David Molk puts up 41 reps on the bench press


Michigan center David Molk fell short in his quest to break a new Scouting Combine bench press record. But he still showed off impressive upper body strength.

Molk finished with 41 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench, the most anyone has managed so far at this year’s NFL Combine. That’s not quite what Molk said he could do — he was aiming to do 50 or more reps and perhaps set a new Combine record, but it still shows that he’s physically one of the strongest players in this year’s NFL draft, and that he’s committed to working hard in the weight room.

Molk’s strength is rare: Since 2000, only two offensive linemen have managed more than 41 reps on the bench press at the Scouting Combine. Molk more than doubled the bench press output of Ohio State’s Mike Adams.

As the Rimington Trophy winner in 2011, Molk was recognized as the best center in college football, so he has plenty on tape that NFL scouts will like. Now he’s adding some measurables that NFL scouts will like as well.