Former NFL tight end helps save people from van

Getty Images

Ben Patrick, a tight end with the Cardinals from 2007 through 2010, made a different type of headline in Arizona over the weekend.

Patrick helped pull a group of people out of a van that had been flipped onto its side.

“My first thought was just to help the people on the inside,” Patrick told KTVK-TV.  “I ran over and I looked in the front window and everybody was laying sideways and I debated on kicking the window in, but I didn’t want to get glass over everyone.”

Patrick knew that he had to act quickly, because he could smell gasoline.  Patrick and others were able to pull everyone out of the van.

Patrick spent four seasons with the Cardinals, starting 20 regular-season games.  He also caught a touchdown pass in Super Bowl XLIII.

Out of football in 2011, Patrick told KTVK that he hopes to sign with the Panthers for 2012.