Iowa tackle Zusevics tears pec at Combine

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Iowa left tackle Riley Reiff has received plenty of attention as the draft approaches.  But a former Hawkeye teammate who plays tackle, too, has grabbed a headline in Indy, but not for good reasons.

According to Steve Wyche of NFL Network, Markus Zusevics tore his left pectoral muscle on Friday while performing the 225-pound bench press at the Scouting Combine.  He’ll have surgery in the near future.

And when folks ask why some of the highest-rated players choose not to do certain things at the Scouting Combine, there’s your answer.

11 responses to “Iowa tackle Zusevics tears pec at Combine

  1. I wonder who bears the cost for the surgery, Zusevics or the NFL

    After all, this kid was invited and he could have the same story as every other college kid, that being he was raised in the inner city by a single mother with no father figure and he comes from a “less fortunate” family and they cannot afford insurance.

  2. I’m pretty sure if you are invited to participate at the combine the NFL carries Insurance if your injured doing their drills. If not we would have heard of other injured participates suing the NFL regardless if they made these kids sign a waivers or not.

    Even if they did make these kids sign a waiver it does not mean legally the NFL is not responsible.

  3. It’s important to know your limits. They have had ample time to train for this event. With that said, i’d expect the nfl to take care of this entirely. They cannot afford any more bad offseason PR especially with talked about proposals for a competitive combine.

  4. I see his stock falling (unfortunately) but i see a late round pick in his future by miami because of the philbin iowa connection.

  5. This is sad for this kid. Anyone who has a heart has to feel bad for this kid. Hopefully he will have a 100% recovery. Iam not even an Iowa fan but do feel bad for him.

  6. This will effect his draft stock, but it just means that some team will get a steal in a later round. Hope it is the Jets, they need help on the line.
    Hope he fully recovers.

  7. Injurys happen. If players decline to compet in various attivities then why have a combine? “Im not running to day because I might get a hang nail” is weak. The combine is a silly undertaking, so why have a combine when every player can show off at their “pro-day”.

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