John Harbaugh: We’re offering Ben Grubbs a lot of money

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh went on the radio Thursday to discuss the futures of a couple of the team’s big free agents.

Harbaugh told Jerry Coleman of 105.7 The Fan, in an interview transcribed by the Ravens website, that said that the team feels Ben Grubbs and Marshal Yanda given them a duo of guards as good as any in the league. Yanda signed a five-year, $32.5 million contract last season and Harbaugh said that the team plans to pay Grubbs “as such” to keep the tandem together.

“We’ve offered – I don’t know if we’ve offered it yet – but we’re in negotiations of offering a lot of money,” Harbaugh said. “We’re going to really make a run at Ben.”

It is unusual to see NFL teams invest that much money in the guard position, which is why many have assumed that Grubbs will be playing somewhere else next season. The Ravens would have a hard time replacing Grubbs’ production, their line struggled when he was injured last season, and may find it makes more sense to keep him while using the draft to fill other needs before next season.

One of the reasons why Grubbs is such an important piece for the Ravens is his ability to open holes for running back Ray Rice. Rice is also a potential free agent and it seems like the team is heading toward using the franchise tag on him before the March 5th deadline. Doing that has led to holdouts for some players in the past, but Harbaugh doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem with Rice.

“In all honesty, I’d be surprised just knowing Ray because I know how much he loves football,” Harbaugh said. :I think he understands there’s no leverage to be gained by doing that.”

Rice hasn’t said anything publicly to indicate he’d hold out if he’s tagged and, based on Harbaugh’s comments, there haven’t been any private statements to that effect either.

21 responses to “John Harbaugh: We’re offering Ben Grubbs a lot of money

  1. I’m lovin it! Bring back Grubbs, tag Rice, and extend Joe, and hopefully after it’s all said and done we’ll have some money left over for a free agent or two.

  2. Ray has said publicly in the past that he doesn’t mind the franchise tag because it’s still a lot of money. He also stated that he prefers a contract because he wants to stay in Baltimore for his whole career.

  3. ravenator says:
    Feb 24, 2012 12:57 PM
    Oz > Colbert

    Well according to Steeler fans..Colbert is the greatest GM to ever walk the face of the earth..although they’re about to possibly lose the second best player on their offense..and create possibly even more problems for themselves in future years by “re-structuring” every player on the teams contract. Meanwhile Oz is about to find a way to keep 3 Pro Bowl players whose contracts all run up within the next 2 seasons without sacrificing the future of the franchise, and remaining competitive. Now here comes all the Steeler fans who will post about all the championships they’ve won…most of which were won before half the Steelers fans posting on this site were even born. It’s gonna be so enjoyable watching the fall of the Steelers over the next 3-5 years.

  4. I understand the Baugh talking up his guy, but in general, I believe it would be more productive for the GM to handle all questions regarding contracts and negociations. I’d never put John in the same group as Rex Ryan, but look at the difficulties it caused in negociations with Revis.

    John is an excellent coach. Ozzie is an excellent GM. Harbaugh should let Ozzie do his job and concentrate on his responsibilities.

    All coaches should rehearse the line… “I’m here to coach and get the best out of these players. If you have questions about my job, fire away. If you have questions regarding their contracts, see the players agents and the GM.” Just like all players should practice saying “talk to my agent man, I’m here to play ball and to help win a ring”.

  5. “Oz > Colbert
    It’s gonna be so enjoyable watching the fall of the Steelers over the next 3-5 years.”

    HAHA. So funny how people keep making this same prediction about the Steelers since… the 90s? We’ll revisit this comment in a couple years when Flacco still doesn’t have a ring and Rice starts to feel like he has wasted his career on a team that never lived up to expectations, and then we’ll see how you feel about the Raven’s teambuilding skills.

  6. Also, it’s amazing the Ravens can sweep the Steelers in a season, and here is an article that has nothing to do with the Steelers at all, yet Ravens fans are so obsessed with their division rival that it dominates all discussing of their own team.

  7. So tying up $65 mill in your two OGs then handing a top-5 contract to a sub-par QB only to use the franchise tag on your best player is considered a good move? Ravens fans are delusional.

  8. Love the sound of this. Really don’t know if it is doable though. Especially if they are going to extend Flacco. I’m really not sure what the rush is to extend Joe when they have him under control for another season. If his feelings are hurt by playing out the last year of his deal then oh well. He won’t be the first and he won’t be the last. It’s a business and the Ravens have an obligation to put the best team on the field. If that means they franchise Rice and sign Grubbs and make Flacco wait a year to get his deal then so be it. Better yet sign both Rice and Grubbs this year. Either way I make Flacco wait.

  9. ravenator, thank you for continuously talking about my team…even in a post solely about your team.

  10. Why are Steeler fans even reading this? They must be concerned. They need to replace 4 out of 5 offensive lineman, sign their best WR, and they have a QB crying about not getting a phone call from the new OC. Not to mention their salary cap situation. I have a ton of respect for that organization and love Tomlin but the fans are arrogant and claim titles that most of them weren’t even alive to see. You would think that getting trucked by a TE masquerading as a QB would quiet them down and humble them a bit. I know I would be embarrased.

  11. @Steeley McBeam

    Well considering we have to tag Rice once free agency starts, which is in a week, a deal isn’t likely to get done with Rice. Anyone who thinks Joe is actually going to get top 5 money from the Ravens is delusional. And I have no problem having 2 pro bowl guards, especially once we draft Konz and have the best interior O-line in the league and two pretty decent O-tackles.

  12. raven410 says…..

    Anything you really have to say comes across as dumb. As to the rest of ravens fans, heres the thing… Yando, Grubbs, Rice, Flacco Oher… At the start off the season and once you have had to pay large contracts to these players and where you sit..then talk about the salary cap and see where you are… I have a pretty good feeling the Ravens and Steelers will be roughly in the same spot not to mention you are paying a few of your vets that are older..Reed, Lewis pretty decent money and you have some other guys that will be commanding some big money in the next few years.. Like I said.. when al lcontracts are done and future money is considered and you see who owes what in future years…All the Steelers did was add 8 million per year for the next 3-4 years towards cap.. I bet after the Ravens sign these players they will be in same boat. Both teams are solid with plaus and minuses at each position. Both of these franchises are pretty much mirror images of each other and in general that shows up when they play each other but also in the decisions of the Front office.. To me, trying to compare who’s F/O office is better is pretty dumb comsidering they both have done a great job and you cant find too many flaws with either.

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