Fisher: Rams have discussed adding Haynesworth

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher is thinking about a reunion with one of his most infamous former players.

Fisher says the Rams have discussed signing defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth. It’s Fisher’s job to “discuss” just about anyone, but he sounded very open to the possibility of adding the former Titan. (And former Redskin. And former Patriot. And former Buc.)

We highly doubt many teams will show any interest in Haynesworth this offseason. If Fisher wants Haynesworth and he’s willing to play for a low salary, the Rams can have him.

28 responses to “Fisher: Rams have discussed adding Haynesworth

  1. He’s washed up and arrogant. As a giant fan I’m glad we don’t need to take a chance on someone like him. If he was still with the pats during SB46, we would have beaten them by more.

  2. Rams starting DT Fred Robbins turns 35 this year so yeah, I would say this is an area of need.

  3. “and he’s willing to play for a low salary”

    I think it’s pretty clear that PLAYING for a low salary isn’t gonna happen with this guy when he won’t even play for a high salary. He might consider signing a low contract to eat up a roster space however.

  4. My first reaction was to laugh this off. Then I remembered that St Louis is playing the Patriots next year in England. Please, Jeff Fisher give Belichick the motivation to drop another 59-0 nothing game on you in front of Europe.

  5. I guess they want another top pick next year? Haynesworth brings absolutely nothing to the table, he should be ready to enjoy retirement after robbing the Redskins blind.

  6. Haynesworth as a Skin: “I’m so happy to be here and prove my worth”

    Haynesworth as a Patriot: “I want to retire here”

    Haynesworth as a Buc: “I should’ve come here from the beginning”

    I wonder what his next BS line will be…

  7. Rams have needed a run stopping tackle for almost 10 years. If they can sign Haynesworth to the same money as a third or fourth round pick plus incentives, he may be worth the risk IF Fisher thinks he can light a fire in Albert. This could allow the Rams to use that pick on a CB or LB.

  8. I hate the Pats…. but I will says this …. If they give up on you then there cant be anything left in the tank. Good luck in whoever takes this clown

  9. “Rams have discussed adding Haynesworth”

    That had to be the shortest discussion the Rams have had this offseason.

  10. When will people realize this guy is through???

    He wont even give a decent effort to be effective!!!

    He is not the player he was when you had him in Tennesse Mr. Fisher!!!

    He will be cut in training camp because he is just plain ol lazy!!!!

  11. The thing I just dont get is why guys like Haynesworth and say Randy Moss or Terrell Owens and the list can go on and on ,is why they dont get what an honor it is to play in the league…They are one of the lucky ones that were given the talent and able to showcase it on the ultimate level…..Yet these guys always seem to almost be ungrateful, they find ways to destroy their careers…And then when they are long gone and forgotten and all that money that seemed like was endless is all gone , well what do they have……Sadly the answer is usually not much but countless bills and aching bones……The NFL career on average seems to be getting shorter and shorter, tooo much money is involved now and teams arent gonna pay the older guys the veteran minimum as often when they can find a scrappy young kid thats willing to work his butt off and be glad for a short time to collect his much smaller pay….then as is usually the case agents and folks get ahold of the previously unknown player and then and the money squabbles begin….round and round we go…. Years down the road when guys like Haynesworth look back at their careers and you read the interviews they are always filled with regret , woulda, shoulda , couldas…….They dont take advantage of the education offered to them by universities , they dont listen to the advice former players give about handling money and avoiding certain people, and they display boorish ,unappreciative behavior off the field, thus making it hard for the regular folks to feel sorry for them at all…..

  12. But then again, the media feels that Jeff Fisher is good to have a beer with!!!!!

    So signing the slumping turd known as Haynesworth will be a “great move”!!!!

  13. Make it a very incentive-laden contract, otherwise Fisher will the same old lazy and paid Albert. For every play he makes, he gets an extra helping at the the buffet. Fat Albert is the poster boy for one year contracts.

  14. There was a time where your legacy in the game was important and you wanted to me known as one of the best…now $$$$ is the name of the game and only a small group only cares about their legacy, Albert could’ve been one of the greatest DT to play the game had he kept his head on right and of course not stomped another’s…the guys who want to leave a lasting legacy we all know whether we like them or not and this is why we hate them because they scrap until it’s over!

  15. Albert needs to go to Detroit. Between him and Suh, no O-line mans face is safe from being stomped on.

  16. The Rams may as well sign me if they r considering signing Haynesworth…they’ll get as much production for a much lower price

  17. this move is bad…if belicheat can’t motivate him, no one can…he’s done and fisher is reported to go after moss as well, Fisher may as well called the St.louis rams, the new St.louis “washed up” Titans

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