Luck says he’d “absolutely” be willing to sit behind Manning


Back in December, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck said all the right things about the possibility of being drafted by a team with an established quarterback.

On Friday, Luck continued to tread lightly as to the possibility of being relegated to the bench, in the (unlikely) event that the Colts don’t cut Peyton Manning.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Luck told reporters at the Scouting Combine regarding the possibility of serving as Peyton’s understudy.  “If I had the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course you’re going to take advantage of it.  Absolutely.”

Of course, there’s a chance Luck already knows that the Colts plan to part ways with Peyton.  Which makes it easier to take the high road.

Luck would benefit from working with Manning, but at some level it would be difficult to not play while guys like Robert Griffin III are starting as of Week One.

If, as expected, Manning is cut at some point in the next 13 days, it won’t matter whether Luck is willing to take a back seat to one of the best ever.  But if the unthinkable happens, it sounds like Luck will have no problem grabbing a clipboard and sprouting a fresh neckbeard.

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  1. Who wouldn’t want that job? As long as he’s getting paid the same, holding a clipboard, not getting hit, studying under one of the best Qb’s ever + Dream Job

  2. Luck forcing a trade is not happening…that’s just wishful thinking by all the morons that think the Colts threw the season

  3. mark my words. luck turns into a bust and peyton comes back to take the league by storm with another team. he might not win another super bowl but he’ll be back in the playoffs with whatever team he ends up on.

  4. Ok… Lets ASSUME (like a lot of the media does tend to do) that Irsay makes an “intuitive” (Irsay likes that word) decision and pays PM 28 mil by 3/8.
    It could very well be Manning holding the clipboard and neckbeard ( you’d never see it though, blond beard and all) in late September.
    My take is as factually valid as anyone’s I’ve heard/read.
    We’ll see for sure within a few weeks.

  5. Lol with Brutus. That would be comical, on many levels. But consider this, how about the colts cut Peyton AND Luck forces a trade. He’ gonna start regardless of who drafts him.

  6. SURE Andrew Luck would want to sit behind Peyton Manning when thanks to the new NFL CBA, he will only get about $23 million on his rookie deal, then have only 4 years to showcase his skills in order to get real money on his next deal.

    If Manning plays 4 years – or even 3 – what type of contract extension do you think that Luck gets when the Colts won’t even know if the guy can play or not? Exactly. That is why the days of QBs sitting on the bench – or doing so for more than a season or at the most two – are over. An NFL team would want a QB on the field by year 2 to so that they can have 2 years to see him play so they can give him a contract extension at the end of year 3 in order to keep him off the free agent market (or having to franchise him) at the end of year 4. Likewise, a QB is going to want to be on the field by the beginning of year 3 at the latest, because he is going to need those 2 years to get a big contract to get a rookie deal, whether it is from the team that drafted him or anybody else. 4 years from now, nobody is going to care that Luck was everybody’s all-American at Stanford. They will only want to know if he is a franchise QB, and if they haven’t seen him play for at least 2 years, he won’t get that $100 million contract that he can’t sign now because of the CBA.

    Luck is playing the PR game right now because he doesn’t want to be perceived as a prima donna or doing some power play to push a Hall of Famer out the door, but if you think that Luck wants to ruin his shot at getting a big contract in 2016 by sitting behind Manning for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (even getting on the field by 2015 wouldn’t give him enough time unless he has a MONSTER year or something!), you are naive.

    As to why RG3 is telling everybody that he wants to hold a clipboard behind Manning … the kid needs to throw the ball and shut up. The game has changed. You no longer get those Sam Bradford type contracts … $78 million over 6 years. Instead, you get $23 million over 4. Sit behind Manning or anybody else for 3-4 years, and it will be your third contract before you start making Pro Bowl QB type money. Luck knows this, and if RG3 doesn’t know it, you had better believe that his agent does. That’s why both guys need to just be silent on the Manning issue and let Manning and the Colts handle their business.

  7. Luck would still be better off than griffen if he played behind Manning for a few years. People never seem to watch how the top dynasty in football works and learn from it. Bill Walsh had Montana and Steve Young. Pats have Rayan Mallet (way better than Luck or Griffen) waiting in the wings and learning from Brady. Look at Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert…They throw these kids in as the next savior to sell tickets. Teams that are SMART let the talent learn from the bench instead of getting killed while they are learning. Good to great QB’s are destroyed in this league every year by being put on crap teams with no OL or real playmakers and made to play to soon. Look at the Browns…They have a QB that is better than most in this league but give him NO help and blame him for everything. They will probably go get Griffen, sell tickets for 2 years and then blame everything on him and he becomes a bust. Teams like this do not want to win the SB!

  8. “mark my words. luck turns into a bust and peyton comes back to take the league by storm with another team.”

    You can guarantee those words have been marked. Marked, book marked, committed to memory.

    The only place that scenario plays out is bizzaro world.

  9. He’s saying this because half the fan base is going to be up in arms when they cut Peyton, and he rather let Irsay be in the crosshairs and play innocent bystander

  10. if i was a heismann winner, or a number 1 pick, the first time i was hit, i would indignantly pull the doily kerchief out of my sweatband and say ” do you know who i am good sir?” keep your hands off me from now on” that’s how i’d handle things

  11. It’s break up now while Peyton has the bad wing or in 2013 or 2014 AT LATEST… why is this so hard to buy? No reason to delay the inevitable; Colts taking Luck and Manning is gone; move along

  12. I’m sure Luck has been asked this question about sitting behind PM a billion times. I’ve only heard him asked it one time several months ago and he sounded pretty grumbly tone wise when he answered, “if that happens I’ll deal with it.”

    There’s a fine line between being a good teammate and being a competitor.

  13. Luck may be “okay” with that arrangement but
    I wonder how Peyton would feel about it?

    My guess is he wouldn’t be too thrilled, since I’m sure he
    wants to keep playing & starting for at least few more years.

    That is, if his health allows him to…

  14. The Colts are getting another Class Act. As a Colts Fan I feel very lucky to be in a situation like this. Peyton will always be an iconic hero in Indy and hopefully Luck can build his own legacy and rise to a similar place in the NFL.

  15. Luck’s agent might not feel the same way.

    Any top draft pick in the new CBA is going to want to play immediately and play their way into a new contract extension ASAP to make up for the money they lost as a top pick in the new rookie salary structure.

    Saying you’re willing to sit behind a veteran like Rogers did is akin to saying you’d be happy to earn $30 million less than you could.

    I don’t expect the agents or players to really say and believe that.

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