Chargers tell Vincent Jackson’s agents that franchise tag is “improbable”


It’s becoming more clear that, if the Chargers keep receiver Vincent Jackson, it won’t happen via application of the franchise tag for a second straight season.

Kevin Acee of whatever the newspaper in San Diego now calls itself reports that Jackson’s agents recently met with the team, and that the agents were told that use of the franchise tag on Jackson is “improbable.”  Given that it would cost the Chargers $13.7 million in 2012 to use the tag on Jackson, it’s no surprise.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network recently reported that sources close to Jackson expect the tag to be used.  We deemed it to be wishful thinking by Jackson’s camp.  Though Jackson will draw interest if/when he hits the open market, Jackson won’t get a deal elsewhere worth anything close to $13.7 million per year.

Acee writes that the Chargers are believed to be willing to pay Jackson an annual amount in the range of $10-11 million, but that the Chargers are willing to let other teams set the market.

And so this is one of the unusual situations in which tampering can actually help the team that otherwise holds exclusive negotiating rights with a player.  If Jackson’s agents realize over the next two weeks that other teams aren’t willing to pay as much or more than the Chargers, the Chargers could lock Jackson up before the free-agency frenzy begins.

Coincidentally, Jackson’s future was one of the topics during the Chargers’ 2012 “to-do” list from PFT Live.

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23 responses to “Chargers tell Vincent Jackson’s agents that franchise tag is “improbable”

  1. Franchise tag: ~$12 million

    Why pay a top-5 salary to a dude with a high probability of a holdout/hangover into season? Since it would only be a one-year lockdown of Jackson, sign a gaggle of WRs to one-year deals for the same total price and let them battle it out for a spot.

    Suggestions: Randy Moss ($2 million), Laurent Robinson/ManningH.A.M. (feel free to go long-term), Terrell Owens (post-physical and at vets’ minimum).

    Players get injured. At a price of $10 million total, you sign 2 complementary starters (one a long-term answer) and a capable backup / a real “sit up” guy

  2. Also, this offseason is ridiculous in its Franchise obsession. Never have there been so many [non-] stories about whether a team will or will not franchise somebody. Report it when it happens, please. There are not 20 players at each position worthy of a top-5 salary.

    Yes, I realize the perk of the one-year commitment that makes the value proposition reasonable for a top-15 type player.

  3. At least one person in San Diego is speaking of a long term deal getting done. “Vincent Jackson and the Chargers absolutely have to come up with a deal that’s at least three years” commented VJ’s probation officer earlier this week.

  4. No Jackson – no Super Bowl shot. Actually – even with Jackson – the Chargers D sucks so bad and Coach Norbert the Dull is so lackluster that I doubt they even win the AL West.

  5. bigblueapple says:
    Feb 25, 2012 5:43 PM
    David Boston Part 2

  6. i’d rather take his money and get a wallace or some other wr

    i love alot of things VJ has done with the chargers, but i feel he quits on routes too often, and i just think if they throw huge bank at him, the DUIs will come back

    i don’t trust the guy

  7. Come on over to Tampa V-Jax, we need someone of your talent to spread the field to make Mike Williams and Benn better, then we can draft Trent Richardson and have the 2-headed monster with him and Blount

  8. Both sides need each other. Just get something done. Gates is no longer the beast he used to be. Phillip Rivers needs this guy in the passing game.

  9. Eagles are ready to offer 10–12 mill per year… the chargers better pony up, otherwise it’s Philly bound bc the talent is there and the eagles will be much better this year.

  10. Good!!!

    The Chargers are going NOWHERE with AJ Smith as a GM!!!!

    He’s a jerk and Steve Foley can confirm it!!!!

  11. Blackmon, V. Jackson, Amendola, Bradford, S. Jackson, and Kendricks. This sounds like a solid offense if the Rams can fix the o-line. Go for it Stan.

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