Agent says Birk isn’t retiring


During the playoffs, Charley Casserly of CBS said Ravens center Matt Birk will retire.  Matt Birk said in response that no decision has been made.

Last month on PFT Live, Birk said he’ll play for the Ravens or no one in 2012.

His agent, Joe Linta, now says that Birk won’t be retiring.  Linta tells Jason La Canfora of that negotiations have begun with the Ravens regarding a return.

Birk, the winner of the 2011 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, has started every game in the last six seasons — three with the Vikings and the most recent three with the Ravens.  He missed all of the 2005 season after having five surgeries in roughly a year due to a hernia and its consequences.

And so between Ed Reed and Matt Birk, two of the Ravens monosyllabic midthirtysomething leaders will be back for 2012, as the Ravens try to finally get back to the Super Bowl, and win it.

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  1. It’s great news for the Ravens to hear Birk is coming back, but they should probably still focus on using their first pick on a Center.

    Such an important position that too many average fans overlook when talking about the offensive line.

  2. Always good to have your center be a vet based on how many protection checks they make in the passing game. That said, in the run game he got pushed back repeatedly in many games to the point where they were calling up bubble screens and TE draws on 3rd and 1 because we weren’t getting the push up front. Glad to have him back, but I’d still look at either keeping Gurode on for another year(pretty decent vet center) and/or drafting a center. Doesn’t have to be a 1st rounder either, good O-lineman come from every round. I’d say WR or OLB 1st round, but then again I’m not Ozzie N.

  3. I was hoping he would retire too. He had a decent year and stayed healthy but he go caved in when it was time to get physical. Plus, he got butt absolutely handed to him in the playoffs. They need to get younger and stronger at Center.

  4. Birk is an outstanding center, But drafting a new center would be the smart move to make, And let him learn behind Birk. Say, I think Polo550 should slow down when he posts a comment

  5. I just heard that Birk bought a house and some land near where I live in Wisconsin. Not sure if that means he is retiring but it will be great having Birk in the community.

  6. Matt Birk, The Blue Collar, Hard Working, Family Man. Never says a peep about anything. Just does his job. Good move by the Ravens. He is a great influence. The Ravens will pick up a Center. Whether its in the Draft, or Free Agency. Having a player like Birk in the Fold to mentor a younger, faster, healthier, Center is priceless. If I were a young guy looking for a place to hone my skills I would RUN to the Ravens! Birk AND Gurode!!!!!! Like the Old Milwaukee Beer commercial says…. “It just doesnt get any better then this”!!

  7. jessethebody says:
    Feb 26, 2012 12:53 AM
    I just heard that Birk bought a house and some land near where I live in Wisconsin. Not sure if that means he is retiring but it will be great having Birk in the community.


    Birk was born in St. Paul and graduated from Harvard but he’s choosing WI to live in over MN? It’s true that Birk is a pro-life advocate so it seems his politics are juxtaposed with the intrinsically higher intellectual population found in WI versus the tardo progressive mental midgets common to his home state.

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