Pioli won’t discuss reported interest in Peyton Manning

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On Thursday, a report emerged that the Chiefs have discussed the possibility of acquiring quarterback Peyton Manning twice with his agent, Tom Condon.  If true, it would be a clear violation of the tampering rules.

On Friday, Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli met with the media at the Scouting Combine in Indy, and he inevitably faced the question of whether the team is interested in Manning.  According to the Associated Press, Pioli refused to say whether the Chiefs actually have interest in Manning.

Some may interpret this to imply that the Chiefs are interested in Manning.  Since the tampering rules only prevent a team from stating interest in a player under contract with another team, a team arguably is free to say that it has no interest in a player under contract with another team.  Thus, by refusing to say that the Chiefs aren’t interested in Manning, maybe they really are interested in Manning.

Others may interpret Pioli’s response to mean that he applies an ultra-cautious approach to the tampering rules, opting not to say anything at all about a player under contract with another team.

And while Pioli said that Matt Cassel is the team’s starting quarterback, Pioli explained that the Chiefs are talking to quarterback Kyle Orton about a possible return.  Claimed on waivers after Orton was cut (at his request) by the Broncos, Orton’s contract expires as of 4:00 p.m. ET on March 13.

“We’ve talked with Kyle’s people. We’ve talked with Kyle,” Pioli said.  “It sounds like Kyle would like to be with us.  We told Kyle that we’d like to continue to work with him.  Now it’s just a matter of seeing if things arrive at the right place.  It’s not always about whether we want a player or the players want to be here.”

The problem is that, with Cassel the starter and being paid accordingly, the Chiefs will pay Orton only as a backup.  If someone else wants to pay Orton as a starter, Orton will be gone.

23 responses to “Pioli won’t discuss reported interest in Peyton Manning

  1. With Manning, this team easily wins the division and come playoff time, with their running game and potential top 3 defense, they could make some serious noise.

  2. I think Manning likes Arrowhead Stadium if that counts for anything. Remember the 2004 playoff win with 304 yards and three scores and posting and and almost perfect 138.8 rating?

  3. They also met with RG3 last night. Something will happen soon and I’m guessing Matt cassell won’t be happy

  4. “It would make the chiefs a very dangerous team but if they lose bowe…. they’re gonna need their other receivers to pep there step”

    They won’t lose Bowe. He’ll either be franchised or signed to a new deal (or, most likely – both).

    I’d like to see them sign Manning – but let’s not get too carried away with excitement until we know if the guy is still able to play football.

  5. As a Bronco fan, I dont want to see manning 2 times a season!! But then again, I wouldnt want the Broncos and Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil to be responsible for ending his carreer…just sayin…

    Irsay tries to finalize trade to chiefs for Manning, but unable to locate Pioli. Apparently he was in a back stairwell of Lucas Oil Stadium wait for someone to pick up a candy wrapper dropped during the Super Bowl.

  7. “Pioli won’t discuss reported interest in Peyton Manning”

    Any Chiefs fan knows Pioli will never discuss anything concerning the team. His unwillingness to discuss the Manning situation means absolutely nothing. This is just a case of Pioli being Pioli…nothing more.

  8. The Chiefs are one of if not the cheapest team in the NFL, what makes u think they get Manning??? With 60 million in cap space, they don’t even wanna pony up the money to sign Carr & Bowe both….that shows u how cheap they are & another reason why they haven’t won a meaningful game in 19 years! Let me repeat 19 years! Chiefs fans are hilarious!

  9. As a colts fan. Other teams beware that peyton may not ever be the same player. So don’t embarass yourself by claiming your team is an instant superbowl contender by signing him. Unless he’s a backup in giants land or packers and a starter wth 49ers with new wide recievers that are talented!

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