NFL calls first experience with fans at the Combine a success


For the first time this year, fans were allowed inside Lucas Oil Stadium to watch Scouting Combine drills live and in person. Judging by the league’s reaction, it sounds like it won’t be the last time.

Ray Anderson, the NFL’s V.P. of football operations, told he thought it turned out to be a big success: The fans enjoyed themselves, and they also followed the rules so that their presence wasn’t a distraction to the players, scouts, coaches and team executives on hand.

The folks followed the instructions, they were respectful,” Anderson said. “They understood this was a work environment and that these young men were going through the interviews of their lives, so we asked them to adhere to a library etiquette and to help us out so we can take this back and really vet it and see if it’s something we should do on a larger and more permanent basis. And you know what, they’ve given us a good case to make.”

Fans were asked not to cheer, boo or make any noise at all, and they complied. After Super Bowl Media Day, this is the second time in the last four weeks that the NFL has allowed fans into an event that was previously only open to the people who work in or around the NFL, and it appears to be the second time that it worked out well. Expect more fans to be allowed to see the process in person in the future.

27 responses to “NFL calls first experience with fans at the Combine a success

  1. Of course they’re going to do it next year. They’re making money off the the rich & stupid.

  2. Are they charging admission or is it free? Seems like just another opportunity for them to make money to me, but if it’s free then it’s cool.

  3. Well there you go in this economy it should be opened to the public and maybe held in other cities each year…

    Look the fans are not going to get in the way of watching on the field activities, I’m not saying sell alcohol there I’m pretty sure food like burgers and Hot dogs with a soda would keep the crowd under control.

    These kids have and will be performing for sold stadiums they can handle crowd noise all day long.

    Gm’s and coaches and people with Passes would not be bothered as well. they would get the lower level seat areas.

    There you go NFL that should help with some of the ratings.

  4. Man, those people in Indy will pay to watch anything. Media day and now the combine…get a freaking hobby.

  5. Why should people on this site care what or how other people have a little fun if they like it and enjoyed them self what have we got to do with it.

  6. I’d watch it if I was in Indy it can help younger athletes out and see how NFL drills are runed. Idk why everybody is mad no one is forcing you to watch it.

  7. I think its cool… some people arent able to afford to see athletes at an actual game and such and though its nothing I would travel too… If i lived in Indy I would probably head on over to watch !

  8. It actually didn’t cost a thing. It was free and you had to be 18 and older to attend. They also provided prizes and breakfast/lunch so sounds like a good deal to any fan to me.

  9. I can think of a million and one of other things I’d rather spend my day than at a combine. But to each his own. Good luck with that.

  10. I was in attendance. It was free, and we were fed breakfast and lunch. We also got some decent freebies (combine Under Armor shirt, low end binoculars and a small radio to listen to the broadcast live). They also had Marshall Faulk speaking directly to us during commercial breaks.

    They will need to make a few changes to improve the fan experience in general, but it was a pretty entertaining day for those who enjoy the combine.

  11. I tuned in to Fox Sports Radio tonight. The host who’s on with Lincoln Kennedy absolutly despises fans who went to this event. His voice was just dripping with sarcasm about any fan who would go the to combine. Of course a lot of sports media guys hate fans – that’s no surprise.

  12. Another good idea would be to rotate The Draft to other NFL cities instead of NYC every year. It’s Cleveland’s Super Bowl every year now. We’d love it! Sincerely, Cleveland

  13. It was free. If anything it cost the NFL money. Breakfast and lunch for 250 people. I am talking bacon ,sausage and eggs . The guys at 1iota did an awsome job. I would pay to do it again next year..As a Colts fan I was able to see the probable next QB run the 40….A bunch of fun…

  14. Yeah I heard a bit of Lincoln also he was just all over it about the people being inside there. Which my idea is if people comply with the rules don’t make a sound then so be it why not them in the upper levels.

  15. nyyjetsknicks says:

    Do those people realize you can watch it on the NFL network? I guess when you’re in a flyover state, you’re forced to do things like this.


    Odd statement coming from a Jets fan. The draft is on TV too but this won’t keep Jets fans from painting their faces and sitting in a theater watching names called for three days.

  16. It was free people!…those who wanted to attend had to write a ‘short essay’ explaining why they wanted to attend…say what you want about the NFL but they know how to market their product…kudos!

  17. Glad to hear from some people who got to go. I think it’s really cool they did that and it sounds like it was a nice experience.

    It’s funny to see how patronizing some are acting over this though. “Don’t you have anything better to do”? etc. I mean you are posting on a football website post about people going to the Combine not having anything better to do. I think going to the Combine>>>>>>posting trash talk about people’s lives who get to go to the Combine. 🙂

  18. It seems to me that there is no end to the way the NFL, and all of its related activities…HOSE….the Fans. for more cash ! The overt and crass NFL commercialism is plain nauseating to me. Oh, by the way…. “adhere to a library etiquette”…you can now, talk… in most college library’s unlike the days of old when I graduated from same.

  19. I am sure the NFL made a little profit from this but if people want to go see the combine and are willing to pay to do so, why not?

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