Indy wants to host another Super Bowl

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Indianapolis hosts the annual NFL Scouting Combine.  Earlier this month, the city hosted its first Super Bowl.

And Indy wants another one.

“There will be people within the next couple years or so, I think, that would be looking at putting something back in, or at least determining when we would be doing that sort of thing,” mayor Greg Ballard said Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

Before Super Bowl week, it was believed Indianapolis got the game as a one-shot quid pro quo for building a new stadium, a concept that has brought the Super Bowl in past years to Houston, Minneapolis, Detroit (twice, once for each new stadium), and Jacksonville.  But once everyone got to Indy, it became obvious that it shouldn’t be a one-shot deal.

“I think we really embraced the game and embraced the entire concept of the Super Bowl, with so many people coming together, different committees all over for four years,” Ballard said. “I think it was a big hit.”

He’s right.  Everyone was friendly and helpful, and there was a genuine exuberance regarding the presence of the game and all the activities surrounding it.  In sharp contrast, I sensed little or no civic pride or enthusiasm in Dallas last year.  The attitude seemed to be that, if the Cowboys aren’t playing in the game, we don’t care about it.

The folks in Indy cared.  And it showed.  And Indy shouldn’t just be a once-per-decade destination; it should have a spot in the regular rotation.

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  1. Indy folks are good, hospitable people and that city does deserve more Superbowls. I would like to think other cities get a chance other than the usual 4-5 cities that seem to always get it.

  2. Houston deserves another one..they are hostin their second nba allstar game in the last 6 years next season and had the ncaa final four last year! great state of the art facility as well.. san diego is the best weather site for superbowls as mentioned by al michaels and john madden syaing it should be there every year,but it won happen till the new stadium in san diego is built.. miami is nice but spread out and new orleans is new orlean and phoenix is not a destination city and wayyyyy to spread out!

  3. I’m a Cowboys fan, go to Dallas once a year for a game but also go to Indy for games as well (2006, 2009 AFC Championships, Dallas vs Indy, Indy vs Patriots). I love the city and was thinking of going for the Super Bowl just for the party.

    I’d love to see Indy get another Super Bowl and become part of the regular rotation. Although Dallas has a bigger and better stadium, Indy is a far better place because it’s way more fun.

  4. As an Indiana resident, let me say that while I am proud that the Super Bowl was such a success in Indy, I was pleasantly surprised that the weather cooperated. I hope that Indy gets another one and that the weather is once again unseasonably warm and dry.

  5. Thanks for the love! We here in Indy appreciate it and promise one thing: We’re just getting started. Nobody throws block parties like we do. Just ask the annual Indy 500 crowd!

  6. Less you forget, Indy is in the heart of the mid-west and it can get brutally cold there… this year’s unusually warm winter was a truly a blessing for that area, much in the same way, the previous year’s unusual weather crippled the Dallas experience….. (just keeping it real)

  7. I can imagine Indy was great! It seems a lot of the smaller market teams would take a similar pride. In cities like Indy, Jacksonville (my home), Tampa, etc. there are not many national spotlight events that come to town. When the Super Bowl is giving you a chance; our smaller cities know how to come together. It means the world. Not to mention, the boon to the economy does more for a city like Indianapolis than it does to Dallas.

  8. Being from Indy I was as shocked as anyone that things went as well as they did… but once the media started explaining that many towns (Miami, Dallas, etc) are spread out and the super bowl is “just another event” it started to make more sense. This really was a major event here and I can attest to all the prep and excitement generated here before the actual event arrived.

    I’m somewhat nervous that the weather the next time around won’t be as forgiving… remember, a year prior to this super bowl the entire city was encased in 6″ of solid ice… but since the entire event was sequestered to a small space downtown, bad weather would likely be only a minor inconvenience.

    Before the super bowl came here I was mostly a proponent for having it somewhere warm, but honestly after seeing it pulled off successfully here I think it should be hosted wherever the event is clearly *wanted.* Not unlike the Olympics, make the cities actually compete for it and take only the best bids.

  9. I’ve been to two Super Bowls, one in Tampa, and then last month in Indy. Indy was great. I know that sounds nutty, but it’s true.

    Sure, the unseasonably warm weather helped, but the people were very friendly and helpful and definitely pleased to have visitors.

    Plus the city is compact and perfectly set up for the game. You can walk everywhere. The downtown is mere blocks from the stadium, and it reminded me of a mini Chicago.

    They did a fantastic job as a host city and absolutely should get another one.

    That said, I think putting it in NYC and Detroit/Minneapolis is a mistake.

  10. After the disaster that was Dallas last year…. Indy was a pleasant surprise. I get it, Indy doesnt wow the senses as a vacation destination, but they really did a great job. They also caught a break weather wise.

    As far as the comment every NFL city should host, the base camps for Ice Station Zebra like Mpls, Buff, Detroit and Green bay… I’ll pass.

  11. I’ve never been but from what I understand the layout of Indy helps a lot with everything in walking distance downtown which is really smart. I agree if they Indy people all into it and not apathetic like some markets if their team isn’t involved then they should be added to the rotation.

  12. Thanks, Mike, we worked hard because we enjoyed it.

    Now with a little experience, the next one will be a bases loaded out of the ballpark hit.

    PS, BB reference just for you.

  13. Weather would be an issue for everyone that had to stay outside of downtown in hotels. But for the people who could stay downtown (or take the transportation to get downtown) you can travel throughout most of downtown without having to go outside.

    I feel confident that Indianapolis is better prepared than any other city to handle any weather situation.

  14. I feel confident that Indianapolis is better prepared than any other city to handle any weather situation.
    Most regular Super Bowl cities don’t face “any weather situation.” The league lucked out with the weather this year.

  15. Didn’t know what to expect from my hometown as a Super Bowl host… Turned out Indy did an outstanding job. Got very lucky with the spring-like weather but regardless that was a flawless week all around. Not sure about being in the rotation, but worthy of another shot. Indy has gotten to be pretty solid at hosting large sporting events over the years.

  16. Indy was more concerned with putting on a successful Super Bowl rather than some self-serving spectacle. It has the infrastructure in place to be a Super Bowl host for years to come and should be rewarded with more.

  17. I think all the hate towards Dallas has more to do with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys then the actual DFW area.

    “Civic Pride”?….people were pissed and and trying to remain upright while not slipping on a once every 25 year level ice storm.

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