Dennis Allen: Carson Palmer athletic enough to fit system


Carson Palmer and “athleticism” are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. Unless that sentence is: Carson Palmer does not have as much athleticism as most NFL quarterbacks.

The Raiders hired Greg Knapp to coordinate the team’s offense. In the past, Knapp’s offenses have relief on a lot of bootlegs, roll outs, and other ways of getting quarterbacks on the move. New Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was asked if Palmer made sense in that system.

“I think absolutely he can fit. . . . We’re not going to force-feed something if it doesn’t fit what a guy does really well, we’re not going to force-feed that. But I do think when you look at Carson Palmer, that he does have the same type of athleticism. He’s as athletic as Matt Schaub, who they had in Houston, to really be really be able to run that same package.”

We don’t necessarily agree with Allen’s Palmer/Schaub comparison, but we are looking forward to seeing what Palmer can do with a full offseason in a new offense. Palmer showed enough in Oakland last year to indicate he could have a strong run there.

Allen was effusive in his praise of Palmer, but he wouldn’t commit to the futures of Kamerion Wimbley and Michael Huff in Oakland. Allen did commit to having Darren McFadden and Richard Seymour on the team next year.  Huff could possibly play cornerback next year if he stays.

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  1. Palmer is not a mobile qb. Good luck with that. Pocket passer all the way. If he runs and throws he’ll throw 29 int’s on the season, 20 if he don’t run.

  2. Palmer is mobile. But people need to understand the different types of mobility.

    You have Michael Vick “elusive” mobility, where he is a threat to run the ball for enough positive yardage to be a run threat.

    Then you have Ben Roethlisberger “evasive” mobility, where he isn’t a threat to run with the ball, but he can evade the pass rush long enough to find another passing lane.

    Running with the ball to make the pass vs running with the ball to gain yardage on the ground.

  3. Come on a few bootlegs a game big deal…..even Gregg R. could do that….he is going to throw the ball deep. Schwab is not a gifted athlete and he is a heck of a QB, let this play out people. I still do not like the trade for Palmer but the Raiders are stuck with him and I expect coach Allen to make it work.

  4. I remember all those Bungals fans, saying Palmer’s arm was shot, lol.

    The guy was throwing bombs left and right, right on the money.

  5. joetoronto says:
    Feb 24, 2012 6:07 PM
    I remember all those Bungals fans, saying Palmer’s arm was shot, lol.

    The guy was throwing bombs left and right, right on the money.


    Bengal fans never said his arm was shot..We said his accuracy was shot.

    13 tds – 16 ints..Nough said!

    Enjoy him! lolololololololol

  6. azjahwkr says:Feb 24, 2012 5:56 PM

    I hope he takes every snap this year. It makes the Chiefs a lock for the AFC West


    I hope Routt takes every snap this year at CB. It makes every team that plays the Chiefs a lock to score 50 points per game.

  7. azjahwkr says: Feb 24, 2012 5:56 PM

    I hope he takes every snap this year. It makes the Chiefs a lock for the AFC West

    LOL…A lock to win it like last year? Even WITH Palmer in at QB, you STILL split the head to head matchups and that first game against Palmer, he had maybe 2-3 days with the playbook. I hardly call THAT a true victory against him.

    You better worry about your head coach wanting to call defensive plays during the game. Good luck with that.

  8. Hey azjahwkr, just remember during training camp last season Stanford Routt made Denarius Moore look like the second coming of Jerry Rice…

  9. joetoronto says: Feb 24, 2012 6:07 PM

    I remember all those Bungals fans, saying Palmer’s arm was shot, lol.

    The guy was throwing bombs left and right, right on the money.

    Exactly. Folks always remember the fewer negatives and gloss over the majority being positives. No one can blame Palmer or anyone for not doing well in Cincy at SOME point during their stint there.

