Andrew Luck: I’m not competing with Robert Griffin III


Robert Griffin III has made no secret that he’s motivated by competing with Andrew Luck to see who’s the best player in this year’s NFL draft. But Luck doesn’t see it that way.

Luck said in Indianapolis today that he doesn’t view Griffin as a competitor, and for that matter he’s not particularly interested in competing with any individual. He’s just interested in competing with the other 31 teams, once he’s in the NFL, most likely with the Colts.

“The great thing about football, it’s a team game,” Luck said. “It’s a team game. I think Robert’s a great quarterback, a great competitor, a great guy, really easy to get along with. I don’t get motivated by competing against him for something. I think it’s different, not one player versus another by any means.”

It actually makes a lot of sense that Griffin views Luck as competition and Luck doesn’t view Griffin as competition, because Luck is widely viewed as the Colts’ choice. Griffin has to actively prove that he’s better than Luck in order to become the No. 1 overall pick, while Luck just needs to maintain the status quo by saying and doing the right things for the next couple of months. And in the end, Luck is probably going to end up with the Colts, no matter how impressive Griffin is in the next couple of months.

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  1. I think Luck is under a lot of pressure. Not only does he have to follow in Peyton Mannings foot steps, he has to make sure that he has a better career than RG3. It may not be a competition between the two players, but the media will always compare both players throughout their careers, and if RG3 does better than Luck..the media will rip him a new one. I think Luck will be Ok though.

  2. actually the translation reads more like: please dont compare us just in case he has a better career!!

  3. Luck will have more trouble overcoming Peyton’s legacy in Indy than he will separating himself from RG3 ant the NFL level. Good “Luck” lol

  4. if the colts were smart, they would trade back this pick and stock up on some impact players. this is a deep defensive draft and they can use all the help they can get.

    The QB was NOT the only thing that sucked in indy last year.. Luck will get smashed if they dont bulster that OL. & they havent replaced Sanders yet.

    I’d like to see Luck become the next Leaf. that would be epic.

  5. Andrew can play it down all he wants too. The two players are inextricably attached forever. They are competitors, one against the other because today’s world will not allow anything else to happen. Besides, RG3 has in essence called Luck out. What Luck has said is nice, but it’s just “coach-speak” and doesn’t mean anything. RG3 is very honest in wanting to be the best. Andrew is hiding behind the team. In the end it doesn’t really matter who goes first, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want it to be you.

  6. Of course he doesn’t have to compete with RGIII. Andrew’s was already annointed the “best QB to come along in 34 years” by some in the meda before he came out of college. He knew his position on top of the draftboard was safe.

    And since the NFL is now controlled by the media, he knows his number one position is safe and his future also safe because those who have already annointed him with such high praises, the media, don’t want to look stupid. So, they are going to do all they can to pressure the Colts to make sure Luck succeeds.

    RG III will be treated with just as much scrutiny as Cam by the media. So he needs to give up the ghost and stop believing that going forward him and Luck will be treated equally and fairly. Andrew Luck WILL not be scrutinized by anyone in this media unless they simply want to throw folks off from seeing how extremely partial they are towards Luck.

    Mark my word, if many of you feel the media worshipped Tim Tebow to nauseum, wait until Luck hits the field.

  7. Luck doesn’t need to compete as he is the anointed one and RGIII is bridesmaid. I can’t imagine how many East Coast writers and ESPN gurus will have to be buried if Luck isn’t the 1st pick. But I’d rather be #2 and go anywhere except the Colts because the next QB will be measured against Peyton Manning ~ immediately! Andrew Luck is very good ~ ~ ~ he is NOT Peyton Manning.

  8. And now we know the reason why Luck didn’t get the Heisman. Silver Spoons was his favorite show back in the day.

  9. Luck is competing against RG3 wether he admits it or not. The Colts are giving serious consideration to Griffen, and Luck will need to show well to stay ahead of him.

  10. The Colts have no interest in griffen. And Luck is so far ahead of this guy…It certainly is NOT a competition for Luck!

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