ready for the pros and THAT too is a “red flag”? I tell you…you just can’t please the media (most of whom never played a down of football at ANY level)… SMH

    Its called getting in professional shape, geeeesh ppl…bottom line–can he play? Forget how fast they run in a straight line or how high they can jump. How does the kid play in game action with a real defender around him? Thats all that has ever mattered….no IQ tests are taken on the field

  13. Just shows how dumb the “analysts” really are. Anyone who believed the guy who outperformed AJ Green and Julio Jones weighed 280 should not be paid to write about football.

    And for those who say Jeffery can’t get seperation, why don’t you ask Dre Kirkpatrick or Janoris Jenkins about him? He torched both.

  14. Its crazy to me that people are getting on him for losing weight, everyone said he was to fat now that he has lost weight he has lost to much?? That’s crazy! Some team will take a chance on him in the 1st round

  15. Also, his rivals recruiting page listed him coming out of high school at 6’3″ 214. Both those are pretty much correct, and they have his 40 at 4.5.

  16. So many people are single minded. Mayock is right on the money with Alshon. He had minimal seperation this past season. He caught alot of jump balls, and back shoulder throws, but not many Go’s where he flat out beat the D-back. Running a good 40 won’t change the preception that he is slow, it will just make scouts wonder why it doesn’t show up on tape. Mayock is the best in the Bussiness, something he never does is label guys as “Bust-Worthy”, he is very critcal and blunt. He never said Newton was going to bust, he said he had the physical tools but worried he would struggle with the mental aspect. He did, he threw 17 picks. Same deal with Locker, Locker would have been sure-fire #1 had he been more prolific from the pocket. I’ll take his word over anybody elses come draft day.

  17. I’m gonna enjoy laughing when Blackmon goes to the Rams and ends up Crabtree 2.0 while Jeffery becomes a friggin monster.

  18. He will run a 4.5 in the 40, which will keep him in the latter part of the draft. Losing a few pounds will not make much of a difference in his speed. I guarantee most of the weight loss was water weight. Its all a mirage, the weight will be back on by tomorrow morning when his latest meal has been fully digested. Anybody can tell he pulled the old H.S. Wrestling team trick, sucking weight, it takes mere hours.

  19. Wouldn’t be nice if the Patriots found a way to draft him, sign Welker and Lloyd. We would be back in New Orleans in February 2013 for a Superbowl. We all know that people want to play for a winner like New England. 5 Superbowl appearances in 10 years with a HOF head coach and QB.
    We also need to get a pass rush and some defensive back help. However money goes to money and winners only attract winners.

  20. Yeah, he might have pretended to be a wrestler/fighter for a bit and cut some weight for the combine. That takes discipline, and a cetain amount of “taking it serious”. He won’t show up for training camp at 216 most likely, as he’ll put the water weight back on, but I’d be shocked if he’s more than 221 this fall.

  21. A better player than Blackmon. Blackmon will be a bust, no speed, limited size, and questionable character. Pass

  22. Keto diet guys…..water is first and if protein is in the 300 grams/day and up range, muscle will be spared. He’ll go back to camp at 225 pounds.

    He may feel weak from the lack of carbs for the combine though.

  23. The guy simply put the bong down and immediately his digestive system perked up and he shed those reefer pounds.

  24. Wow, pass on Blackmon? Really? He has great hands, plays bigger than he is, and is more then fast enough. Blackmon will be the Posseion guy of the future. Back-to-Back big seasons, and on a bum leg. I’ll take Blackmon over Jeffrey and Floyd any day.

  25. Depending on how fast you lose weight you can lose muscle on a keto diet, and whether you lose muscle or not, the muscle cells won’t perform as well at the combine depleted of glycogen, and if he pre loads carbs for the combine he’ll gain weight anyhow.

    Anyhow, 216 isn’t that heavy. Megatron plays at what, 243? And he ran a 4.35….

  26. Hey Pats guy, your ” winners only attract winners” argument proves Jeffery won’t be playing in NE with Hoodie and Marsha. Last box score I read said the Pats were losers.

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