Matt Kalil: I’m the best tackle in the draft

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USC’s Matt Kalil is regarded by most analysts as the best tackle in this year’s NFL draft, and Kalil doesn’t hesitate to say he agrees with that assessment.

“I would definitely say I am the best tackle in the draft,” Kalil said Thursday.

That might sound arrogant, but Kalil believes it’s exactly what NFL teams want to hear.

“Confidence is definitely a big part of your game,” Kalil said. “I think they want to hear that you do think you’re the best tackle, and I think I am.”

The team that drafts Kalil will surely expect him to be a starter on offense from Day One, but Kalil said he also enjoys contributing on special teams. Kalil sealed USC’s win over Utah last season with a last-minute blocked field goal, and he said that’s one of his favorite parts of playing football.

“It was definitely something I wanted to do,” he said. “I volunteered for it. As an offensive lineman, you don’t get any fame. You’re not scoring touchdowns. So blocking a few field goals, that was more than enough for me. Especially at Utah, blocking a field goal to win the game, that’s probably the highlight of my college career.”

Blocking field goals would just be a bonus for the team that drafts Kalil. Blocking defensive ends is what’s likely to make him a Top 5 pick.

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  1. March 2009. ” I would definitely say I’m the best tackle in the draft”. Jason Smith-Baylor

    March 2004. “I would definitely say I’m the best tackle in the draft”. Robert Gallery-Iowa

    Hold on Cowboy, that means nothing. You want to say you’re the best tackle in the NFL. Don’t let your draft position be your greatest feat in the NFL.

  2. He’s obviously just telling teams what they want to hear. It’s kind of a trap question when someone asks you if you thing you’re the best. If you say anything but yes, everyone will be all over you. So pointless. Of course you’re going to say yes. But you have to prove it on the field. All of this is just bullsh*t.

  3. Welcome to Minnesota Mr Kalil. In addition to blocking some field goals and defensive ends, could you also play some guard, center, quarterback, and wide reciever too? Heck, why not both sides of the ball? Once the pick is made you’d probably be the best linebacker, corner, and safety on the roster also. All kidding aside, nice to feel good about at least one position for the next ten years or so…

  4. Whe did humility become a fault and arrogance become a virtue? He could have easily said that he has confidence in himself and his abilities but “the best” label is an individual opinion best left to each individual.

  5. He put a big X on his back now. The opponent teams pass rushers will target to beat him with more motivation to prove him wrong. His market just dropped. Bad move.

  6. Feb 24, 2012 6:48 AM

    If he were black people here would be trashing him for this

    cue the racist thumbs down

    I gave you a thumb down because of your horrible grammar. Why must people always throw race into everything? Dude is a beast and he is saying what he should be saying at the combine. I would love to see him in a Skins uniform. HTTR!

  7. Agreed purplecrow. My friends want wide receiver, but I remember Troy Williamson. Not to mention WRs are just FLOWING in the free agency this year. How can we NOT finally get some protection for our shiny new QB. Man put this guy in front of Ponder and give them a whole offseason together. Yes.

  8. nogoodell says:
    Feb 24, 2012 6:48 AM
    If he were black people here would be trashing him for this

    cue the racist thumbs down


    No, those are ‘You’re a douche’ thumbs down.

    Cue the non-racist thumbs up.

  9. nogoodell February 24, 2012, 5:48 AM CST

    If he were black people here would be trashing him for this

    cue the racist thumbs down


    No, people don’t care about that anymore.

  10. Don’t be ignorant, Kalil. Everyone knows you are widely regarded as the best LT in the draft, which is why you’ll be a top 3 pick. Don’t send up red flags by opening your mouth again.

  11. Yea, Kalil, maybe.

    But you are no Tony Boselli or Jonathan Ogden.
    You are not even as good as Orlando Pace.

    So since you are doing rankings, I thought I would just put it all in context.

    How about being humble? Guess what? You may not be the best in this draft either.

    Go do some volunteer work.

    All the race talkers – SNOOZE

  12. I’d take Kalil over Andrew Luck… pencil him in at LT for the next 15 years. He kept Tyron Smith at RT, not a small feat. Tyron will be a Pro Bowl LT.

  13. yeah I’d agree.I watched a thing on ESPN showing him training for the combine and he’s quick on his feet,strong and agile for a big man.Granted that doesn’t always transition into an all pro career but he looks the part from what I’ve seen.

  14. Hey PFT, for those of us who don’t pay attention to college sports and are first hearing about these guys, how about designating offensive or defensive tackle early in the article. “Tackle” is ambiguous.

  15. He simply was answering a question. If he would have answered, “I think there are a couple of guys who are just as good,” GMs would be wondering why the heck he didn’t say he’s the best. You want a confident player with a resume indicating success. Matt Kalil has a pro bowl brother in Ryan Kalil and kept Matt Barkley’s jersey clean all year. He will do well at the next level, he has speed and strength.

  16. Reily Reiff = Best OT in this years draft, hands down.

    Also, I’m not a big fan of players who brag about themselves to te media.



  17. This sounds arrogant coming out of the mouth of Matt Kalil but all he is really doing is making a statement of fact. Kalil appears to be the closest thing to a “sure thing” as far as linemen are concerned in this year’s draft (even though we all know there is no such thing as a sure thing). The Vikings would be idiots to think of taking anyone else with that 3rd pick. Blackmon would be the more entertaining option, but if the Vikes want to right the ship they need to steady up the LT position. I’m not saying this kid is going to be a hall of famer but I’ll be he’s an upgrade over Charlie Johnson.

    Let’s hope the Vikes do the right thing in the draft and take Kalil. They’re track record recently in the draft makes me a little worried though.

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