Justin Blackmon won’t run at combine

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The big question about Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon’s ability to thrive at the professional level is his speed.

Blackmon, projected to be the first receiver off the board, said Friday that he is planning to eliminate that concern.

“I know I’m not slow,” Blackmon said, via Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel. “I’m hoping to shock a few people.”

He just won’t be shocking anyone at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this weekend. Although Blackmon said previously that he would do everything in Indy, he changed course on Friday and announced he won’t run a 40-yard dash. Blackmon cited a hamstring injury for his decision, but there’s another good reason for his decision to wait a bit longer to display his speed.

He’ll run his 40 at the Oklahoma State Pro Day on March 7th instead, a move that should pay off for him thanks to the differences in the two tracks. Indy’s track is slower than the one in Stillwater — 49ers running back Kendall Hunter posted a much better time at the college’s track last year — and that should pay off for Blackmon in a better result.


20 responses to “Justin Blackmon won’t run at combine

  1. He should do what benefits him best when he feels he’s at his best. Don’t blame him at all.

  2. Can’t blame him. The combine is more geared toward the small college players looking to make an impact. The top players have the right to wait for their pro day at their college or universities. This guy is a stud, and will be a beast in the NFL.

  3. It’s a little hard to understand the system with the combine. The players that take part are invited, taking a spot that otherwise could be used by someone else. Then it is left up to the player whether or not they actually want to participate?
    It seems to me that if you say yes to the combine you should be saying yes to doing everything they ask you to do and if you can’t or won’t do that, then get out of the way and let someone else show what they’ve got.

  4. i never understood this logic. if everyone knows a certain track surface is faster than another, what do these guys think they are doing? fooling the scouts by being timed on the fast track? i do not get it.

  5. Sad some of these players come to the combine and think they have to prove nothing while the rest put it all out there.

    I guess that is why more non first round picks are a success as they want to prove themselves all the time.
    The NFL needs to do away with this crap it’s a waist of time to even invite some of these guys. The NFL should step in and say unless you have a medical excuse you participate in all events or your not invited and if you are invited and you skip out you pay a fine… I mean these guys are not in college anymore…

  6. The NFL opened it’s doors to 250 people they are getting away from gearing the combine for the small school kids in which only a handful are invited anyhow. 300 total players most are from big schools.

    The pro day is a joke for QB’S and WR because nobody really cares that they are throwing to WR’s that are used to catching passes from that QB..

    The combine wants to improve their rating then stop catering to the pansy’s and start a solid combine policy and enforce it…

  7. Why should he run when he’s already projected as the top WR in the draft? If he runs higher than a 4.5 or injures himself..he goes from a top 5 pick to a top 10 or 15 pick.

  8. I hate the mentality of many of these entitled big name prospects. Would you go to a job fair/interview and refuse to do what was asked? Either do everything required or don’t accept the invitation. There are other kids who could use the opportunity but can’t because the QBs won’t throw, and the RBs/receivers won’t run. This stuff is asinine. It’s like saying thanks for the interview opportunity but rather than meet in your office I prefer to do it down at the bar I hang out in…you know, where I’m more comfortable. Sad. The NFL knows how to fix this but won’t because they think the names get the ratings. I’d much rather watch some unknown kid working his butt off in order to make it vs. watching a so-called top prospect disrespect the process by wimping out due to fear of hurting his “stock”.

  9. Difference is Kendall Hunter actually is fast. Also agree with Hutch119. Crabtree 2.0. Blackmon is a little more explosive and will probably score more TD’s especially if he goes to the Rams where there isn’t an elite TE to take away opportunities…. He will also have even more critical dropped passes and the end result will likely be the same.. A very talented primadonna that just ends up an overpaid receiver with a punk ass attitude. See one Dez Bryant for another example

  10. He will be nothing specal at the next level. Not tall enough, with marginal speed. I wouldn’t take him in the top 10. Julio Jones went # 6and he was a better prospect, no way Blackmon goes early. Start the slide watch.

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