Dimitroff says Falcons will “never look back” on cost of Julio Jones trade

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Last April, the Falcons shook up the draft board by jumping from No. 27 to No. 6, picking former Alabama receiver Julio Jones.

The Falcons gave up a lot to make the move, investing the 27th pick, a first-round pick in 2012 (No. 22 overall), a second-round pick in 2011, a fourth-round pick in 2011, and a fourth-round pick in 2012.

A year later, the Falcons don’t pick until No. 55, and they could use a first-rounder to replace the guy who currently wears No. 55 for the Falcons, defensive end John Abraham.  Still, G.M. Thomas Dimitroff has no regrets.

“It’s something that I’ve said from the very beginning, our move and our desire to have Julio Jones on our team was something that we feel very, very comfortable with,” Dimitroff told reporters at the Scouting Combine.  “We accomplished, in our minds, becoming more explosive.  We also believe that we need to continue to grow as an offense and we will never look back on our move as being one that was overly expensive.  It was something that we deemed was right for the organization at the time.  Again, Julio was brought into our organization not for the here and now only, but for the future of the franchise.”

Jones definitely made an impact on the team in 2011, despite missing three games with a hamstring injury.  And he could end up being one of the very best receivers in the league, as soon as 2012.

Regardless, Jones will always be compared to the players who were obtained by the Browns with the picks the Falcons surrendered, which include for now defensive lineman Phil Taylor (via a trade up with the Chiefs), receiver Greg Little, and running back Owen Marecic.  Jones also will be compared to receiver Jonathan Baldwin, who was picked by the Chiefs in the slot the Falcons originally held last season.

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  1. Why would they look back?

    Cleveland wasn’t going to move down from #6 to #27 on the cheap. It looked like a reasonable deal for Atlanta *before* Jones proved he could play at a star level in the NFL, which he did in 2011.

    GREAT trade for the Falcons.

  2. It was a short cut to sign a stub RB in free agency when the rebuilding process started. Michael Turner was awesome, but now he’s slowing down and RB can be added to Atlanta’s list of needs. Turner won’t be around the next time Atlanta makes it to the Super Bowl. RB is the last piece you add, not the first.

    Gonzo is a HOF TE, but the second rounder used to acquire him could have been used on Gronkowski, Hernandez, or Jimmy Graham. This short cut allowed the Falcons to get three or four great years from a TE immediately, but using the pick would have given 10 or 11 great years if Dimitrov had been patient.

    The Julio trade is just the latest short cut. There isn’t a shred of evidence that big, stud WRs are the key to winning Super Bowls. Yet Atlanta surrendered 5 picks for one player. The problem is that o-line, pass rush, and secondary were more pressing needs. And because of the other short cuts, RB and TE will now be needs soon again.

    Well done Dimitrov. Atlanta will win 9-11 games every year and fail to ever win a playoff game.

  3. didn’t greg little have MORE catches than jones last year? Of course, folks will say that cleveland had less players to throw to, but that is leveled off by the quality of QB throwing to them, and the number of offensive plays as well (unlikely that browns’ offense was on the field as much as ATL). Sounds like the browns destroyed ATL on this trade and they still have another pick to go. (Michael Floyd maybe?) Imagine that – julio jones for greg little, michael floyd, phil taylor and marecic. silly, stupid ATL…

    btw, from what i saw, taylor was a BEAST last year

  4. An offense so explosive that the Falcons scored 2 points against the Giants in the playoffs. Oops, I’m incorrect. Their defense scored the 2 points.

  5. So far, so good for the Julio maneuver ….

    After trading a bevy of picks for Julio, Atlanta managed to go from 13-3 to 10-6 & score a whopping 2 points in their “one & done” playoff loss ……

    The Julio mistake is just another mark against Dumitroff ….. Eventually he’ll be looking for a job …. This will be part of the reason.

  6. It was a foolish move when they made it and it still is a foolish move.

    Although there are times when it is worth it to move up in the draft — Steelers acquired Troy Polamalu by moving up 11 picks, you better be sure of who you are getting — and what you are giving up.

  7. @deadeye

    How can you possibly spin the Turner and Gonzo moves as bad or shortcuts?? If you can get a top 5 back over a 4 year stretch it’s a good move every time.

