Crennel: Chiefs “would be crazy not to consider” Manning if available


Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli wouldn’t discuss the possibility of adding Peyton Manning. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel was a little more revealing when asked about Manning at the Scouting Combine on Saturday.

Crennel first gave the requisite tampering disclaimer: “We can’t talk about players under contract with other teams.”

And then he said how he really felt.

“With a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he’s available. I’ll leave it at that,” Crennel said.

The Chiefs have a lot to consider at quarterback. Crennel said he was interested in bringing Kyle Orton back. If Orton returned, Crennel said there would be an open competition at quarterback with Matt Cassel.

“I probably wouldn’t be standing here if not for Kyle,” Crennel said.

The Chiefs could also invest a draft pick at the quarterback position.  Perhaps the Chiefs could be a dark horse to trade up in the Robert Griffin sweepstakes. (Yes, it would be difficult for the Chiefs to pull it off. But they could be a sleeper team to watch depending on how free agency goes.)

Crennel came away “very impressed” with Griffin after speaking with him Friday night. Crennel said he could have talked to Griffin for an hour because the Baylor graduate was so engaging and thoughtful.

Add up all these comments and it’s clear Matt Cassel has been put on notice. He’s going to face competition at the very least. Perhaps the Chiefs will even bring in a “franchise quarterback” that will make Cassel expendable.

19 responses to “Crennel: Chiefs “would be crazy not to consider” Manning if available

  1. Dave Krieg, Joe Montana, Elvis Grbac, Trent Green, Matt Cassell … can the Chiefs just develop someone already?

  2. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. I would truly give my left nut if the Chiefs could figure out a way to trade up and get RG3. Put simply that guy is a difference maker and a game changer. He reminds me of a combination of Michael Vick and Drew Brees only alot younger. This guy is the Real Deal. Who ever does get him consider yourself blessed from the man upstairs. What he brings to the table is priceless and certainly worth some draft picks. Heck I would even throw in Palko and Stanzi for free!!!!!!!

  3. jredshoes says:
    Feb 25, 2012 4:44 PM
    Todd Blackledge. The prime example of what the Chiefs should not try to develop a quarterback
    That’s it, one bad pick and you should never try again.

    My God man.

  4. “I probably wouldn’t be standing here if not for Kyle,” Crennel said.”

    That’s nice of Romeo to say but it’s just not anything close to reality.

    His genius defensive mind shutting down the Packers high powered offense is why he’s head coach today.

    You can insert any medicore QB like Orton into the equation and the result of games like that will always be the same when you can play that kind of dominant defense.

  5. Joetoronto is right. The Chiefs have had two first-round QB busts: Steve Fuller and Todd Blackledge. The most recent one was almost 30 years ago. It’s time to take a chance. The Chiefs have had chances. In 2008, Flacco was available. In 2009, Josh Freeman was available. Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

    They drafted Stanzi last year, and I think he has the skills to be a starter in this league. However, I don’t know if the Chiefs believe that and I don’t know if we’ll ever find out before his rookie contract ends.

    The only two retreads that really were great in KC were Montana and Green. Other than that, it’s just been game managers of varying quality. Take a chance, Chiefs.

  6. Cassel is as good or better at his position than everyone else on the team is at theirs. Once again we have a team that likes to pay just a QB and a few others that are good and sell tickets. Then blame them for everything thats gone wrong. The Chiefs like most ever other team thats looking for a QB this offseason is the same. They are not trying to win a Super Bowl, just play in the league and sell tickets.

  7. manning is a drama queen like favre. he is craving this attention. if he would lower his outrageous demands for 28 million from the colts, they could work with it. what does that idiot manning expect the colts to do? he got paid to do absolutely nothing last year, now he will try to play the disrespect card and try and land on another afc south team to exact his made up revenge. no way in heck peyton manning goes to the chiefs, he cant play in the cold for one, and two he won’t be able to play against the colts enough. this drama queen will be in houston.

  8. If you seriously think Cassel is as good a QB as Jamaal Charles is an RB, Tamba Hali is a pass rusher, Dwayne Bowe is a WR, and Derrick Johnson is an LB, then you are clinically insane.

  9. Chiefs are clearly the best fit for Peyton.

    1. AFC team – easier path to SB plus no Eli. Western division, no less.
    2. Best running game Peyton’s seen since Edge James. Receivers like Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston, McCluster, Moeaki…. hello!
    3. Better defense than Peyton’s ever played with, ever
    4. Midwestern team with stability & tradition, hungry for a QB and a playoff run
    5. Cassell is the perfect fail-safe. Not a threat to Peyton, but not a scrub either.
    6. Team not run by baffoons like Washington, the Jets and Miami.

    Seriously, on this team Peyton could dink and dunk his way to the AFC championship against Brady.

  10. @sportsmeccabi says: Feb 25, 2012 5:51 PM

    Every team but the packers and patriots would be crazy to not at least consider it……………………………. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS
    ia all set at the QB spot might be the best of the bunch.

  11. @gerard33

    You forgot one of the loudest crowds in the NFL that would only be louder with the addition of Peyton. Ticket sales would go through the roof.

  12. @mrslay1 @yelix My thoughts exactly. Cassel is good at times, but not nearly good enough to get this team to the next level. We could have a great team with a RG3 or Peyton, plus a better DL.

  13. KC screwed up hiring Crennel he showed what he can do in Cleveland kc needs to up its class starting with a good Head Coach before they ever get any where ask your selves what happened with haley I bet he makes a out standing edition to Pitts. The Hunts will never let there coaches run the team as long as Fans in KC buy tickets even when they never improve why spend money if you know the Fans will be there regardless!

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