Janoris Jenkins answers the tough questions


Former Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins stepped up to the podium Sunday for the most uncomfortable press conference of the week. He was candid and soft-spoken about his troubled past, handling himself well.

Perhaps that’s because the media’s questions weren’t as tough as what NFL teams ask him.

“[They’ve asked me] what happened with my drug possession,” Jenkins said. “How many times I was arrested. How many possession of marijuana charges I had. How many failed drug tests I’ve had.”

Jenkins was arrested three times: Once for a bar fight and two for marijuana possession. He failed one drug test at Florida. He says he won’t ever smoke again because he has his mother and four children to think about: Janoris Jenkins Jr, Legend, Janorian and Paris.  Jenkins says he’s sure all his off-the-field problems will hurt his draft stock, but he’s trying to move forward.

“I’m done with marijuana forever. I can’t do it, man,” Jenkins said.

After Jenkins was kicked out of Florida, he played at North Alabama. He mostly played on Thursdays in front of 3,500 people instead of 95,000 in “the Swamp.”

“My Saturdays I watched Florida. I watched my old teammates play. And it struck me then. Man, I’m supposed to be on the field those guys,” Jenkins said.

He didn’t see a lot of action at North Alabama. He estimated that teams only threw at him four times-per-game, so he tried to make a bigger impact on special teams units.

Jenkins will be a risky pick for some team out there, but his talent level should push him into the first round. For what it’s worth, he seemed genuinely humbled by all the mistakes he’s made and grateful to have this second chance.

“I’ve made a few mistakes and I’ve learned from them. Everything I did, I did.”

49 responses to “Janoris Jenkins answers the tough questions

  1. Browns should grab this guy, little risk, big reward…Haden can groom this guy…If he is truly humbled, Haden knows what he is doing off the field, nice piece to the puzzle…………….Just sucks he will be bankrupt by retirement from Child support.

  2. 4 kids!?!?!?! I would pass on him for that reason alone…. We arent talking about a guy that is 30 years old, this dude is like 21

  3. Arrested three times, drug dealing and use, fighting, four kids and he’s only 23. Yeah, this is a guy I would give millions of dollars to. Honestly its a shame a team would even take a look at this guy, you know how its going to end. You put ‘family zones’ in NFL stadiums now but entertain hiring guys like this?

  4. If this guy has really turned a corner in his personal life; then he will be a real difference maker for someone in the NFL.

    Could turn out to be a great story, and I’m rooting for him (to somehow fall to Dallas’ 2nd round pick.)

  5. The most alarming thing he said is he has FOUR kids. Already? How old is he, 20-22? How many mothers are there? I’m not trying to be critical, but it appears his decision making gets a lot worse than carrying some weed. Need to kick the tires a little deeper on this one.

  6. runtheball says:Feb 26, 2012 12:58 PM

    4 kids at 23? Plays football, when does he have time to smoke weed?

    Football practice (assuming he’s not like Allen Iverson) then smoke a little weed in the car the booster gave you and go meet some fast ladies. Boom, drug possesion and 4 kids. Happens too often and is sad for everyone involved. Especially the kids(or should I say the kid’s kids).

  7. Typical Raider pick, with their only draft selection (2nd rnd) theyre gonna need to pick up a corner back and why not risk it on this kid

  8. I deal with kids all the time, and once you are a punk always will be. Money will just embolden him, and geez at 20 somin with 4 kids already, imagine when the groupies come around, we are looking at Shawn Kemp type numbers.

  9. You know who else loved drugs and lots of unprotected sex?

    Travis Henry.

    That worked out well.

  10. LOL @ 4 kids.. but honestly, “Janoris Jenkins Jr, Legend, Janorian and Paris.” Janoris and Janorian? Really? Wtf is wrong with people?

  11. Two arrests over some old narrow minded law from a failed war on drugs I can give him a pass for. We don’t need anyone telling us what we can and can’t smoke anyhow. It’s the four kids that gets me. It takes a lot of irresponsibility and ignorance to bring that many kids into this world at such a young age.

  12. OK so if you father 1 child when you’re young … it happens.

    If you father a 2nd … well … you would think he’d have learned his lesson.

    But 3 & 4? That’s just a chronic & troubling lack of judgement to be doing that when you don’t have the financial means to support them.

    He’s gonna be losing a massive chunk of his NFL change now to child support … God hope his agent is smart enough to stick a good financial planner on him to take care of his money so he isn’t already broke by his last year in the NFL, whenever that may be.

  13. I’m sorry but this kid is not done with marijuana.

    He cites that the reason he is done is because he has his 4 kids to think about now. Well if you have 4 kids already my guess is you had a few of them when you were arrested as well and smoking marijuana. So what’s different now? Oh yeah, you have to tell prospective employers that so they’ll hire you.

    I would pass on this kid but some team will fall in love with him and end up regretting it Pac Man Jones style.

  14. This young man sounds like a upstanding citizen and role model who was raised well and is ready for the responsibility of having millions of dollars. Make it rain, I lika da strip clubs!

  15. Easy to be judgmental. you guys just mad that this talented young man has made some mistakes and is still in line to make more in one year than you do in a decade?

    everybody is a fan of second chances until they have to give one to someone else.

  16. @badrad1532
    Maybe Jenkins was the one who sold Holmgrem whatever he was smoking when he hired Pat Shurmur??

  17. Here is another thing I do not understand about this kid is he has a ton of question marks all ready and he passes on the bench press.

    More bad decisions… Your there to make an effort and impress not to leave more GM’s and Coaches wondering….

  18. daltex says:
    Feb 26, 2012 3:27 PM
    Easy to be judgmental.
    everybody is a fan of second chances until they have to give one to someone else.

    Don’t you mean; “everybody deserves an 8th chance?” I wouldn’t draft this guy in the 7th round, or sign him as an undrafted free agent. But, I guess you could put an ankle monitor on him and make him get a vasectomy.

  19. “bleed4philly says: Feb 26, 2012 12:58 PM
    Glad to see he’s owning his baggage.”


    No, it means he was well coached by his agent/lawyer to give the answers that people wanted to hear. Actions speak louder than words.

    Wait until he gets some NFL money, and we’ll see what happens. One more baby mama, failed drug test, or arrest will make it obvious to even the most easily duped that this guy hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

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