    I look back to Palmer’s time with Oakland last season, with a limited grasp of the playbook and it’s offensive players, doing a number against San Diego on the road (San Diego is VERY good at home and has been that way since Rivers took the starting job after Brees was released). So, if he can have a very good/great game against the so-called “class” of the division in THEIR backyard, then he has the potential to continue his success. Now, with a disciplined and an extremely bright up and coming football mind as a head coach (referred to by coaches he’s worked with around the league) and a complete off season and workouts with the new playbook and players…the future looks very positive indeed.

  10. Palmer will be athletic enough to throw for 300+ yards per game for another year or 2 till we can see what the athletic QB Terrell Pryour can do and see if he fits the “system”!!!


  11. @joetoronto

    I know I never said that.

    His only issue is the amount of Int’s he throws and especially in the flat where they come back for 6.

    If his OC was smart he would take that route out of the playbook.

  12. Not only will Palmer not fit..none of our players will.

    We have Air Coryell Personnel from the QBs, To WRs, and maulers on the O-Line, not zone blockers.

    To change systems with no draft picks is ludicrous.

  13. All this fluff about Palmer isn’t athletic, Palmer can’t run the WCO, Palmer throws too many picks … it’s all just fluff.

    ANY QB that can make it through an NFL training camp by necessity of survival has enough “athleticism” (which in QB glossary means he can run fast, regardless of whether or not he can throw or fight off tackles) to run simple roll outs and other plays designed to move the pocket. Does he need to be a threat to move the chains with his feet? Not at all.

    Nobody runs the pure WCO any more and everybody includes many facets of it in their offense. Are you saying that Palmer can’t throw an accurate slant or that he can’t read the single coverage on the outside and audible to a quick hitter? Of course he can. He’s has the best combination of arm strength, accuracy and smarts that I’ve seen in an Oakland QB in a long long time. He can easily adapt to Knapp’s system, and Knapp and equally as easily adapt the system to Palmer’s strengths.

    On the picks side, if you take away the one throwaway game in KC where came in down several scores, halfway into the game, 4 days removed from sitting on his couch — then of the 13 picks that he did throw, I’d say half of them were bad reads where it looked like he was on a different page than his WR. That comes from not knowing your teammates from training camp more than from lack of accuracy. Say he reduces those by a third, and we’re looking about a pick a game average. Not horrible by NFL standards, and just fine if he matches it with 300+ yard games and a few TDs. He’ll put up similar numbers to Favre when he was in his mid-30s.

    You also have to look back in his career and tell me when he ever had the tools that he will have next year at his disposal. A healthy DMac will give him the best running game that he’s ever had, including a great pass catching RB to help his passing numbers. DHB is about as effective as OchoCinco was at the same stage of his career (he dropped a LOT of balls and was really a one trick, deep threat when he came into the league) and the combo of Moore and Ford give him two great options for quick hitters with tremendous run after the catch ability. My take is that, absent of some serious injury issues to Palmer or multiple targets, we’ll be looking at a 3800+ yard season with about 28 TDs and 15 Ints. I don’t see any other QB in Silver and Black this season that can approach that.

  14. Man that Raider kool-aid is potent! Palmer will toss just as many INT next year as he has every year, even after he gets into your bunko teams offense for a full camp, gelling with your WR’s blah blah blah…

    Drunk on that Raiders sauce… you guys won’t win 5 games next year. Your personnel is atrocious, and your coaching staff is unproven, and untested. Good luck guys (and I say that honestly – but you will be struggling next year).

  15. “till we can see what the athletic QB Terrell Pryour can do and see if he fits the “system”!!!”


    Mark my words:
    Pryor will NEVER be a successful NFL QB. I don’t care how athletic he is, he doesn’t have the mental capacity for the NFL QB spot. He makes Vince Young look like a valedictorian. I heard 3rd hand from a guy that sat on a plane next to John Gruden, who had worked with Pryor a bit in Ohio. His quote was, “That kid is dumb as f^k!”

