Melvin Ingram has shed a dozen pounds since Senior Bowl

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South Carolina defensive tackle-end-linebacker Melvin Ingram measured 6-foot-1 7/8 and 276 pounds at the Senior Bowl weigh-in on January 23.

One month later, he measured 6-foot-1 7/8 and 264 pounds at Saturday’s Scouting Combine weigh-in.

Ingram has shed a dozen pounds since the Senior Bowl, likely in an effort to be lighter on his feet in outside linebacker drills and faster in the forty. Ingram was one of college football’s most versatile players, but NFL evaluators may question Ingram’s ability to be productive playing with his hand up. Most of his college production came at defensive tackle.

In Saturday’s Combine media interview, Ingram revealed that he’s training with Broncos linebacker Von Miller. Miller played both linebacker and defensive end as a rookie in Denver.

As a senior, Ingram earned first-team All-American accolades while leading the Gamecocks in tackles for loss (15) and sacks (10). He is a projected top-15 pick in the draft.

4 responses to “Melvin Ingram has shed a dozen pounds since Senior Bowl

  1. This guy is a beast. As a Razorback I’m glad to see him gone from the SEC. I watched this guy every week and saw nobody stop him without double or triple teams. He is one of those instinct players that’s just everywhere.

  2. This is why I hate writing on PFT with my iPhone!!!!!

    The wrong crap gets clicked on, including stories!!!!!!!!

    I don’t give a crap about Rob Gronkowski!!!!


    Here’s what I wanted to write for THIS story!!!!
    Can the Indian make a comment???

    I went to the land of “Slumdog Millionaire”, worked out, had the country’s food, and lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks!!!!

    New Rule: All NFL Combine participants that need to trim down should go to India!!!!!!!! It’ll be quick!!!! Trust me!!!!

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