Ravens shut down Mike Wallace speculation

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Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert went out of his way on Thursday to say that Mike Wallace should be with the team for a long, long time.

Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome went out of his way on Friday to say that the Ravens are very unlikely to go after Wallace if the Steelers “only” place a first round restricted free agent tag on him.

“The problem with going after restricted free agents, at that point, the player and the agent have the leverage because you have to do a deal that you don’t think the other team is going to match,” Newsome said. “Will some teams do it? I mean there are some teams that have two [first round picks] this year,” Newsome said. “Could they do it? Possibly. But they’ll be thinking about all of those other ramifications.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a man too interested in going after Wallace. Newsome also noted that cheap rookie salaries makes the first round picks worth more. Finally, he didn’t seem to think Wallace was a particularly good fit on the team.

“Did you watch us play this year? Do you think we need a deep threat?”

48 responses to “Ravens shut down Mike Wallace speculation

  1. Itll still help the ravens and hurt the steelers when some other team scoops him up. Its a shame they arent going to be able to keep him, not! Sucks to be in cap hell. No question, Oz > Colbert

  2. I saw the one interview when he and Antonio Brown were sitting next to each other. Brown came off as well-spoken and intelligent while Wallace seemed like he was dumb. If I were making a play for one of their two receivers, I’d wait for Brown when he is restricted over Wallace

  3. He makes sense for a few teams. Somebody should at least make the cap situation a little harder for the Steelers by front loading a contract offer for Wallace. He’s easily a top 10 WR.

  4. Ozzie is right! The Ravens dont need a deep threat- that’s what they brought Lee Evans in for.

    I can’t possibly think of a reason to not keep Lee, can you?

  5. “No question, Oz > Colbert”

    I’ve heard some delusional statements from Ravens fans over the years but that one might have just taken the cake. Wow, congrats.

    Kevin Colbert’s teams in 12 seasons: 5 AFC Championship Games, 3 AFC Championships, 2 Super Bowl wins, 8 playoff berths

    Newsome’s in 10 years: 2 AFC Championship Games, both of them losses, 6 playoff berths

    Go back to your corner and keep pretending the Steelers days are over. They’ve been saying that about them for 40 years now.

  6. he couldve helped tremendously, however ozzie is right, our problems wont be solved with another deep threat.

  7. ravenator

    The steelers are not in cap hell. They never sign top tier free agents and they wont this year. So that is a wash. They have kept all the players that they want to except for possibly Wallace and if they cant then they will get a first round pick. So that is a wash. They will also be able to sign all of their drafted players as well. All of the vets that will be cut, should be cut so that is a wash. So where exactly do you see the steelers in cap hell?

    If you think they are just pushing the cap problems off to later years with restructures you are also wrong because the salary cap is going to expand dramatically in 2014 which will be able to handle all of the restructuring they are doing now.

  8. He is staying Pittsburgh, who will continue to rob Peter to pay Paul until it all comes crushing down and they go through what the 9ers went through…CAP HELL.

    I know that 6 championships makes any fan happy, but what that front office is doing will come back to bite them hard and Steelers fans really shouldn’t be running around calling their front office the best in football.

  9. “If you think they are just pushing the cap problems off to later years with restructures you are also wrong because the salary cap is going to expand dramatically in 2014 which will be able to handle all of the restructuring they are doing now.”

    If that is true and it expands dramatically in 2014 I stand corrected.

  10. The Steelers currently sit $2 million UNDER the cap after restructuring Roethlisberger.

    Cap HELL I tell ya!

  11. Wow,
    Ozzie Newsome is better than Kevin Colbert as a G.M.?!
    Ravens fans are once again proving how delusional they truly can be. Ozzie has been a very good G.M. for the Ravens, I’m acknowledging that. But he hasn’t reached the level that Colbert has. How many Hall of Fame guys does he have on his pelt in comparison to Colbert? Not as much, I can tell you that.

  12. Where’d that picture even come from? I can’t find any statistic that says he’s ever even attempted a pass?

  13. Oh man I love the smack talk from Pittsburgh fans already! Those two loses must still sting, and why shouldn’t they! Ladies and gentlemen talk is cheap. We’ll be facing each other soon enough, I am sure we all can’t wait.

    p.s. I don’t think it would be a wise move on the Ravens part anyway. Not so much the #1 pick that you give up, as much as the salary that he’ll command.

