Eagles reportedly open to trade offers for DeSean Jackson

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The Eagles have been pretty consistent with their public statements about wanting DeSean Jackson back with the team in 2012.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, that might not represent their full take on the situation. Schefter reported Friday that the team is open to listening to trade offers for Jackson after they use the franchise tag on him.

What’s with the contradictory information?

If the Eagles do want to trade Jackson, it would make sense to say nothing but positive things about him in public to downplay any character concerns that might linger from Jackson’s sulking about his contract status. Their public statements of happiness about a continued relationship with Jackson could also be designed to solicit offers to their liking as opposed to ones for a player that other teams know you are looking to unload.

The trouble with that angle is that if the Eagles really didn’t want Jackson, they could be taking a big risk by slapping the franchise tag on him in hopes of finding a trade partner. They could then rescind the franchise tag — the Eagles have done that twice before — if Jackson didn’t sign it, but that seems like an a strange way to play things in this wide receiver market. Jackson could forestall any chance of that happening by signing the tender quickly, something that seems likely given how little chance everyone thinks there is that the two sides reach agreement on a long-term deal.

Either way, the Eagles are almost certain to tag Jackson, so there’s no reason for them not to listen to trade offers that come their way. They can always say no and keep Jackson so why rule it out before you know what someone might give up for him?

55 responses to “Eagles reportedly open to trade offers for DeSean Jackson

  1. Why do I not feel sorry for the guys that are drama-queens about their contract situations?

    Oh yeah…they get payed handsomely to play A GAME.

    Shut up and play. The ones that go about it the right way get rewarded accordingly. Unfortunately the ones that don’t sometimes do as well.

  2. His career has already peaked. Plus his susceptibility to concussions will have him early exiting like his Cal brethren Jahvid Best

  3. He has a small frame that makes him injury prone so the Iggles might get a 7th rounder and one of Haynesworth’s old jock straps.

  4. More dumb moves by Philly and I love it. Why franchise this clown? Just let some dumber team sign him as free agent. DJax is overrated and a team cancer. He would fit perfectly in Oakland or Cincinnati.

  5. An unproductive, undersized, problem-child? You want something of value for that? WRs like him grow on trees.

  6. thats the way to motivate a disgruntled receiver, by shopping him around. im sure he will respond well (sarcasm)

  7. This is not news. I understand it’s the offseason. But c’monnn man.

    It’s not contradictory to say you’ll listen to trade offers either. If you have a GM who says he won’t even listen to trade offers for a player, you’ve got yourself a terrible GM. Sometimes people knock your socks off and overpay (a 1st, 3rd, and 6th for Roy Williams? Nicely done, Dallas).

  8. the eagles can not get equal trade value now because, if he stays he will be upset for shopping him GOOD LUCK

  9. Pilot2011:
    First of all, being a panthers fan as yourself, odd hope you know that Dan Connor is a FA as well…also Djax and Asante both require big contracts, we have no cap room in CAR, so if we took on two large contracts who you wanna cut? Clown…

  10. First of all why do schefter and the rest these clowns have a job. They start rumors that they feel are what the public wants to hear . Report the truth stop with the guessing . Every team listen to offers on most players don’t mean there going anywhere. It happens all the time and these dumb athletes usually think these dumb ass reporters got some inside scoop . When they are just spreading rumors to get attention. Adam shut up and report real news nobody wants to hear your thoughts or so called educated guesses . Let things play out then be the first to get the news do your job the way real journalist . Report facts not speculation ,also a fact last year Andy Reid said he had offers for a lot of his players. Fact he said he listened I think every team listen to offers.

  11. Give this poor guy a break already! The way he played in 2010 he had a big contract overdue. People criticized him over his gator arm, but imagine he got seriously hurt in that play with his contract ending in a few months. Would it be fair?
    I hope Eagles let him go as a FA and he can sign a big contract and play his signature games leaving the eagles to regret.
    He is a dynamic kid and I love the spirit in him. Good luck pal!

  12. obamablowz says:
    Feb 24, 2012 6:39 PM
    This guy is not that good or worth the money, TRADE HIM !


    You get the screen name of the year award! The thin skinned, mamby pamby ninny nanny lefty twits will lose their pea sized minds.

  13. The Vikings offer a 5th rounder and a conditional first rounder if:

    1. He doesn’t make a boneheaded play to take points off the board this year; and
    2. He doesn’t whine and cry about his contract status this year.

    So, you have a fifth rounder.. Balls in your court.

  14. yardape74 says:
    Feb 24, 2012 6:30 PM
    More dumb moves by Philly and I love it. Why franchise this clown? Just let some dumber team sign him as free agent. DJax is overrated and a team cancer. He would fit perfectly in Oakland or Cincinnati.


