Thompson, McCarthy take different approaches on Flynn

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Packers quarterback Matt Flynn will become an unrestricted free agent on March 13.  With tight end Jermichael Finley now re-signed and no other pending Green Bay free agent worthy of the franchise tag, the Packers could choose to use the tag on Flynn in the hopes of trying to trade him.

It’s a risky play, and G.M. Ted Thompson doesn’t like to take risks.  Indeed, he’s so cautious he wouldn’t even talk up Flynn at the Scouting Combine on Friday.

“I’m not going to stand here and tell all the 31 other teams what I think about Matt Flynn,” Thompson said, via

Coach Mike McCarthy was slightly more chatty.  “In my opinion, he’s ready to be an NFL starter,” McCarthy said.  “That’s just my opinion.  The business side will take care of itself.  I don’t know what other opportunities he’ll have.  If I was at a club and was looking for a good young quarterback, he’s definitely someone I’d talk to. . . .

“Matt’s had a chance to play versus New England, versus Detroit, so based on what I’ve seen in the every day — classroom, practice field — he’s ready.  It’s his time to play.”

Surely, some other team will agree with McCarthy.  The question is whether the Packers would make a $14.4 million gamble by applying the franchise tag to Flynn and hoping someone will offer something for him.

We’ve got a feeling that McCarthy would be willing to roll the dice, and that Thompson’s presence would be to take the dice and lock them in a box and throw away the key.

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  1. “Matt’s had a chance to play versus New England, versus Detroit…..

    Two of the worst passing defenses not only these past couple of years when he’s faced them, but historically speaking. Matt Cassell 2.0. Kevin Kolb 1.5, lol.

    Wonder who’ll be wearing the proverbial cartoon style sucker on their head come this time in 2 or 3 years after they tie their future to this backup QB.

  2. He is ready RIGHT NOW to start. This time next year he will be a little bit less ready, 2 years from now even less.

    Now or never – the Pack should let him go.

  3. That’s why Thompson’s the GM and McCarthy’s the HC. Thompson knows that nobody in their right mind would pay an unestablished QB 14+ million plus give up a 1st and 3rd rounder.

  4. I guess I don’t get the “take different approaches”. I heard the McCarthy interview and while he said the above he follows it up by saying something to the effect that it’s up to Ted to make the decision on the tag and that, as most in the media who have dealt with Ted are aware, Ted doesn’t generally show his hand. Ted’s comments above are typical Ted. Similarly, McCarthy was vocal about wanting to keep Finley and Wells. I don’t think Ted has been quoted as saying anything about either. Even after the deal with Finley was completed.

  5. I don’t think it’s at all risky to put the tag on him. There are several teams that want to use the “He’s our new savior QB ” tag on someone with some hype so they can sell tickets. The 2 games he played last year makes him the greatest thing since A Rogers. These teams are not trying to win a Super Bowl, just sell tickets. When you think about it, paying the tag price and a few draft picks makes those teams lots of money. This way they don’t have to build a REAL team! Right down your ally Browns, Bengals, Miami, and so on…..

  6. Time will tell Realfootballfan. He wouldn’t be the first late round draft pick to play some really good football in this league.

    Ted Thompson better be smart and place the tag on Flynn. No its not a lock that they will find a trading partner for him but I like the chances of that happening. Given the fact that GB now has people familiar with Flynn on 3 different teams, in positions of authority and without Franchise QBs.

    GB could trade Flynn and their 1st round pick (28th) to Miami for the 8th or 9th pick what ever they end up with. Something like the Matt Hasselback trade to Seattle back in the day.

    They could trade him to Oakland straight up for Kameron Wimbley. Hes been metioned as a possible cap casualty (14-15 mil cap number) but it may cost too much to cut him. Similar to Flynns one year guarantee from the franchise tag.

    Seattle had some success the last time they traded for a Packers backup QB and having former Packer John Schneider as their GM can’t hurt.

    Then there are also teams like the Redskins who need someone with more potential then Wrecks Grossman or John (Doe) Beck. Lots of possiblities.

  7. To the doubters: How many starting quality QBs has GB turned out in the last 2 decades?

    Favre, Rodgers, Hassleback, Brunnel. Even Ty Detmer was solid in Philly. Penderson and Nall were the only ones that were marginal.

    I think they might know how to identify talent and develop them into starters.

  8. There is no way GB will put the Franchise tag on Flynn. No team would roll the dice for 14+ million to get Flynn. Flynn would never command top five money in the open market. He’d be lucky to get 4 or 5 million with some bonus stuff included. He hasnt proven anything playing 2 and a half games. Maybe he is going to be good, great, average or bad. No one knows yet.

