Schiano starts to build the new Bucs

Getting a coaching staff hired wasn’t easy for new Bucs coach Greg Schiano. Now comes the really tough part.

Schiano takes over a roster with a lot of youth and a lot of problems.

One thing we liked about Schiano’s press availability on Thursday: He’s very direct and he understands he doesn’t have all the answers right away. He knows a rookie NFL head coach has a lot to learn and he’s not entering the league like he’s already figured everything out like some former college coaches.

Here’s our conversation with him for NBC SportsTalk.

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8 responses to “Schiano starts to build the new Bucs

  1. Being so direct & honest is going to be one of his keys for success as a Head Coach early on in the NFL.

    The quickest way to lose your team is to talk in circles and say one thing – then do another.

    Players respect coaches who tell them what’s up and don’t sugarcoat it.

    They just want to know where they stand and not have to question what they are told.

  2. The dude sure has the look of a Head Coach, I’ll give him that (excluding the lapel pin, which makes him look more like a gym teacher). The key is establishing a work ethic from the top down where there hasn’t been one for a while. That’ll be interesting to watch.

  3. @joe3001, Rex Ryan does the exact same thing yet gets crucified by fans and the media. Yet you’re praising Schiano for the exact same schtick and you have 20+ thumbs up already. Even Schiano even does half of what Rex did in New York he’ll be looked upon as a saint.

    Funny when the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it?

  4. @heyguru1969 The lapel doesn’t make him look like any gym teacher I’ve ever seen. But, it does make him look like every other politician.

    @realnflmaster Rex Ryan doesn’t get crucified for telling it like it is. He gets crucified for talking smack. There are very few parallels between Schiano, who seems grounded and is very matter of fact, and Ryan, who sounds like a professional wrestler’s manager.

  5. I see him talking to the press and the fans, but I want to see him with some players.

    I imagine it would be a strange and awkward situation, coming into a locker room full of already bonded men and who have personal relationships already.

    Good luck boys!

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