Tannenbaum: Sanchez didn’t improve enough in 2011

The Jets won’t rule out going after Peyton Manning, in part because Mark Sanchez has a lot of improving left to do.

I spoke with Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum at the Combine for NBC SportsTalk Thursday and asked whether Sanchez improved enough in 2011.

“Not enough,” Tannenbaum said. “Not consistently. The great thing abut Mark is he’d be the first one to tell you that. . . . His rate of improvement has to keep going and get better, but we’re excited about his work ethic and his commitment.”

We also talked about whether the Jets will be a softer, quieter organization in 2012 without any guarantees. (Somehow we doubt it.)

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17 responses to “Tannenbaum: Sanchez didn’t improve enough in 2011

  1. As good as Peyton is…signing him would be another step back for Sanchez. Get rid of Wayne “Turnstile” Hunter and Matt “I can’t block for Sh*t” Mulligan and your OL would improve…

  2. Tannenbaum was speaking from experience since he hasn’t improved as a GM. Making decision to give malcontents like Holmes iron clad guaranteed contracts on top of some very questionable draft decisions in the past few seasons shows Tannenbaum like Sanchez has ALOT of improving to do.

    With the current jets braintrust( thats an oxymoron) there will be more anniversary celebrations for many years to come!

  3. It seemed he regressed in a few areas, let alone didn’t improve. He’s gonna be in the league 4 years now, time to take of the training wheels Mr. T. Tebow threw more 40+ yard passes in one game than Sanchez did all year. He’s NEVER going to be “the guy” if you don’t even give him to opportunity to do so.

  4. I can’t stand when coaches and GM’s use “excited” in that context. It doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? The Swamp Boy is done. He was done last year when he ripped off the Colts for doing nothing in return for $24 million. If the Jets want to throw $25+ million at him for doing nothing, that’s their business. And Sanchez just needs to focus. He dreams about high school girls too much.

  6. I can’t believe he’s a GM.

    Proper answer would have been…..

    It’s a team sport. Our QB didn’t progress enough, our whole team didn’t progress enough as well. It’s a team sport and our QB is only as good as the pieces around him. So it’s not an issue of one player improving, everybody has to improve on that side of the ball.

    Something like that. Don’t single out your QB in the media. Try to get him out of the spotlight or radar as much as possible. QBs have enough to deal with already.

  7. To say he “didn’t improve enough” is a compliment to Sanchez.

    The guy didn’t improve at all and really, how can he improve when he has no arm at all.

    If the Jets get a decent QB soon, lookout.

  8. Tannenbaum: Sanchez didn’t improve enough in 2011
    Wow, what about the GM and front office decision to not keep three productive receivers who assisted the Jet’s in making it to the AFC Championship game the previous season?

  9. @ ticalcaldwell

    What would you like him to say? Sanchez sucks?
    Yeah, that’d be helpful. How about if he said they were going to make a push for Peyton? Oh yeah…that’d be tampering. How about if he said, we’re going to trade up for RG3 or another QB? Right…because everyone lays out their draft plans for all NFL teams to see.

    Give me a break with the hating. The guy gave an answer. Sanchez didn’t grow as much as they expected. It’s a fact. They’re not going to release him. They’re not going to trade him. What else should he say?

  10. goawayeverybody says: Feb 25, 2012 12:40 PM

    I guarantee that Rex Ryan will make an unrealistic guarantee this season.


    I guarantee that you thought this was an original post.

  11. Thr reason any qb has sucess stems from the continuity of the system and players in it. Sanchez was most comfortable with Cotchery and Braylon Edwards, and they let them both go. Injuries to the OL and Plaxico’s inabilty to get any seperation left Sanchez with few options. I would like to see Edwards or Cotc.hery come back. Peyton and Aaron have had the same receivers in the same system for years and you see the result. Now there’s a new offense coordinator which will bring even more change. I hope its for the better.

  12. Well, if you listen to interviews Sanchez gave at the end of the season, he doesn’t believe how average at best he is after close to 55 NFL starts.

  13. I’ve been saying to get rid of Sanchez the whole season. Yes he lost his receivers & I still hope they bring them back-BUT a good QB would adjust. He can’t throw, he has no arm so it doesn’t matter who his receiver’s are. Please trade him or bench him let him be the back-up QB & bring in Peyton Manning as our starting QB.

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