  9. Let’s not forget that it often takes defenses a few games to catch up to the tendencies of a particular quarterback.

    Or how it takes time to see if a guy is durable enough to handle getting pounded week after week.

    Cassel was essentially a proven commodity who got better as a player each week, even though defenses had more game film to scout. He only went for a 2nd round pick. I have to imagine teams are grading him lower than that… if they have any sense.

  10. The Skins aren’t the same team that was poorly run for a decade, we won’t take Flynn, probably won’t jump up for RG3. Times have changed

  11. He’s proven more at the NFL level than Luck has yet people say that Flynn’s a shot in the dark.

    14 million for 1 year – yeah too much but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t do a 3 year 21 million (over all) kind of deal – incentive laden to the back end of it. Bradford got what 50 mill and he never saw an NFL defense at game speed in his life.

    He’ll get more than a 14 million contract EASY.

    He’s the #1 FA QB until Peyton’s cut. He’ll demand more money that some will think because he’s more of a sure thing than some college QB who’s NEVER played against top tier talent across the board and NEVER played at NFL speed.

    For all the talk about Ried and Philly being a QB factory – their guys play well in Philly and tank elsewhere – GB cranks out guys that PRODUCE elsewhere. People know this. If McCarthy says he’s ready – he’s ready. He has nothing to gain by selling a line of BS.

  12. dobberdubinsky says:
    Feb 24, 2012 9:18 PM
    That’s why Thompson’s the GM and McCarthy’s the HC. Thompson knows that nobody in their right mind would pay an unestablished QB 14+ million plus give up a 1st and 3rd rounder.

    Umm…yeah, you don’t understand the rules.

    The 14 mill is what he gets if he plays under the franchise tag in Green Bay. If he is traded, he would work out a long term deal with his new team that would spread the money out.

    And a team is not required to give up a first and a third in a TRADE. Only teams that SIGN restricted players are forced to turn over the pick that the original team tendered them at.

    The new CBA only calls for a first round pick- the third is no longer included.

    So neither the 14M or the first and third rounder have anything to do with him being traded.

    Other than that, you’re right on.

  13. Couldn’t it be that McCarthy is saying exactly what TT and the Coach decided he would say. They just got their fish locater out and are checking the waters for any big fish.

  14. Franchise tag-is only way GB will get any value for him. I’d say a 2nd & cond 3rd from some QB desperate team. That being said he could be nxt Scott Mitchell, Cassell, Kolb, etc. Id be wary to give up alot for a guy who should look good in GB’s system(ie he knows the plays), and who has started 2 whole games.

  15. I cannot help respecting McCarthy. Flynn deserves to walk away and start somewhere. Hope my Brwonies sign him and he brings smile to the long suffering franchise.

    If TT wants to gamble and franchise tag him it could backfire. The reason I am saying this is because the Kolb trade last year is still on people’s mind. Plus the teams noticed how Dalton and Yates played their rookie years. I would not be surprised if a team decides to pick Tannehil over a pricy Flynn.

    Anyway, I wish Flynn the best.

  16. With the aggressive pace at which they dealt with Finley, they could technically cinch Flynn into a one year deal and deal him somewhere he approves of and gain an extra opening night pick in the process. Honestly, looking at the pace that teams throw money at worthless players continuously, there’s no way that they don’t have something up their sleeve here…

  17. vikingsftw says:
    Feb 25, 2012 12:51 AM
    Packers need to franchise tag Fynn’s girlfriend and let Flynn walk.

    Is she hot?

  18. If my facts are correct, all of this is really kind of weird and funny.
    The Packers are rumored to be cutting Clifton, re-doing Driver’s contract, etc. to be able to fit the franchise tag on Flynn. The goal is to try to get a first-round pick.
    If he walked via free agency, they would likely get a third round comp pick next year if he became a starter.
    So you screw around with all this to pay a backup more than your starter so you can get a first rounder instead of a third rounder? Given that NO DRAFT PICK IS A SURE THING(I still remember Tony Mandarich) this is really just stupid.
    The other factor is if Aaron goes down, you have a problem, true, but there are always a bunch of vets hanging around who would be good clipboard holders for one year.
    All this screwing around for what?
    Let him walk and move on.

  19. jimmysee says: Feb 24, 2012 10:33 PM
    That’s exactly why McCarthy and Thompson work so well together.
    Think Moe and Curley.
    Hey jimmysee, Moe and Curley won a Superbowl !

  20. My opinion is that the kid is he’d and shoulders above Kolb and Cassel. And I mean that literally. He has a lot more mental toughness and I think he is going to make a team very happy if they take a chance on him.

