Lions look to trade Alphonso Smith


For the second time in his three-year career, Alphonso Smith is on the trading block.

The Lions are willing to trade Smith, a cornerback who played 11 games for them last year, and have shopped him to at least one team, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports.

The Broncos took Smith in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft, then traded him to the Lions in 2010 for Dan Gronkowski. Smith was a starter in his first season in Detroit but didn’t contribute as much to the defense in 2011.

Smith got testy with Detroit fans who criticized him after the Lions’ secondary got torched by the Saints in the playoffs, writing on Twitter, “Before you say anything crazy or ignorant please know your ‘coverages’ first just a friendly reminder!!! now fire away!!!”

He may not have to deal with Detroit fans for much longer.

20 responses to “Lions look to trade Alphonso Smith

  1. He makes plays….got a lot of picks for his amount of playing time in Detroit but got those by taking chances and ends up being burnt just as frequently. Never found favor with the coaching staff, no surprise here.

  2. He’s 100% gambler…when he’s right he gets picks but when he guesses wrong, he gets torched..which is often. The most common fan reaction when Alphonso Smith gets thrown at is “He never even turned his head!!!!”

  3. This guy has serious attitude problems. In the Saints game he all but stood there watching people go by him and did nothing, no effort.
    It was a field day for Bree’s and helped him set passing records for the year.

    If the Lions are smart they let the bum go but hey, if someone is dumb enough to take the guy in trade, so be it.

  4. Denver drafted Smith in the 2nd round but had to trade the next years 1st round pick be able to move up in the 2nd. Essentially Smith cost Denver a 1st round pick. He was clearly a bum from the first day of camp, and a huge reason McDaniel’s was fired. For that, Denver fans should love Alphonso.

  5. I liked Smith coming out of college. But he’s just way to inconsistent. I mean one day he could have 2 or 3 picks, the next he could give up 2 or 3 touchdowns.

    I think if he became more consistent he could be a good nickel back.

  6. Thank you Josh McDaniels for being a big enough idiot to give my Hawks a 1st round pick for this guy. Every Sunday, when we watch Earl Thomas patrolling the secondary, we thank you even more.

  7. .

    The second coming of Terrell Buckley. He worked out as a dime DB for the Patriots. He made big plays when his coverage responsibilities were decreased.


  8. Come back home Alphonso, the Panthers could use you… A healthy competition at #2 Corner to go along side Chris Gamble would be good for Carolina and allow them to focus the draft on other areas of the field, specifically DT, DE, OLB.

  9. I agree with 6ball – turn him into a dime back with reduced responsibilities and he might fit in somewhere.

    The big issue with Smith is that he believes too much of his own bs. I get that you have to have a certain amount of ego swagger to play DB in the NFL, but to be successful you also have show a certain amount of maturity … and I still don’t see enough of that out of this guy.

    Happy hunting elsewhere Alphonzo. Detroit ain’t gonna miss you.

  10. When you are getting burn and the HC say something to you and you go back out and get a INT and come off the field and put the ball i the HC chest you are looking for a new home.

  11. Phonzie jumped the shark when we had a repeat of the Brady rape of 2010 with the Brees rape of 2011.

    When the game is close, going for it everytime is uncalled for. When we’re chasing 17 in the 4th, I can see being aggressive, but when we’re up 3 and need to hold the other team defensively, try covering hip to hip instead of jumping routes.

    I also agree with Nickel or Dime coverage being a good fit for this guy. I feel the same about Eric Wright though…

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