Jeff Saturday: I assure you, Peyton Manning will play in 2012


One longtime friend and teammate is certain that we haven’t seen the last of Peyton Manning.

Colts center Jeff Saturday is working as a Scouting Combine analyst on NFL Network today, and he took a little time out of analyzing offensive linemen to analyze Manning — whom Saturday says is going to be ready to go in plenty of time to play in the 2012 season.

“I talk to him regularly,” Saturday said. “I love 18. He’s my guy so I communicate with him regularly. He’s doing his deal and he’s getting ready and he’ll be playing football. I can assure you of that.”

So all of Manning’s friends, in the NFL and in the media, seem to agree on the public message: Manning will be good to go. But where will he go? On that score, Saturday said he dosen’t know anything more than anyone else.

“I hope it’s here,” Saturday said. “But he’ll be playing somewhere. Absolutely.”

Realistically, there’s almost no chance that Saturday will get his wish of snapping to Manning in Indianapolis again. But Saturday is saying exactly what everyone close to Manning is saying: Manning expects to play.

33 responses to “Jeff Saturday: I assure you, Peyton Manning will play in 2012

  1. Wait…didn’t I read that Jeff Saturday is a Free Agent Himself this year….so he may end up snapping to Manning again next year…on a different team

  2. Oh, he’s gonna play alright.

    And if he plays against Indy, they can go to their calendars the instant they know and mark that off with a big fat “L”.

    This will be the first time in awhile that Peyton will be playing all season long with something to prove. I wouldn’t want to be Indy if and when they get caught in those headlights.

  3. Where ever he signs ( unless it’s Cleveland ), next season will be the wrath of Peyton. No question he lights up NFL defenses all year if he’s healthy IMO

  4. I agree that Peyton will play in 2012, not sure who he will be playing for, but my biggest concern is how long will he last next year, all year 1/2 the year, the first few games? All it takes is one or two bad hits!!!!

  5. Between Archie, his agent, half of the sports writers and telecasters in America, and now Jeff Saturday, Peyton has more shills politicking for him than a national politician.

    Reality check: this guy has had at least four neck surgeries, an experimental procedure in Europe, and God knows what else to try to get back on the field. He will never again be the elite QB he once was, though wishful thinking on the part of owners with too much money may well land him a contract worth millions.

  6. He should go to the Seattle Seahawks. They’re slowly developing talent. They have a good TE in Zack Miller who could be Dallas Clark 2.0 with a good QB. Sidney Rice, if healthy, is a good deep threat; Baldwin is a very good, very young slot receiver who’s better than Austin Collie, they have an underrated RB so he’ll finally have a good running game, they have a young OL, and an up and coming defense. Aaron Curry has been the only bust in the last 5 years of their first rounders. Earl Thomas is Bob Sanders 2.0, but healthy. Seattle is a very generous fanbase (like Indy) historically that is dying for a winning team. It’s very painful enough to watch your former basketball team doing so well only a few years after leaving Seattle. Peyton, you wouldn’t regret coming to Seattle. It’s really a good city that needs to be given a chance.

  7. Don’t miss his elongated count or the fact that he sounds like the Aflack Duck, or the little three step jig he does right before he throws the ball. Not at all.
    Hope he doesn’t make an idiot outta himself like Favre. The time has come. When you have to have four neck surgeries, (one secret,) it’s time to hang it up. These guys just can’t get used to life without being the center of attention. Somehow, most the rest of us manage to get through it without constant adulation. We are the real heroes.

  8. This blog post has Jeff Saturday assuring that “Peyton Manning will play in 2012” but MD Smith then uses a quote from Saturday saying only that Manning will “be playing football.”

    So unless the QUESTION asked was specifically about the 2012 season, MD Smith might be assuming something that wasn’t said because Saturday never mentions what season in his answer.

    I could see a scenario where Manning is not able to play in 2012 but comes back in 2013 when the nerves regenerate more fully.

