Gronkowski drops puck before minor league hockey game, by spiking it


He’s still walking on crutches, two weeks after undergoing surgery on a badly-sprained ankle.  But that didn’t stop Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski from showing up at a minor-league hockey game between the Providence Bruins and Worcester Sharks on Friday night, hitching a ride on the back of a pickup truck to center ice, standing up without crutches, and dropping the ceremonial puck.

Some Patriots fans would say Wes Welker would have been a better choice to drop the puck.  But Gronkowski didn’t drop it.  Standing on his right leg with a cast still on his left, Gronkowski spiked it.

And it blew into at least four pieces.  (Here’s the video.)

Obviously it’s not 100 percent,” Gronkowski told the Boston Herald, referring either to his ankle or the puck, or both. “Just every day just getting better, and that’s all you can ask for.  And obviously within a couple of weeks my goal is to be 100 percent and just keep on going day-by-day with it.”

Gronkowski also said he has “no idea” whether he’ll be able to join the team’s offseason workouts in April.

Come September, however, Gronkowski surely will be back.  And he’ll be ready to spike footballs hard enough to break them into four pieces, too.

23 responses to “Gronkowski drops puck before minor league hockey game, by spiking it

  1. Shockey isn’t close to the player this guy is. It was a minor league hockey stunt. Get over it. He was asked to do it

  2. Can the Indian make a comment???

    I went to the land of “Slumdog Millionaire”, worked out, had the country’s food, and lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks!!!!

    New Rule: All NFL Combine participants that need to trim down should go to India!!!!!!!! It’ll be quick!!!! Trust me!!!!

  3. I don’t follow the Patriots so I only know his as a vital part of their offense. I know nothing of him as a man except what I have seen since the Superbowl. So I have to ask — has he always been an asshat or has success completely gone to his head?

  4. Important fact: The hockey team (which is the San Jose Sharks affiliate) agreed to pay his $7,500 fine for spiking the ball after scoring against the Jets on Nov 13. if he came to this game and spiked the puck. It was their idea.

    Question is: did he host a F’ it let’s party after game get together for the team that loss the hockey game.

  5. So a puck made of vulcanized rubber stays perfectly intact after a 110 MPH slap shot off a steel hockey goal but somehow falls apart went thrown at the ice?

    Not impossible, but it smells like it was set up. Gotta call BS on this one.

  6. The crowd seemed to like the spike.

    Its nice of him to promote these hockey teams and to help out these teams when asked.

    I’ve also seen him in a lot of videos promoting charities.

    He seems like a nice guy.

  7. First of all I WAS THERE.

    I heard the puck was “pre-cut” for the desired effect of having it explode into pieces when spiked. I don’t think anyone (including GRONK) had any idea that it would go like it did though.

    Also, he agreed to do this for a charity event, The March of Dimes. Yes the AHL team paid for his spike fine in the Jets game, but this was about the charity event.

    However, the organizers of that need to be severely bitch slapped for it. They sold tickets for a “meet and greet” and it was suppose to be a “limited number”. Those who bought said tickets were told they would get an autograph and a chance to get thier picture taken with him.
    They obviously overbooked it because the number of people in line FAR exceeded the number of tickets that were suppose to be sold by at least three fold. Then you were not allowed to have anything signed except a picture supplied by them. And when it came time to actually have your chance at the “meet and greet” you were only allowed to have him sign your supplied photo and move along. No chance to pose with him (and those who tried were pushed along by the gorrillas/security). Total dissappiontment. The organizers should be ashamed of themselves for how this was handled.

    Was good to see GRONK out and about though. He was in good spirits and when I asked him about it, he said he would be ready to play in a few months.

  8. “Gronkowski drops puck before minor league hockey game”


    They sure picked the right guy for the job.

    The last play of the Super Bowl proved that,
    if you need something to be dropped, not caught
    then here’s a person with experience at it to do just that…

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