Reese: Osi comments taken out of context, extension could happen


Giants G.M. Jerry Reese heard that Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora hypothetically would  “take less money” to stay in New York.  Reese isn’t buying it.

Speaking at the Combine Saturday, Reese believes Umenyiora’s words were “probably taken out of context.”

We suspect Umenyiora meant that he would take a slightly below market long-term deal from the Giants on a possible extension. The reality is that the Giants don’t have to do anything; Osi is under contract another year. It’s not like Umenyiora is suddenly going to take a pay cut for the 2012 season. He’s already underpaid.

Reese said that an extension with Umenyiora “could happen.” He wouldn’t classify the situation as “pressing” considering how much time is left in the offseason.

Left unsaid: There is still plenty of time on Umenyiora’s contract. The Giants don’t have to do anything.

4 responses to “Reese: Osi comments taken out of context, extension could happen

  1. There are other pressing needs on the team before the DE position. T2, Manningham, Weatherford, Ballard, Pascoe, Ross, Blackburn(yes, Blackburn)…

    If memory serves, they are currently only about $1 mil below the cap, and several people are probably going to be asked to restructure(Eli for sure)

    Osi may very well be the odd man out when the smoke clears because his replacement is already on the roster, and kicking major a**(JPP)

  2. In a perfect world I wish we could pay Osi what he’s really worth but we Know it’s not possible with all the FA we have coming up. Whatever happens we’re forever grateful to Osi for helping us capture 2SB championships.

  3. the giants turned it on when osi came back healthy. the guy catches a lot of heat….ive dished it out myself….but when he’s healthy he’s a force to be dealt with.

    osi getting an extension would be HUGE. if you havent gotten it yet, reese’s plan is pretty simple: he doesnt have to worry about the most important part of the team, the QB, so he focuses almost entirely on the d-line and the secondary….thats it. everything else can basically be filled in….his goal is to get as many studs as he can acquire for the two units i mentioned.

    im not saying that osi will be re-signed…but i think he is fairly high on reese’s to-do list; i also wouldnt be surprised if the giants take another DL or DB in the first round.

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