  21. realfootballfan says:
    Feb 24, 2012 8:56 PM
    “Matt’s had a chance to play versus New England, versus Detroit…..

    You must be a real football fan, using only part of McCarthy’s quote. Read the rest about practice, meetings etc.

    I’ll assume that the football that you’re a real fan of is Midget football.

  22. To the doubters: How many starting quality QBs has GB turned out in the last 2 decades?

    Favre, Rodgers, Hassleback, Brunnel. Even Ty Detmer was solid in Philly. Penderson and Nall were the only ones that were marginal.

    I think they might know how to identify talent and develop them into starters.


    Also that guy, Aaron Brooks, who started for several years for the Saints. He came from Green Bay.

  23. for those who say flynn will be like cassel or kolb? there are other qb’s that were backup’s early in there career you know. like kurt warner, steve young, tom brady? now i’m not saying he’s as good as any of the one’s i mentioned, but before we cast ignorance let’s give him a season or 2 as a starter first.

  24. After watching film on him from his college days and his 2 NFL starts. This guy seems to make all the right throws and knows how to rally his team around him. He will make a good starter for someone.

  25. Love how the fans of teams that have no quarterbacks complaining about Flynn. Love how they believe the guy they’re going to get is so much better. Love how they will point out negatives about Flynn now, but when he does go to their team, they will talk up the trade and make it seem like their GM fleeced Ted. They will then use said method to knock on the other qb’s that they initially insisted would be better than Flynn. No one is heald accountable for their bold predictions, so the cycle will continue to repeat itself.

  26. I have a feeling there will be a middle ground idea emerge. Perhaps Matt and Green Bay will enter a longer-term contract that gives Matt the kind of value the Packers would reap if Aaron was injured. That would be a substantial amount of money.

    The contract could say that Matt could elect to ask the Packers to exit for another team if a) the financial offer from the other team was acceptable to Matt, and b) the other team offered Green Bay at least x draft pick consideration.

    Would that kind of contract language work under the CBA? I don’t know.

    The benefit to Green Bay is obvious and the risk is low. The benefit to Matt would be, I think, unpressured time to make the best decision on the ID of his next team.

    Also, the universe of teams sincerely interested in negotiating with Matt is probably going to increase in size once a few squads that are hoping for a good draft result end up disappointed they couldn’t get “their QB guy” in the draft.


  27. 1. Thompson would never pay $14 mil to a back up.
    2. how many times have you seen him gamble?
    3. compensatory pick. if flynn leaves goes out and makes a pro bowl, Thompson probably gets a third and is happy or a poor season nets him a fourth and he is still happy.

  28. beedubyatoo,

    You’re so clever, but it’s not going to change me being right in 2 or 3 years. Said the same about Kolb and Cassell.

    Cardinal fans can’t wait to dump Kolb and ask any Cheif fans if they have any confidence in Cassell taking them anywhere past winning the sorriest division in football, which was the only reason he fraudulently looked good in ’10.

    I’m a Real Football Fan because I don’t have the silly player or team allegiances, which obviously seem to cloud your judgement on things. I simply like to see good football, and Matt Flynn is just another backup QB who’ll be elevated into starting for this watered down product of present day NFL QB play because teams are so desperate since there are only about 7 or 8 QBs worth anything playing right now.

    I mean, Tim freaking Tebow and T. J. Yates started actual playoff games, at home this past year, lol. Enough said..

  29. vikescry1,

    And that’s why I said he’ll be like Kolb or Cassell because he’s closer to them than he is to those other guys. I’m going on what I see in him, not for how many yards he threw for against two of the worst pass defenses of all time the two starts that he got.

    He’s a backup caliber QB who’s about to make alot of money, I hardly begrudge him that because I’d get it from some sucer too if I were in the position, but those carrying the flag for him really need to get a grip. He’s not elite in anyway and playing more will only make that painfully obvious.

    For Dolphin fans’ hopes, Ireland will sign off on Philbin bringing him in so that he can get canned this time around too, instead of being able to weasel his way into throwing another coach under the bus while he skates.

    It’s the same story: Matt Moore, Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Cassell, Kevin Kolb, Bruce Gradkowski, Billy Bollick, Troy Smith, etc. There’s a healthy list of those guys who simply are not NFL caliber starting QBs, but for some inexplicable reason, NFL fans and pundits talk themselves into “maybe this guy in the right system…” If you have to talk yourself into anything about your starting QB, he’s not one.

    Matt Flynn is the next beneficiary of this phenomenon.

  30. @jimmysee said: That’s exactly why McCarthy and Thompson work so well together. Think Moe and Curley.

    Actually, TT is Moe. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

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