    UHHHHHH… because a trade involves getting some type of return. Leaving in free agency means, he’s gone with no return.

    Pretty easy.

  15. @madenatewell,

    I do realize the Panthers are cap stricken. My suggestion was more a wishful thinking to emphasize Carolina’s need for a number 2 corner and another speedy receiver to open up the middle of the field for our tight ends and Cam’s legs.

  16. “jenniferxxx says:
    Feb 24, 2012 7:05 PM
    Once again the Eagles prove that they are the perennial champions of the off-season”

    Perennial after 1 big offseason in the last decade??? Look up the word perennial genius.

  17. Team this guy up with Brandon Marshall in Miami,(if they get Flynn or Manning) Or maybe opposite of Fitz in AZ, that is a tandem that will take you places.

    A first for jackson and the Eagles could throw in a 3rd.

  18. If Desean is sent packing will whomever they add make them Super Bowl champs under Andy Reid? My point exactly. For all you fools that want DJAX gone send Andy packing as well. You misguided idiots!

  19. As a Giant fan I know how deadly this guy is and I guarantee you most G-men fans are hoping the Eagles trade him…to a team in the AFC. Personally, even though he can be a pain in the butt I think the Eagles need him if they want to make a run at the Super Bowl next year.

    If they don’t go deep into the playoffs, Andy Reid is likely gone (probably San Diego drops Turner and takes Reid as a replacement), the Vick experiment is over (letting him go won’t financially sting after ’12), and the team has to take a step back. Because of this I have to believe unless they are overwhelmed by an offer, which I doubt will happen Desean will be tormenting the Giants again in 2012.

  20. Fat Andy Reid probably thinks he should get a 1st and 2nd for DeSean. Concussion issues worry me more than his character.

  21. You people forget, the eagles fleece with the best of them. Worst case they get a 2nd and 5th for him…..someone will bite and the eagles will snag Vjax to go along with maclin. Go eagles! Fleece!

  22. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Feb 24, 2012 6:41 PM
    An unproductive, undersized, problem-child? You want something of value for that? WRs like him grow on trees.
    Unproductive ?If Desean was unproductive then how come he has been to 2 probowls and elected 1 time all-pro in his 4 year career ?

  23. To the Patriots for the 30th overall pick. Its the last piece the Pats offense needs to be the most dominant offense ever. They need a dangerous, speedy deep threat. Perfect fit.

  24. San Fran will get D. Jackson for a 6th round pick.

    The comment by vikes is the first time I have ever seen goe’s spelled like a complete RETARD. You could be dumber than a cowgirl fan.

  25. Pretty much a non-story. I would think that most teams would listen to trade offers on just about any player. Sure, each team has one, maybe two “untouchable” players. But for the most part, if the right offer comes along, a GM would be foolish NOT to listen to said offer.

  26. The eagles are damned if they do and damned if they don’t with this guy… Might as well be damned and save a few bucks. Sayonara.

  27. nygsbchamps4 says:
    Feb 24, 2012 7:33 PM
    @gb4mno, what do you think about the screen name Bush41rulez, awesome right? You Repubeblicans are something else! I’ll take Obama over Bush any day.


    You’re proving my point……….twit

  28. Why does everyone hate on this guy, he’s a player with small stature that has one of the most unique skill sets in the league. Not even in his prime yet, tag and trade would be great. Get a first and fourth for him. A team will overpay for this type of talent, to south beach.

  29. package Djax, Asante, a 1st & a later round pick to the Rams and draft RG3. Rams need help at WR and CB they were on they’re 9th CB last year, Vick doesn’t stay healthy and RG3 is the same mold of Vick, can run strong arm athletic and you won’t have to completely change you offensive game plan when the back up comes in i.e. McNabb to Kolb, Kolb to Vick, Vick to Kolb, Vick to Kafka

  30. Speaking of dumb login names, who names themselves after Jerry Sandusky. Straight ignorant on so many levels

  31. I don’t care what anyone says, I would rather fire Reid than trade DeSean. How often do speed demons like him come around? He is a game changer and if they would just pay him he wouldn’t have to worry about the money. It doesn’t matter if Reid gets a 1st round pick in exchange for him, do you honestly think Reid is going to use that pick wisely?

    Keep DeSean, nothing you get in return will give you equal value. He makes D respect the long ball, makes Maclin more effective, and helps open up bigger running lanes for McCoy and Vick.

  32. Send here to the Cardinals, we need a #2 WR. i can see it now, K. Kolb throwing to a old teammate from back in the day, along with Fitz on the other side of course.

  33. Say all you want, he could change The Rams season. Bradford would become the pro he was expected to be. Remember all you na sayers…he still needs to be doubled and can run like hell. As long as he has that speed he is a hugh threat.

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