Franchise tags will start flying soon


Nearly six full days into the period for applying the franchise tag, no team has done it.  One league source suggested earlier this week that teams are holding off due to concerns that the players to be tagged haven’t been fully informed of the fact that this year’s franchise tenders will be considerably lower than last year’s numbers, given the new formula for calculating the amounts.

The theory is that the agents have yet to explain the situation to the players, hopeful that a long-term deal can be negotiated and/or that the team in question will decide not to use the tag on the player.  (In the case of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, a two-year contract avoided a $4 million fight over whether he’s actually a tight end.)

But nine days remain before the tag window closes,  and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that several specific players will have their ability to hit the open market limited by the tag.

They are:  Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes, Patriots receiver Wes Welker, Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe (pictured), Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, 49ers safety Dashon Goldson, Cardinals defensive end Calais Cambpell, and Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

It’s widely believed that, if the Saints and Brees can work out a long-term deal, the Saints will use the franchise tag on guard Carl Nicks.

Schefter’s list of definites omits include several other prime candidates.  If the Ravens and running back Ray Rice don’t work out a long-term deal, Rice undoubtedly will be tagged.  Coach John Harbaugh essentially confirmed this at the Scouting Combine, saying that Rice will “be making franchise-tag numbers, at least.”  Also, the Seahawks are expected to tag running back Marshawn Lynch, absent a long-term deal.  Ditto for the Bears and running back Matt Forte.

There are more.  It has been reported that the Redskins will tag tight end Fred Davis, notwithstanding his four-game suspension for smoking something that has more than four leaves.  Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson can expect the tag if he doesn’t do a new deal, and the Cowboys could decide to use the tag on linebacker Anthony Spencer.  There are conflicting reports on whether the Bills will use the tag on receiver Stevie Johnson.  The Lions are expected to tag defensive end Cliff Avril, if they can’t work out a new contract.

Kickers will get in on the action, too.  Matt Prater of the Broncos, Connor Barth of the Buccaneers, and Josh Scobee of the Jaguars are expected to be tagged absent new deals.

In Houston, tagging Mario Williams would result in a cap number that exceeds $21 million.  Thus, the Texas are more likely to use it, if at all, on running back Arian Foster, a restricted free agent who otherwise could be had for a single first-round pick.

Other possibilities remain.  Though it has been reported that the Packers aren’t likely to use the tag on quarterback Matt Flynn, the Packers can decide to pull a Matt Cassel with Aaron Rodgers’ backup at any time before the deadline comes.  It also has been reported that the Chargers have told receiver Vincent Jackson that use of the tag is “improbable.”

It’s not improbable that we’ll have plenty of additional stories regarding players who are or may be or won’t be or haven’t been tagged between now and March 5.

20 responses to “Franchise tags will start flying soon

  1. go ahead and cross GOLDSON off the list because, if he does not sign the franchise tag is gonna happen!!!!

  2. not the same planet I was born on…

    people get mauled (killed) for a pair of friggin’ sneakers (not politically correct to say what kind of people)…

    and UNDRAFTED guys have NO love for the the team who gave them a chance – so “pay the man”!

    what’s the investment disclaimer?…past results are no guarantee of future performance??? C’MON MAN!!!

  3. Actually i think you are referring to the fact that the marijuana leaf consist of 5 to 7 leaflets per leaf not that it has more than 4 leaves because almost every kind of plant on the planet has more than 4 leaves.

  4. I really hope the Eagles don’t tag Jackson and just let him walk. Too much of a headache to keep.

    BTW, Grubbs is also a candidate for the tag (major reason why the Ravens want to sign Rice now).

  5. randygnyc says: Feb 25, 2012 7:50 PM

    Who are the Giants gonna tag? Anyone know?

    That’s the great thing about the G-men is they don’t have to tag anyone. The Giants only need a tight end (Fred Davis) and a line backer (Da’quel Jackson) in free agency.

    Sign Cruz

    Let Manningham test free agency then offer him 2.5 million

    Trade Osi for a tight end ,line backer or #2 pick

    Dump Jacobs for his 6 Million against the cap

    Then pick the best players in each spot in the draft

  6. Pale andpasty I hope you didn’t spend too much on your botany degree. Poison ivy and clover have 3 leaves (those are just the first two that came to mind and I’m a reetard)

  7. The Chargers created this mess with Vincent Jackson. Same story, different year, same circus, different clowns…   But honestly, these are really good problems to have.  AJ hand picked these guys, and every year AJ faces a dilemma in signing one, and/or let one walk… And usually a couple are the BEST available at their free agent position.  …I don’t see too many other NFL clubs have this problem .
    AJ can find superstars, but can he keep them all?

  8. Jrredshoes, those plants have leaves of three but the plant has numerous leaves (my point) that are bunched in threes. However i am also special like you

  9. Gpete1962 so the giants will sign two players that will be franchised? And they are far under the cap? LOL umm ok

  10. I recall the giants are up against it. Jacobs and osi will have to go. So I’ve heard. I also think they’ll have to renegotiate with jpp. Yet, I haven’t heard in our local media about who’s getting tagged.

  11. clw1906 says: Feb 25, 2012 9:21 PM

    Gpete1962 so the giants will sign two players that will be franchised? And they are far under the cap? LOL umm ok

    OK wise guy. I was just trying to give examples.

    BTW The franchise # on tight ends are only 5mil and Jacobs is making 6 and LB’s tags are set at 8 and I believe Osi is making 5

    So signing or trading for players of that caliber really aren’t that far fetched

  12. Lets see what P. Garcon would look like in purple opposite Harivin and (in early rounds-say… late when we trade back and pile early picks in round one and three or slightly round two to grab a LT )

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