Report: Pierre Garcon turns down contract offer from Colts

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It looks like Pierre Garcon is going to test the free agent waters.

Adam Schefter of reports that the wide receiver turned down a five-year contract offer from the Colts recently, raising the likelihood that he will hit the open market on March 13th. Garcon had a career-high 70 catches and 947 yards last season, his fourth in the NFL and first without Peyton Manning throwing him passes. That latter fact should boost his value to other teams, unless Garcon has other plans.

As with fellow impending Colts free agent wide receiver Reggie Wayne, there figures to be some speculation that Garcon will want to wind up wherever Manning ends up playing quarterback next season. Of course, the busy wide receiver market figures to land players in some unexpected spots and the need to replace a departing veteran could open up some doors (and wallets) for Garcon, who turns 26 in August, that aren’t apparent at the moment.

There’s also a chance that the Colts could come back with an offer that makes Garcon reconsider skipping town, but signs are pointing to an almost total upheaval on the offensive side of the ball in Indy.

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  1. Yes and it could back fire on Pierre and he may not get another offer from another team or offered less money, then the Colts could come back and reduce their offer

  2. Thats a blow to the Colts. All signs our saying it will be a completely different team on the offensive side of the ball. Manning, Wayne, Saturday now Garcon? Definitely in rebuild mode more then ever.

  3. C’mon I’m a Vikings fan, and even I can tell you they are not SMART enough to sign Garcon and then draft Kalil @ #3. I see them overpaying Laurent Robinson, trading down and taking some stiff who will be out of the league in 4 years.

  4. Maybe now is finally the time for Mike Vanderjagt to sneak into Irsay’s office and ask for his old job back?

  5. this isnt a great year to be a good FA receiver…..way too many on the market. guys like garcon and manningham might be surprised, and not in a good way, at the offers they finally get.

  6. Football Outsiders ranked the guy #81 in the NFL. I don’t care who his QBs were – that’s not a year I want to be selling as a free agent.

  7. 12thman…..

    Before you speak, KNOW what you’re talking about!!!
    Did you mean Austin Collie?

    In other news, The Eagles are entertaining offers for DeSean Jackson……PFT will get mad for me reporting this 1st

  8. jason1214 says:
    Feb 24, 2012 4:59 PM
    C’mon I’m a Vikings fan, and even I can tell you they are not SMART enough to sign Garcon and then draft Kalil @ #3. I see them overpaying Laurent Robinson, trading down and taking some stiff who will be out of the league in 4 years.
    Sadly…you are correct.

  9. Garcon will be a good WR for someone. He doesn’t want to be part of a complete rebuild in Indianapolis. Who can blame him?

  10. “Garcon had a career-high 70 catches and 947 yards last season”

    And if he wouldn’t have dropped 1 out 3 passes it would have been 105 catches and >1200 yards.

    Awesome speed and yac yards though.

  11. I can only see Peyton going to a place that has a solid O-line. He could use a good running game as well.

    Imagine seeing Peyton head to Cleveland with Pierre and Reggie Wayne. That would immediately transform that offense in Cleveland. They have TONS of cap space, so I don’t blame you Browns fans for dreaming. I know its a west coast scheme over there, but you gotta think for a healthy Peyton they’d be fine making a few changes.

    Or have the trio head to San Fran. They could enjoy playing outside at home in winter months for a change. SF has a stout D already, a very good running game, and a very solid O line.

  12. just like i figured its garcon or manningham coming to the 9ers, at the least meachem the 9ers are not going to break the bank for v jacks,bowe,or colston its gonna be the second tier type WR but, at this point just about anyone can help

  13. Manning is going anywhere cold. If he leaves Indy, I could see Zona, Seattle or Miami grabbing him. Manning has struggled in cold conditions, now he’s damaged goods and getting close to end of career. Cold locations are out.

  14. He played pretty well in a bad offense last year, just wants a fresh start I guess.

    I don’t think he’d follow Peyton anywhere either. Peyton worked better with his other WR’s and Garcon never seemed to have great chemistry with him, dropped a lot of balls.

  15. The SS Irsay is a sinking ship.

    Totally botched the Manning situation, players bailing out….

    Luck has to be wondering what he’s getting into.

  16. With the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft the colts select Andrew luck QB, Andrew luck calls the colts No thank you i dont want to be on a crappy team with no players going back to school again

  17. He’s exactly what the Patriots need. A young deep threat that can stretch the field. If Belichick can land him the Pats can strictly go after defense in the draft

  18. Some receivers in the market have clearly outplayed him. TO, Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards, Lousy Stinko and Raunchy Moss.

    OMG! I apologize! You said 70 receptions, I thought you said 70 drops!

  19. Mike Brown are you alive? Get rid of your drug dealing number 2 and bring in a real receiver. AJ, Pierre, Shipley, Gresham and Hawkins? Sounds like a good group for a second year QB. Add a good RB and some OLine through FA and Draft and you may have a real team.

  20. What’s the report on this guy? Two years ago he was ranked as the worst starting WR of the entire Peyton Manning era. Did he really get so much better last season that he’s actually considered good? Was Peyton Manning holding him back? He went from being as bad as or worse than Qadry Ismail at the end of the line to getting a 5 year contract offer?

    Honestly I don’t know, because I didn’t see him play and haven’t looked into it. So I’m asking. Maybe he had a good year because the Colts didn’t have any other options or they did inexplicable things like pick up options on other receivers and pay them millions to sit all season.

  21. I doubt Garcon will want to follow Manning. There is a reason Garcon had his highest receiving numbers when Manning wasn’t playing.

    Painter really liked Garcon last year and force fed him the football whether or not he was open.

    Now Manning does that as well… but he does it with guys who will catch the football when it is thrown to them. Which is why he didn’t look at Garcon unless the coverage absolutely dictated that is where he went with the ball.

    Because Garcon is athletically gifted but simply cannot reliably catch the football.

  22. Remember, Dallas Clark was out almost the entire season, and with a new QB (or 3), they don’t have a lot of options. Clark was the security blanket and with Reggie Wayne being Reggie Wayne, he got all the tough coverage. Of course Pierre had a career year.

    He’s also an outstanding athlete and really really fast. But some of his drops are just awful. Still, most receivers not named Megatron have a flaw somewhere in their game, and when Garcon does catch a pass, he’s able to take it to the house.

    As for concussions, you’re thinking of Austin Collie.

  23. @genericcommenter,

    There’s the rub…
    He’s got the dropsies.
    Maybe it’s inability.
    But if this guy works through that he MIGHT be the one of the best ever.
    Pay attention to where he ends up fantasy players.

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