  9. It was lucky for Jeff Saturday that he was signed by the Colts since Lucas Stadium is less than a mile from Indiana University Medical School and he could pursue 2 careers without much of a commute 😉

  10. Peyton was great here in Indy and want to thank him for all the great regular season games and wins. But we are entering a new era and its time to let Luck play from day 1 so he can get his rookie lumps over with and lead a balanced colts team to victory now that we don’t have a majority of our cap tied into one player anymore and that robot named caldwell is gone and that smurf sized defense and that 95 percent all the time cover 2

  11. I really think this is a no brainer all the way around. If your the Colts, you’ve got to take Luck and wish Peyton all of the best, the uncertainty of the neck injury is just to risky to pass on Luck or make more a circus by having them both there. You can’t forget how great Luck is going to be just because you want Peyton to retire a Colt or because RG3 is generating a lot of buzz. Peyton will be great if he is healthy, but it would be better to move on and let the rebuilding around Luck begin.

  12. I have always respected Peyton Manning.

    That being said, he’s illustrating classic human response to change – he doesn’t like it and doesn’t like it being forced upon him.

    However, given his age and injury (mind you I am no Dr. nor will I pretend to be), is too much to expect him to come back from this late in his career. Also not trying to compare myself to Peyton as an athlete – but I am close to him in age and have always been physically active and in the gym — I have noticed difficulties that did not exist in recovering a few years ago.

  13. EVERYONE in the MEDIA says PM is gone from Indy.
    Don’t be shocked when Irsay pays PM the 28 mil.

    The TV, Internet….ALL media will be abuzz with “BREAKING NEWS” flashing red banners.
    The NFL will get more exposure, Irsay and the Colts get their brand advertised for weeks for a mere 28 mil.

  14. Right…coming from one free agent about another…both of which are trying to garner the best contracts possible for next year…..if you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you. I can guarantee that he WONT play!

  15. bottom-line…i am sure Manning will keep trying to play…and doctors, at some point, may clear him to play and some team might decide to pay him enough to make it worthwhile for him…but that isnt happening soon…not happening this year…and even if it DOES happen, Manning will never be the player that he was….is relevance is over….sorry!

  16. golonger says:
    Feb 25, 2012 2:38 PM

    croghan1919 – right, paying 28 million for that type and little of brand advertising?..i dont think even Irsay is that dumb….

    A thirty second ad during the SB goes for what?

    Mass communication will be talking about the NFL, the Colts, Manning for weeks even months, even more if PM goes to another team.
    Irsay will want to keep that other team out of the conversation and expose only his brand…”The Horseshoe”

    I heard someone say a few weeks ago that an NFL game on TV is nothing but a 3 hour info-mmercial. I had to think about that a few mins. They are absolutely right and thats OK with me.

    Irsay is a billionare, 28 mil is pocket change.

  17. What I am going to love is that Luck will not play for Indy after they booted Manning out like this. Indy will REALLY be in trouble this season.

  18. croghan1919- this has to be one of the most moronic posts I have ever read on PFT…1) The NFL is in no way, shape or form an infomercial. An infomercial, by definition is PAID advertising to promote a particular product. That is totally NOT what NFL games are. 2) $28 million is NEVER pocket change, sorry. If you had a clue, you might realize that most millionaires are tighter with their money than the average person. They dont just throw away millions. and 3) The Colts are a business, about revenues vs. expenses. No business is going to incur an expense of $28M just for the heck of it. You, my friend, are a total tool!!!!Not to mention there is a thing called a “salary cap”

  19. The players including Saturday and Vini-T have all publicly stated Manning will be fine, they are on record saying he’ll be as good.

    The Colts, “Irsack” have been leaking false stories about his neck, his arm and all this hogwash to try to stonewall any deal he could get from anyother team. “Irsack” hopes to resign him, but when his value is basically zero, then he would hope Manning would retire by believing the B.S from the same doctors that cleared him almost a year ago to sign Manning longterm in the first place. This media ploy was just to force Manning into retirement by disgracing his public image. This isn’t even a conspiracy, its really that obvious especially when your stupid owner is on Twitter leaking the info himself. Any fourth grader can figure out who the leak is.

    I hope Manning leaves, I really do. The Colts took him for granted for so many years, mainly their front office. They were way past their primes and were riding on his coattails squeezing every last drop until they finally had an injury occur and it sealed everyone’s fate. They were past their due since 2005, go to another team Manning we hope you do even better then before:)

  20. “The players including Saturday and Vini-T have all publicly stated Manning will be fine, they are on record saying he’ll be as good.”

    Of course they do…as they would their piers if they were in the same situation. Wishful thinking and meaningless.

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