  14. The ravens only have 8 million in cap space left and they have yet to sign ray rice who is wanting AP $$$. Theres also a healthy supply of real good WR in free agency where you dont have to give up a 1st to sign. I really doubt theres a lot of teams willing to give up a 1st for him especially the patriots who have glaring holes in the d

  15. Steelers Fans…..fact of the matter is that you had to do some major restructuring of contracts this year and will probably lose Wallace and you will have to face losing both Sanders and Brown next year…that is some great front office work!
    Steelers 2012 = 7-9!!

  16. Wow, Pittsburgh never fails to raise idiots……colbert better than newsome? Have you not noticed he has to restructure deals every year because he signs lucrative ones to begin with? And newsome raised this team from practically expansion to now, and look at what he’s done. The steelers had the personnel there already……don’t begin to compare……idiots Newsome>Colbert

  17. steelersarewhatfootballisallabout

    As far as I know, neither Colbert nor Newsome have drafted any HOFers…

    Colbert became the GM in 2000, Newsome in 2002. Last Steeler to get in was Rod Woodson who was before his time…

    Coincidentally, Woodson also played for the Ravens.

  18. All you torey smith haters. Just picture him at Heinz field, beating ike Taylor and Ryan Clark, touchdown! Swept

  19. @ravenator …

    Instead of worrying about some team taking Wallace away from Pittsburgh, maybe in the back of your one-track mind you should save a little space to fret over keeping the biggest talent Baltimore has. One day Ozzie may come home to the Crimson Tide athletic department. He’s a Bama guy, and we understand the meaning of “Mama called.” 😀

  20. Yeah. The Ravens don’t “need” Wallace.

    Evans/2011: 26 targets, 4 recs, catch-rate 15%, 3.0 YAC.

    Boldin/2011: 105 targets, 57 recs, catch-rate 54%, 4.3 YAC.

    Smith/200: 95 targets, 50 recs, catch-rate 53%, 4.5 YAC.

    Wallace/2011: 113 targets, 72 recs, catch-rate 64%, 6.8 YAC.

  21. Tyler200829 you gotta be kidding me lmao. Colbert took over in 2000 look at the wr hes taken in. Look at the free agents he has signed. Look at the success hes had with draft picks in ALL ROUNDS. Look at the super bowls the team has won and been to, look at the record and playoff wins with the team he assembled. Ozzie doesn’t come close to that since he became GM in ’02

  22. As a Ravens fan I obviously hate the Steelers, but i respect them as a great rival. I dont think that Wallace would be a good fit for the Ravens for multiple reasons. 1) His heart is in Pittsburg 2) He would cause a #1 draft pick in which the Ravens should use for a center. 3) Yeah Evans muffed that play and was pleagued with an injury for a good portion of the season he isnt washed up. Ravens dont need another deep threat. They need a second slot reciever 2 slots 2 deep and 2 TE with one of the best RB’s of the league that would be killer.

  23. Even if the Steelers didnt get a first round pick for Wallace and he was a FA I still think the 7 Million per year to sign him would be too much…Especially with the rookie salary cap so low now…We got Wallace as a 3rd round pick … Brown a 6th… you can find speed guys all over the board… your QB has alot to do with it I think and Wallace has benifited from being on a good team…He isnt a very good route runner at this time so unless it is a go or a post route… I would hope that someone was dumb enough to sign him to a big contract and give up a first rounder. The Steelers could sign to long term players in areas needed and save alot of money and pick up another speed receiver in the draft. after round 2

  24. New England has 2 first round picks (whats new) AND a serious need for a deep threat WR that can take the top off of defenses.

    They also have a need for a player that can rush the QB, though with Carter and Cunningham returning from injury next year and Spikes having picked up the scheme now.. Wallace would be a great addition.

  25. The Ravens don’t have a lot of cap room and have a QB that wants top 5 QB money and a RB that wants Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson type money.

    The Steelers may have cap problems, but at least they don’t have to sign their top 2 offensive players who cost the most money.

  26. Does anyone remember who won the AFCN this year?

    Or remember what happened with our rookie deep threat at Heinz Field?

    On the topic of deep threats, can any of you Steeler fans tell me who Demaryius Thomas is?

    Oh wait, now I remember…

  27. 1st off..name 1 Ratbird reciever better then Wallace? But the one thing I do agree with is Colbert and all this YEARLY reconstructuring is gona bite us in the ass sooner then later. He’s far from a genius..how do u get 25$ over to begin with? Its not like we have 15 Pro bowlers.

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