Jerry Jones says Cowboys have Super Bowl talent

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If a team didn’t win a Super Bowl, perhaps the next best thing is to claim that it could have.

That’s what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did Friday while holding court with reporters for more than 90 minutes on, yes, the team’s luxury bus.

“I see the talent level being able to put us in a competitive situation for the Super Bowl,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of  “I saw it at the start of that [2010] season and I see it with what we had last year, that there’s a talent level that can compete for a Super Bowl.”

But many non-playoff teams could say that they have “Super Bowl talent,” especially in an era where teams that barely got into the playoffs run the table and secure the Lombardi Trophy.  The question is whether “Super Bowl talent” translates into results.

“We all should recognize that what’s on paper is far different than what ultimately wins that Super Bowl and very seldom reconciles going to it,” Jones said.  “It always has a way of doing that after the fact.  The present champs, the Giants, going in the talent evaluations by everybody that’s interested — fans, our media, whoever — was not really giving them high marks for their talent.  Certainly coming out of training camp, it was not.  Now they’re getting high marks for their talent.  Same guys.

“So, my point is the success that you have has a way of defining talent.”

Annnnnd that’s the exact opposite of what Jones initially said.  Whether a team has “Super Bowl talent” isn’t determined prospectively.  The teams that get to the Super Bowl necessarily have “Super Bowl talent.”

While the Cowboys may not have gotten to the Super Bowl themselves, they failed to keep the Giants from demonstrating “Super Bowl talent” by blowing a chance to bury Big Blue’s postseason dreams on a Sunday night in the middle of December.  Leading 34-29 with 2:25 to play, quarterback Tony Romo overthrew receiver Miles Austin, or Miles Austin underran the ball.  (Austin later said he lost it in the lights.)  If Romo and Austin had connected, and assuming Austin wouldn’t have tripped on his way to the end zone or done something stupid like spike the ball before crossing the plane, the Cowboys win and the Giants lose and the Giants most likely don’t make it to the postseason.

Heading into 2012, if the Cowboys have “Super Bowl talent,” then pretty much every team does.  Because pretty much every team can find a way to win their division and then, by January, piece together a playoff run that allows everyone in hindsight to declare that this was indeed the best team, because they became the best team.

That’s ultimately what it’s all about.  And any effort by Jones or any other owner or G.M. to apply that label before the season starts serves only to increase the expectations of the fans and the pressure on the coaching staff.

Maybe Jones would realize that if he hadn’t suffered 50 concussions.

40 responses to “Jerry Jones says Cowboys have Super Bowl talent

  1. But Jerry … the cowboys have the worst general manager in the NFL and worst coach.. what do you plan to do about those two things..

  2. We’ve heard this crap from analysts for the past 5 years too. Every off-season, multiple people would mention how “talented” the Dallas Cowboys were and how they would be one of the teams to be at the top competing for the super bowl and EVERY year, these analysts would get mud on their face being completely wrong, but they still didn’t learn their lesson. I think Jerry and those analysts are drinking from the same delusional water.

    Talent does not mean execution. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t execute, then it’s just a really nice Lamborghini that has a bad engine….won’t get you anywhere.

  3. Not the first team or owner to underachieve year after year by hiring a series of bad coaches or yes men. IF Jones was finally able to put his ego aside and let a man like Parcells do what is necessary, he would surely start to realize the return on the investment he so longs for. Jones brought in Parcells and immediately began to undermine him by bringing in Terrell Owens, whose season-long defiance and challenges to his authority exasperated Parcells enough to tell Jerruh to take his team and stick it. I admired Parcells’ control that season but you just knew that under all that cool there was a pressure cooker ready to blow.

  4. Did Jones not see how Ryan made himself a laughing stock with his bragging and wishful thinking about the value of his roster?

  5. See, reasons like this make ppl dislike TeamCowboys, he’s a total douche, “Superbowl talent”?!?!? The only good pieces we have is qb, wr’s, we’re just finding out we have a good rb and we have only 1 good pass rusher,along with a good MLB, if your silly enough to believe that we have superbowl winning talent your as delusional as Jerry Jones cause the entire secondary, d line and o-line is trash, what we need to do is focus on getting better not listening to Jerry jones high off crack, and I’ve been a team cowboys since 87, born in 1988

  6. The Cowboys always have Super Bowl talent. But that doesn’t win Super Bowls. I do love to watch the Cowboys haters here. Just can’t stand that no mater what they do or say, no one but the Cowboys are AMERICA’S TEAM:-)

  7. Skins fan here…

    Of course the Cowboys have talent…there has never been a question of that. In fact, all 32 teams have talent…but talent isn’t enough.

    WE have some talent, and out talent swept the Giants convincingly this year. Does this mean we are a better team than the Giants? Absolutely not. They have talent, chemistry, trust, and a system in place which plays to their strengths. Hell, the Giants had less talent than the GB Packers…but they were a better team, and thus won. That mentality extended all the way to their SB win.

    Point is, talent isn’t enough Jerry. You need a coach who doesn’t call screen passes on 2nd and goal, you need consistent play from your running backs, you need WR to make catches, you need a D to understand their scheme and overhustle any offense. Believe me, I know, as I have watched the talent on my Redskins have losing season after losing season because our talent is not cultivated into a team.

    90’s are over…eat some humble pie, stay quiet.

  8. Bottom line no one is buying this crap anymore and quite frankly outside of a handful of Cowboy fans no one really cares.

    The only NFL team in Texas is now Houston. That is a team on the rise and has a legitimate shot at making noise next year.

    Stick a fork, or whatever is applicable in Texas, in the Cowboys. They … are … done.

  9. To anotheracct whose your team uh?? Keep Tony romo’s name out of your mouth, he’s been a top 10 qb, it’s not his fault that a defense gives up 12 points in 3 mins

  10. Of course the Cowboys have SuperBowl talent. Their basic problem is that they have Jerry Jones. That great leveling factor will keep them out of the SB just as long as he is running the operation. Superb talent that must rely on mediocre (at best) coaching and management will not succeed. Its a curse everyone sees ~ except Jones ~ who thinks his money earns him the right to destroy the most valuable franchise in the NFL. Sadly, it does.

  11. i am so sick and tired of hearing from these wacko’s down in texas about how great the cowboys are and they have super bowl talent and tony romo can get them to a super bowl…blah blah blah. listen if they had super bowl talent they would win at least 1 playoff game, hell if they had super bowl talent they would at least make the playoffs. you can’t get to the big game when you dont even make the tournament. these boys down in texas have fallen prey to the same problem as the jets, too much talk not enough action. i can talk all day about how i’m going to the super bowl next year, i guess that puts me on the same level as the jets and the cowboys. here’s some advice, shut your mouths and focus on the game itself, the only thing you guys are doing is guaranteeing failure.

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