    With Al still in charge, he might have got a chance. With the new regime, all that I can see is that he better learn to play special teams and put that speed/size combo to use. If he can learn to play a big WR-small TE type role along the way, maybe he’ll be salvagable.

  16. LOL @ the ignorant Raiders fans…

    You make fun of the “bungles” and say you can’t blame CP for leaving or not having much success. You do realize that the “bungels” have nearly twice as many wins and 3 playoff appearances (Oakland has ZERO) since Carson has been in the league right? Do you also realize that the “bungles” passing game was more consistent this year with Andy Dalton than it has been since 2006?

    You love Carson Palmer now that he’s your starting quarterback…fine. But don’t try to tear down a franchise that has been clearly superior to yours over the past decade in order to prop up a rusty, over-the-hill, and frankly not very good QB.

  17. @ wcucarter

    I wouldn’t say the Bengals have been a “superior” franchise, you guys have had your moments where you looked like a normal sanely sound NFL franchise (2005) and then you had your years where it looked like the inmates where running the asylum (basically every other year)

    Im willing to admit that the Raiders haven’t exactly looked like a Grade A organization this past decade but please don’t make your team sound like the New England Patriots. Thank you.

  18. 303bengalguy-
    Wow you’ve got to be some kind of football guru!! How has that so called “proven” coaching staff of yours worked out? We may struggle next year due to roster purging but we have more talent then the BUNGLES will ever dream of!!!! And at least we’ve been to a super bowl in the last 10 years!! I’m sure you’ll lead the league next year…… players arrested!! Try getting players in the HOF and not jail!!!

  19. wcucarter-
    How many playoff wins in those 3 appearances?? Cuz the goal is to do something in the playoffs not just get there, but when you’re a bungles fan i guess getting there is like winning the super bowl

  20. Yea, this is going to work out real well. Raider fans are going to figure out that Hue Jackson worked miracles with that sorry talent on the offensive side of the ball the past 2 seasons, lol. Coupled with that defense, which is severely lacking in talent, get ready Raider fans for

    “And with the first pick in the 2013 draft, the Oakland Raiders select…..”

  21. Palmer is still an excellent quarterback and draft picks are over rated. He played well enough for us to win the west. It was our defensive SCHEME that cost us the playoffs.

  22. @piratesof….
    Position by position the Bengals are better, sans RB, but only sans RB if DMC can keep his frail behind healthy, which he hasn’t thus far.


  23. I like Palmer and can’t wait for a full camp and season from him, but at the same time i can’t wait to see what Pryor can do. I hope he get’s a lot of snaps in preseason.

  24. @realfootballfan

    I’m certain you realize we don’t have a 1st round pick in 2013, what with all the Carson bashing going on. Nice try though.

    The CP trade was less than ideal, but re-treads are what the Raiders do best. Let me give you a few names and see if you recognize them:

    Rich Gannon, Jim Plunkett, Daryle Lamonica, Tom Flores

    But we don’t know what we’re doing. Hey, maybe you should throw for us, or at least coach our QB’s, seeing you know so much about the current situation.

  25. I think there are two points everyone is missing here;
    1. Carson Palmer had exactly 3 DAYS of practice before his first game. He came in at halftime. Kyle Boller had been there for the entire season, and threw 4 INTs in one quarter. Palmer threw 4 INTs in the second half. I doubt anyone on this thread could do as well in such circumstances.
    2. Palmer had many issues in Cinci, and few of them were his own. The coaching was abysmal, Ochostinko can’t catch a ball half as well as he can showboat or run his mouth (look at his season performance in New England – one of the best offenses in the league), T.O. Was more interested in reality tv than football (look at his Cinci record), the list goes on, but it boils down to one thing – he’s actually somewhere now that’s rededicated itself to football excellence – not press coverage and big name attention.

    Give the man a real chance before you crucify him.

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