Owens is under contract to play in Allen Wranglers home games only


While perusing the usual stomping grounds for items that then can be stomped out on my keyboard, I took a closer look at one of the articles regarding receiver Terrell Owens’ return to football as a member of the IFL’s Allen Wranglers.

Yes, he had three catches for three touchdowns in the second quarter, after failing to get away from press coverage in the first quarter.  No, he had no catches in the entire second half.

But here’s the tidbit that puts his comeback in the proper perspective:  Owen is under contract only to play in the Wranglers’ home games, according to Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com.

That’s right.  Owens is a member of the team.  But only when the team is playing at home.  Not when the team is playing on the road.

Unless, of course, the home team for the road games gives him some “financial incentives.”  (Will the road team also have to promise not to put a defensive back in his face so he will be able to get off the line?)

It would be a surprise if anyone does it.  In his IFL debut not far from Dallas, where Owens spent three seasons, there were plenty of empty seats in the Allen Event Center.

At a time when most if not all NFL teams have concluded that Owens wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be a good teammate, the notion that he won’t make road trips with his new team is all the confirmation anyone in the NFL needs to justify never giving him another shot.

But he’ll continue to have opportunities to prove his worth as a football player.  Beginning with the Wranglers’ next home game.

On March 31.

14 responses to “Owens is under contract to play in Allen Wranglers home games only

  1. cant get off press coverage in the IFL? with all this current tape, cant imagine why teams aren’t beating down his door…maybe they’re waiting on the Wranglers’ season to end out of respect….yeah, that’s it..

  2. They had the largest crowd in team history last night and a IFL game was on SportsCenter lastnight and this morning. Why wouldn’t a road team play him say 25K to come play. If they do it right they could easily get 5000 people and make a healthy profit with ticket sales, concessions and parking…..but I don’t want anymore coverage of this bush league.

  3. It is a pleasure watching this POS team cancer end his carrer this way. Can’t wait for the “look what he’s doing now that he’s so broke” story in a few years with a picture of him at Costco clinking the counter and saying good morning to the patrons as they enter. Who’s fault will it be then? Romo’s? McNabb’s? Garcia’s? He squandered HOF talent with a stupid diva mindset. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  4. TO’s next job will be to hand out food samples at Costco. He’ll be the center of attention there. The job doesn’t pay much, but he’ll get lots of love and people will flock to him like sheep.

  5. So he’s got to catch between 900-1000 yards this year instead????

    He has 853 yards left until the minimum. However, if he wants to improve only his press coverage issues then he should actually do Jay Glazer’s MMA workout program or boxing because those two things have helped out pass catchers like Mercedes Lewis and Chad Ochocinco for the 2009 season only (Note: “only” because he’s acted like a bigger idiot than T.O. ever could during the 2008, 2010, and 2011 offseasons)!!!!

    However, Drew Rosenhaus will mess everything up and say “Hey Terrell!!! Just Relax!!!! I’ll get you a job” when he WON’T and lead T.O. to an even bigger career toilet!!!!!

    Rosenhaus = Biggest fraud agent ever = Biggest career killer ever!!!!

  6. rajbais says: Rosenhaus = Biggest fraud agent ever = Biggest career killer ever!!!!

    This post = Dumbest post ever.

    After the 2005 season Owens was released and no one in the world thought he would get anything more than a one year, make good contract. Instead Owens got a $24 M, 3 year deal with a large chunk guaranteed and every penny eventually being paid out to Owens.

    Yeah, what a terrible agent Rosenhaus is.

    Owens is what he is- a 38 year old WR coming off a torn ACL with a track record as someone that’s difficult to have around. At some point the trail goes cold, and there’s nothing even a great agent like Rosenhaus can do about it.

  7. He should start focusing on getting his insurance license. With his name, he might have an ok future in sales on some sort. No millionaire lifestyle unless he really hits it bigtime (which he won’t), but he’ll earn a living. I’m not sure how much will be left for him though after all his baby mamas (and the kids) get theirs…

  8. @tommyf15

    Are you naive????

    Yes, because agents go to law school to become good advisors!!!! He sucks at giving advice to his clients!!!!!!!!

    Your blind loyalty to Drew is idiotic because you have OBVIOUSLY forgot about Ochocinco, Clinton Portis, Plax before jail, Desean Jackson, Dez Bryant, and the highly paid, but underperforming clients like Sidney Rice, Tommie Harris, Rocky McIntosh, Erik Coleman, and many many more!!!!

    You’re so uninformed it sound like you belief in the tooth fairy too!!!

    The actions of Drew’s clients are likely contributed by BAD or NO legal and career advice because an agent should be a legal advisor and everything opposite of negligent!!!!

    Look at Tom Condon’s clients except Jamarcus Russell!!!! They all conduct their business well and DON’T act like jackasses!!!! Good advice from Condon???? Likely!!!!!! The antithesis of Rosnehaus!!!!!! Yes!!!!

    Plus, Ray Lewis, Javon Walker, and Anquan Boldin have gotten MORE money AFTER FIRING Drew!!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! I am telling the freaking truth!!!!!

    None of these athletes are that smart so they need advisors!!!! If you ignore key facts, pay blind loyalty, and embrace more naiveté you let others get affected when they don’t need to!!!!! People who think like you disgust me!!!!

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