Height not a problem for Robert Griffin III


Robert Griffin III measures up just fine to be an NFL quarterback.

Before the Scouting Combine some concerns were raised that Griffin, Baylor’s Heisman-Trophy winning quarterback, was too short for the position. But Griffin was measured today, and according to multiple reporters on the scene, Griffin came in at six feet, two and three-eighths inches. There was talk that Griffin might be shorter than the 6-foot-2 that Baylor listed him as, but the reality that he’s almost half an inch taller than that should put to bed any concerns about his height.

It’s fair to ask whether height ever should have been a concern in the first place. Griffin was a giant on the field at Baylor, and 6-foot-0 quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Michael Vick have called into question whether the premium that scouts put on height at the quarterback position is misplaced.

Now all 32 teams know exactly how tall Griffin is.

38 responses to “Height not a problem for Robert Griffin III

  1. So if he was 6-1 or 6′ it WOULD be a problem? lol. The REAL problems going to come if/when he can’t read defenses or sense pressure.

  2. Whew………now that we know this my Browns will surely blow their entire draft by taking Cribbs 2.0!

  3. Brady 6 ft 4

    Eli Manning 6 ft 4

    Aaron Rodgers 6 ft 2

    The scouts are actually right. Size DOES matter.

  4. the reason height is such an issue for QBs is the mammoth offensive linemen that are in the NFL.

    How can you expect a 6′ qb to see a 6′ wr 30 yards down the field when he’s behind a 6’7 OL..

    for every Drew Brees and Doug Flutie, there are 50 Rex Grossmans.

  5. Michael Vick is making scouts reevaluate the importance of height? He leads the league is passes batted down each and every year. Brees overcomes his lack of height because he’s a genius.

    Get a clue MDS.

  6. As an Eagles fan, I can say Vick’s height is a crutch sometimes. He makes up for it in other ways, but bottomline. height is slightly overrated, but to see over big offensive lineman it is important.

  7. clownsfan says:Feb 24, 2012 9:19 AM

    Whew………now that we know this my Browns will surely blow their entire draft by taking Cribbs 2.0!


    Why wouldn’t Browns fans want RG3? I’m guessing you haven’t watched him play. He is a accurate pocket passer with a big arm. His mobility will be an asset for scrambling. He doesn’t have a run first mentality. All his college numbers mimic the great QB picks of the past.

    What the hell are the Browns going to do if they don’t take him. Colt McCoy isn’t going to win anything.

  8. Is height helpful? Of course!

    Is strong arm, football intelligence more helpful…Yep

    Rex Grossman is not good because of arm..Jamarcus Russell had plenty of height and arm!

  9. Brees is awesome, and Vick is pretty good too. They’re used to being short and that’s how they’ve learned to play. But ask them both if the position would be easier to play if they were 6’5″, or even if they wanted to be 6ft or 6’5′ when they grew up, and see what they say. And if they say “no,” ignore it, cuz it’s “yes.”

    All other things being equal, Height is better than short for seeing the field AND getting the ball out.

  10. I don’t care about height in the least bit.

    1. Understanding of the Offense
    2. Understanding what Defenses are doing.
    3. Accuracy
    4. Leadership
    5. Arm strength

    Height means little, if these requirements are met.

    PS – It helps to have a good Oline

  11. This height thing is just stupid…part of the O-line blocking technique/scheme is to open throwing lanes for the QB to see downfield furthermore another kink in the armor of this height thing is look at even the so called tall QB’s Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger have all had and still have passes tipped, knocked down etc.,

  12. I’m am wondering why Seattle is not in the running for a QB. Jackson is not good enough Whithurst is trash. Porridge is not developed yet. We need a QB who don’t just throw to sidney Rice, I mean Mike Williams is pretty good too.

  13. Dear Washington Redkins organization:

    You can have Flynn!! We’ll trade up for RGIII and there isn’t much you can do about it so you might as well take the leftovers!

    Yours truly,
    Browns Fan

  14. vicktator says:
    Feb 24, 2012 9:38 AM
    As an Eagles fan, I can say Vick’s height is a crutch sometimes. He makes up for it in other ways, but bottomline. height is slightly overrated, but to see over big offensive lineman it is important.


    Combine Vick’s height with his 3/4 delivery, and he has waaay too many batted passes. JPP licks his chops every time he sees the Eagles on the schedule the following week.

    On a side note, man, am I glad we picked Brandon Graham over JPP. Or Earl Thomas. That Eagles FO sure has proven how much smarter they are than everyone else in the world.

  15. I wonder if his hair played a role in his height. It looks pretty solid and would give him a bump in height of at least an inch, which oddly enough is exactly how much extra height he needed to “put teams at ease” about the issue.

