Ryan Tannehill says he’d love to be a Dolphin

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Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman recently raved about quarterback Ryan Tannehill, whom Sherman coached at Texas A&M. The feeling is mutual.

Tannehill said at the Scouting Combine on Friday that he’d love to play for Sherman again in Miami.

Miami would be exciting because of the familiarity with coach Sherman and some of the staff hired down there,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “It would be nice. Coach Sherman runs a West Coast offense as well as moving the pocket, and that’s a couple things I do well: throw on the run, bootlegs, whatever it may be to get outside the pocket and make throws downfield. I like what he did.”

The Dolphins will definitely be players in the quarterback market this offseason, although soon-to-be free agents Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning are the names most often mentioned. Taking a quarterback with their first-round draft pick, No. 8 overall, would be a bigger risk.

Still, after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Tannehill appears to be the next-best quarterback in this draft, and if the Dolphins take Tannehill eighth overall this year, it wouldn’t be any more surprising than when the Titans took Jake Locker eighth overall last year. Tannehill to the Dolphins is a move that could make a lot of sense.

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  1. I like Tannehill to the Dolphins…just not at pick 8. The Dolphins have issues moving around in the draft as they always seem to come up a couple spots short of getting the guy they target. I wouldn’t mind seeing them move up for RGIII but that would cost a ton. I still like Mallett although a trade scenario is unlikely between division rivals. Manning and Flynn are essentially the same type of gamble. One is unproven but shows potential; the other is a proven HoFer but his the uncertainty surrounding his arm strength and ability to adapt to a new system seems risky. I think Moore is a capable stop-gap for this year (but the coaches don’t seem too high on him) as long as they target a guy like Matt Barkley next year. It is high time the Dolphins catch a break on the QB situation. The QB situation has been frustrating for Dolphins fans since a couple years before Marino retired. Somebody please make it stop.

  2. Tannehill is not worth the 8th overall pick. Worst case scenario, trade down and get him later in the first.

  3. Waiting on Barkley next year? He’ll be a top 3 pick and I hope to God that we aren’t drafting in the top 10 next year. It will cost you more to get him than RG# this year purely based on draft position.

    Tannehill will probably not slide past Seattle. If the position isn’t filled by the draft then the Fish pretty much have to grab him at the 8th slot.

  4. Then draft him then!!!!

    It’s better because their fans hate or there is crappy production from veterans!!!! The fans hated Gus Frerrotte and Jay Fiedler!!!!

    There wasn’t enough appreciation for Chad Pennington!!!

    Plus, any QB that was acquired with or for a 2nd round pick became a curse for the franchise!!!!

    Do what has worked, pick a QB in Round 1!!! Plus, if he was productive despite being raw and there’s more that can be added to his game … draft Tannehill!!!

  5. Tannehill seems a little expensive for the Phins at 8….

    RG3 keeps having this delusional self value problem with Luck…. so you almost have to question his sanity…. and the monster cost to move up….

    When you look at how much Flynn will probably cost compared with how well Moore played it’s hard to see doing that…. but the previous poster is right that the coaches don’t seem to agree on Moore’s value…

    Almost certainly, the Phins will make a major play for Peyton, and if it doesn’t work out, they’ll get a 2nd round QB and Moore will start…

    It seemed like Moore was playing great when he wasn’t running for his life and when Marshall wasn’t dropping every other ball…

    seems like more than a stop gap to give Moore a year… he could end up with a breakout year…. its not far fetched at all…

  6. Of course he would love it.

    Because if he winds up there, that will mean he went at least 10 spots higher than he should have, unless the phins trade down.

  7. Tannehill would love to play for the dolphins! Stunning, would any player at the combine looking to break the bank publicly tell any team he wouldn’t love playing for them. All players love any team that will pay them the most.

    It’s just fluff.

  8. I think that this is a good problem to have if you are Jeff Ireland. Where do we get our best bang on the buck we are going to spend.
    RGIII costs is a bigger salary than Tannehill plus draft picks and maybe a player or two. The guy looks great but there is some gamble; specially the first year.
    Matt Flynn costs could be somewhere between 10 & 15 million per year. You may end up with an expensive Matt More!
    Peyton Manning may be the best value in terms of productivity vs. cost IF HE IS HEALTHY? Peyton may be another Chad Pennington; brittle!
    Tannehill’s foot was injured and operated on but lets assume that he will be healed in time for preseason. Matt Moore starts until Tannehill takes his job away. Tannehill is an 8th pick and therefore costs less.

    Mr. Ireland needs to get a TE (?), and OLB (Ravens), R tackle and maybe a CB in Free agency plus sign our own veterans. This should be done ASAP.

    Don’t count us out, yet! Let’s see who passes physicals, who signs, how much cap space we have, etc. we will know by the end of April!

  9. if Tannehill was worth a first rd pick (or anywhere near it), Sherm wouldnt have the opportunity to catch a few zzzzs at the combine again- he would not have been fired by aggy

  10. Sherman wasn’t a good HC but is a good offensive mind. A&Ms problem wasnt scoring points it was giving them up Tannehill has a lot of potential have to see.how his pro day goes

  11. “I still like Mallett although a trade scenario is unlikely between division rivals”

    Not sure people realize Mallet wasn’t even good enough to make the game day roster. I’m sorry. For all the people that wanted him in the 1st round, isn’t it telling hes not even the backup qb?If he had so much potential, wouldn’t they want him holding that clipboard standing next to Brady? Hes busted,enough with ryan mallet talk

  12. “seems like more than a stop gap to give Moore a year… he could end up with a breakout year…. its not far fetched at all…”

    Moore just had his breakout year. he went 6-6 with 9 ints and 14 fumbles in just 12 games.

    He almost never willed our team to win a close 4th quarter game. Ask anyone if they think hes got what it takes to get to the big game. Then ask why waste our time? Could he win a shootout with a brees or a brady? Then we need to move on. We barly averaged 20 points a game, even with his almost 90 qb rating. Thats not good enough and shows qb rating isnt all that.

  13. I hope Miami drafts him because I am afraid the Seahawks will take him. There are always QBs that are drafted early by teams that reach. As a Seahawk fan Rick Miror drafted 2 makes me nervous. Tavares isn’t great, but Tannehill is a late first at best.

  14. cornersss says:
    Feb 25, 2012 12:32 PM
    “seems like more than a stop gap to give Moore a year… he could end up with a breakout year…. its not far fetched at all…”

    Moore just had his breakout year. he went 6-6 with 9 ints and 14 fumbles in just 12 games.


    That offensive line ranked:
    – 30th in sacks allowed
    – 29th in hits on QB allowed
    – 30th overall

    if your line is tissue paper like that… ANY QB is gonna be fumbling a lot…

    Marshall was tied at 2nd in the league in drops.

    and in spite of those heinous stats, Moore played middle of the pack or better in all major stats categories, typically made good decisions, showed good mechanics and decision making.

    my point is that he’s got talent, the Phins could do much worse than him, and if he’s got some blocking and catching… who knows…

  15. Im getting sick of 2nd round QBs in Miami.

    Putting a draft value on a guy is not a exact science. If you think hes the guy draft him. Whats the worst that could happen, you dont have a QB. Sounds like a problem we (Dolphins fans) know how to deal with, or were use to.

    At least Miami will break a trend of 2nd round QBs.

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