Umenyiora says he’d take less to stay with Giants

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Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora is sending conflicting signals regarding his intentions for 2012.  In 2011, it seemed that he wouldn’t play for the Giants again, due to chronic concerns regarding his contract.

Now, he seems to be concerned that the Giants may not want him.

Earlier this month, Umenyiora said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants trade him.  Friday, Umenyiora dropped a stunner on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio.

“You know what’s so funny?” Umenyiora said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “If it came down to me taking less to stay here, I would.”

Um, what?

Umenyiora hasn’t been happy with his current contract since the ink dried over the fifth vowel of his last name.  And now that he’s entering the final year at a mere $3.975 million, he’d take less to stay with the Giants?

That’s what winning does, folks.  And it looks like the Giants will be in position to keep winning in 2012 and beyond.


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  1. Dude seems to be a head case. He will sign another deal and complain about it during the announcement press conference

  2. What a surprise. The only person who flip flops less than Giants fans themselves. We love Osi, trade Osi, We love Osi…..Fire Couglin, greatest coach ever, Fire Coughlin……


  3. I highly doubt he means he’d take less than what he made last year. It’s much more likely that he means he’d take less than he’d make on the open market.

  4. Winning two SuperBowls and finishing his career as a Giant would make him a fan favorite for years to come, rather than skipping town and going to a team that can’t compete.

  5. This guy is a maniac on the field but only when the opposing team is in a pass first situation. He’s not worth much more than 5m/yr and he’d be a non factor on a tram without a really good QB.

    Tuck and JPP on the other hand…. Two of they most well rounded DE’s in the NFL.

  6. dallassux says:Feb 25, 2012 9:00 AM

    What a surprise. The only person who flip flops less than Giants fans themselves. We love Osi, trade Osi, We love Osi…..Fire Couglin, greatest coach ever, Fire Coughlin……

    i alays though that TC was a great guy and NOW convinced that he’s a great coach. BUT…..if the giants didnt make the playoffs this year, which would have made it three years in a row without seeing the postseason, he probably would have been fired.

    its a funny thing that a two game winning streak at the end of the season coupled with a great playoff run is the differnce between a now all-time great HC and one who would have been on the unemployement line…..but thats football, it has nothing to do with giants fans.

    as for osi….maybe he’s just finally realized how great it is to be a giant, who knows?


    Must be a sad Eagles fan. Tough time watching the Giants win the SB again while you sit at home? Giants fans dont flip flop, we demand to win and dont accept losing much as the rest of the NFC has done for years. So when our team misses the playoffs and then is 7-7 the next year with a chance to miss the playoffs again, yeah were gonna talk about firing our coach. Keep your coach, he’s great. Got you to what, 1 superbowl?

    Osi just means hell take less money on a new contract to stay with the giants. He still wants a new contact but knows deep down if he goes somewhere without the supporting cast he has now he won’t perform as well since he will see double teams mute than he does now. Osi isnt dumb. He wants to win and knows with that D-line he will always have a chance.

  8. last year he had two years on deal, had more leverage…giants know they can get a high pick this year, and sign a rookie for 4 years at a bargain prices with new rookie cap….this is the dilema for all veterans going forward with the new cba…it allows team to load up on rookiw contracts, and have 2 to 3 super fat contracts of 15 million or more per season

  9. its very simple people. When Osi threw his brouhaha in the preseason the Giants didn’t look like they were going anywhere. But now with a Super Bowl win, alot of the top talent returning, Osi knows there is a chance to win another. Plus he sees how the defensive line can play with him, JPP, Tuck, Kiwi, Canty and now Marvin Austin being available.

  10. I too would take less if I think the team is right on for another SB run. How dumb does this guy think everybody else is.

  11. Winning cures all. Yes, us NY fans all desire winners, and will stop at nothing to have and cheer for and demand one! As someone said before, Osi’s not dumb. He simply knows a good situation when he sees one.

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