    Gonzo has played extremely well too and was most defiantly worth it. People have such a glorified view of draft picks, how many TE’s drafted didn’t turn out to be Jimmy Graham or Gronk or Hernandez?? Just because you pick a TE doesn’t not mean he will have anywhere near the success Tony has put together in Atl.

    So what you would rather a rebuilding team suck for 3-4 so they could potentially be better a few years down the line. God I would hate to cheer for a team you managed. Just because they haven’t won in the playoff yet does not mean these last 4 years haven’t been successful.

  8. Ah deadeye, the reason for Turner’s signing was to help take the pressure off of Matt Ryan in his rookie season. I don’t blame him for that signing.

  9. The Browns clearly made out on this trade. Phil Taylor paired up with Ahtyba Rubin gives the Browns a dynamic tackle duo for years. The Browns are going to add another receiver either by free agency or early in the Draft to pair up with Little making him even better.

    Advantage: Cleveland.

  10. of course he doesn’t want to look back. he’s the one that called the shot. And they won less games last year. I guess they weren’t only one receiver away.

  11. brutus9448 says: And they won less games last year. I guess they weren’t only one receiver away.

    You’re aware that the Falcons are going to have Julio Jones for more than one year, right?

    That’s the reason Atlanta gambled and won.

  12. Tony Grossi (ex-Browns reporter for Cleveland Plain Dealer) just couldn’t bash the Cleveland front office enough for this trade. He got fired for what he tweeted about the Browns owner but he should have been fired a long time ago for not knowing anything about football. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why they were paying him for the crap he spewed.

  13. I think it was a good move by Atlanta, just because Cleveland made out good also dosent make it a bad move for Atlanta, you never know how draft picks are going to pan out and Julio Jones is sick. As a Bucs fan I wish they didnt have him and if you look back at draft picks with the woulda coulda outlook the Bucs coulda had A.P. and Aaron Rodgers, now im going to be depressed.

  14. From So. Calf. it look like both teams say they are happy that make it a good trade but I would like to be in the Browns shoes they got a lot and still got a !st round pick to move up with or get a good player the Falcon is short of picks.

  15. The only way to knock the Falcons for the trade is if you wonder what they did with the extra money they were supposed to have for free agency because they have the smaller draft classes. That was part of the trade story line after the trade went down. The extra FA activity did not happen.
    What Turner and Gonzalez have to do with Jolio beats me. And Graham, Hernandez and Gronk were not available when they got Gonzalez. Plus I think having a HOF TE helps a rookie or young QB learn a thing or two that a rookie TE can’t teach.

    So you get the RB last? So Minny should not have drafted A.P. because he wasn’t the last piece they needed? LT2 should not have been taken by the Chargers? TN should have passed on C Johnson since they still need other pieces?

    Yes the pressure is on Atlanta to make the right decisions this year in the draft, FA and re-upping their own guys. A draft (especially a draft trade) is only part of the puzzle. Thus it is WAY to early to declare either team a loser on this one.
    AND yes both teams can win. Also both can lose.

    Finally, who said the Falcons would have drafted the same players the Browns did? The better comparison is Baldwin. We know they wanted a WR and he in theory would have been there at their pick. Some say they were advised to not do the trade and wait on Baldwin.

  16. For everyone who can’t understand what Turner, Gonzo, and Julio have in common: Dimitrov is making moves that are good for the short term and bad for the long term. In each and every case the player in question performed at a high level, no doubt. But Turner and Gonzo weren’t going to have long careers, and the trade for Julio was too expensive for a team with so many needs. The pick Atlanta traded for Gonzo was their 2010 second rounder, #50 overall. Look at the list of TEs drafted after that pick.

    The Falcons are going to be 9-7 this upcoming season, and likely the third place team in the NFC South.

  17. @deadeye

    Football isn’t about winning sometime down the line, it’s about winning now which is what the Falcons have done. They have been competitive for four straight years and look to be competitive in the future, I would much rather that then the teams that have sucked for 4 straight seasons but could be good this year or two years down the line. Also again draft picks are not the end all be all, how many TE’s might they have drafted before they got one that can play like Tony, how many RB’s before they get one as good as Turner?? Football isn’t just about the future, teams want to win now and win down the road which the Falcons are in a pretty good position to do. Also 4 maybe 5 years out of the Burner is probably about the avg. of a drafted QB there is no possible way you can spin the signing as a bad move.

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