  16. Height makes a huge difference, or should I say, lack of height is tough to overcome….shorter guys ALWAYS run outside to see and often that causes problems. Most qbs in the NFL have a very difficult time if they’re not at least 6’2″

  17. dredddog says:Feb 24, 2012 9:28 AM

    “How tall was Jamarcus Russell? Just wondering…”

    dclogicatlast says:Feb 24, 2012 9:33 AM

    “Michael Vick is making scouts reevaluate the importance of height? He leads the league is passes batted down each and every year. Brees overcomes his lack of height because he’s a genius.

    Get a clue MDS.”
    I still can’t believe how much racism still exists in the NFL. Black QBs always being compared to other black QBs and the not so subtle stereotyping and false perception that the white QBs are automatically more intelligent…SMDH

    It’s good to see the NBA and MLB have gotten pass those issues. If you’re white NBA player, and your good and have a playing style similiar to Michael Jordon, you going to be compared to Michael Jordon. If you’re a black player and you’re good and share similiar styles to Steve Nash or Larry Bird, you will be compared to them. The MLB is the same.

    It seems like it should be more than time that the NFL and it’s fans be pass the silly white to white, and black to black comparisons of the QBs. But I guess some folks simply can’t let go.

  18. I am so sick of every Browns and Redskins fan commenting on going after each and every player mentioned on this board.

    Then you got the Jets and Raiders fans who do the same thing, but think they’re in play for every guy who hits the market.

    Can we just eliminate these 4 teams?

  19. I believe height plays a role, but decision making will always trump that. Guys with decision making abilities will find the lanes.

  20. Some of the greatest quarterbacks ever weren’t “ideal QB height”, and plenty others had very decent careers. Off the top of my head

    Joe Montana: 6’2
    Aaron Rodgers: 6’2
    Johnny Unitas: 6’1
    Doug Flutie: A generous 5’11

    On the other side of the equation…

    Jamarcus Russel: 6’6
    Akili Smith: 6’3
    Ryan Leaf: 6’5
    Byron Leftwich 6’5

    Bottom line, it has less to do with size and much more to do with intelligence and work ethic. A guy could be 6’5, 235 pounds, have a rocket arm, and be incredibly accurate…. but if he’s dumb as a box of rocks, well…

  21. The real problem is not height, it’s width. He’s 2 inches taller than Michael Vick and weighs the same – 220. He’s inevitably going to get knocked around, so his durability is the real issue. And that’s especially true the more he runs outside the pocket.

    There are always exceptions, but more often than not, big quarterbacks last longer and are more successful.

  22. Height is important to a QB about like shiftiness is to a place kicker. It’s a nice additional bonus but not necessary. There are so many other traits that make up a good QB that height is WAAAY down the list as to the top priorities. If he is a leader, can read defenses, make good decisions, throw short, throw long, dodge defensive lineman, has good speed, etc. – he’ll be a good QB whether he’s 5’10 or 6’5″. Griffin appears to have all of these important traits and he’s going to be a great NFL QB. No QB has ever come into the league with his combination of throwing skills, intelligence and raw foot speed. Can’t wait to watch it.

  23. @clownsfan: why do I get the feeling ur actually a steelers fan?? Everything you post is negative. And I’ve yet to meet an actual Cleveland fan that would ever refer to themselves as a Clowns fan.

  24. phelbin:

    1. Robert Griffin III is like 21 years old and runs track in addition to playing football. When he is 25, no longer running track, and benefits from an NFL weight room, the guy will be 230 lbs.

    2. The idea that Griffin III is going to be this running QB shows how determined people are to keep RG3 in a box no matter what the facts are. The guy threw for 4300 yards and 38 TDs last year. In a shotgun-spread offense. At Baylor. Yet everybody treats him like he is Vince Young with a better GPA. Here’s the deal: RG3 was criticized at Baylor (until the Heisman campaign this season obviously) FOR NOT RUNNING MORE.
    Put it another way: Andrew Luck had almost as many rushing yards in 2010 as RG3 did in 2011.

    If protecting RG3’s health ever becomes a concern, then he will just throw the football out of the pocket – or shotgun – like Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, because that is the type of PASSER that he is. We aren’t talking about a mediocre passer who needs to run the ball to be effective like Michael Vick or Vince Young. The guy honestly is as good a passer as any QB in this draft other than Luck.

  25. Griffin is going to be a huge bust in THE NFL.

    Super Bowl winning teams over the last decade or more have not been guided by a quarterback like this – flashy types. Intelligent, level-headed, stable, more pocket oriented quarterbacks are the winning formula – not some Hollywood Cam Cheating (Carolina) Dog Killer (Vick) type.

    These flashy guys are fun to watch but they aren’t winners in the ultimate game. And their shelf-life of performance is limited. And they don’t get any more football savvy or skilled at quarterbacking the older they get. They can’t be reshaped into a pocket-oriented passer and don’t have the intelligence to read defenses well.

  26. Either the height is a lie or the weight is a lie. He looks very skinny. I have a hard time believing 6’2 220.

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