Report: Manningham “expected” to land with Bucs


We’ve reached the part of Combine week where impending free agents start to be tied directly to the teams their agents are tampering chatting with here in Indianapolis.

One such connection: Mario Manningham and the Buccaneers.

Clark Judge of reports that Manningham is “expected to follow” former Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan to Tampa Bay.

PFT has separately heard of the Bucs being in the mix for other top free agents. They have a ton of cap space and sound ready to spend. It sounds like they’ll spend some of that cap space at receiver, where this is a big need for a deep threat.

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  1. Is he a true deep threat??? I know about the great superbowl catch etc. but we need a lot of help at WR and thought there would be better #1’s available.

  2. It would be nice for the Giants to resign him. But he’ll want starter money and he isn’t going to get that (nor deserve it) in New York. He’ll cash in on one play while hoping they ignore the fact he is one of the least reliable Giant receivers.

  3. Wow – this “chatting” has become really concise. If he does land with the Bucs, will there be any tampering charges now?

    How could there not be?

  4. The curse of David Tyree. He made the catch that broke the backs of the Patriots, a year later he is out of the NFL after the Giants won’t resign him.

    Manningham won’t get resigned after a catch that broke the backs of the Patriots. I wonder what will happen next.

  5. And if they get him it still wont make a difference because Tampa Bay just flat out sucks. Freeman is a joke and the offense is just plain horrible. The defense is poor as well.

  6. Who was that running back who joined bucs after last giants super bowl win? Exactly. If he goes there we will forget all about him. Besides up until the catch, Collinsworth was getting on him for running poor pass patterns. Not worth the money

  7. Manningham is a solid WR … but he’s not a #1 WR.

    As long as they don’t expect him to be that guy, it might work out.

    But I think the operative word in “Manningham” has always been “Manning.”

  8. Good receiver, but doesn’t really fit the Bucs’ need of a deep threat/speed guy. Could this just be agent-driven “chatter” to hike up his FA price??

  9. Mike Sullivan knows this kid as well as anybody…if he’s comfortable tying his fate to him…that seems like a pretty good indication…Sullivan is no dummy.

  10. The Bucs haven’t learned from their own history, signing Alvin Harper and then trading for Keyshawn Johnson. Neither worked like they thought it would. Draft and Develop… trade up to get Blackmon.

  11. I’m not sure why giants fans hate on manninghams abilities. He’s made big plays throughout his career. Hes had incredible games against the cowboys. He’s slippery in the open field. He’s a sneaky good player. Sure his focus has led to some drops but he’s a pretty good receiver. I think this has the potential to be a good landing spot for him.

  12. He can get separation, unlike the guys they currently have. As a Giants fan, I hate it, but he deserves to be paid. He’s just not going to get Nicks or (eventually) Cruz money, nor should he. Far too many key drops for every big catch that he DOES make.

    But if those other guys in Tampa still cannot gain separation, he’s going to be taken away just as well.

    This has nothing to do with Alvin Harper, who had the venerable ROOKIE (at that) TRENT DILFER passing him the ball. He’ll be a bit better off, but not by much.

    Not nearly as good as things would be with Eli had he stayed in 2012 and actually been healthy (good for about 60 and 900 like 2010 had he not missed all that time this year).

  13. Are you kidding me all the great free agent WRs and your going to sign the No.3 WR off a team that lost his job to an UDFA…another year as an Yuckaneer fan…ugh

  14. One big problem for Mario… will have Freeman throwing the ball to you not ELI..end of story..wasted money…..Freeman would not even had made the read Eli did on that SB throw…..let alone the throw itself..

  15. Manningham is notorious for running terrible routes and not knowing the playbook. Made a great catch for us, but happy we’re letting him go. Hope this signals the return of steve smith–would love to see him in the slot for the GMen again.

  16. This rumor is not coming from the Bucs. It’s likely Mario’s agent.

    The Bucs will be used by agents a lot this offseason to pump up their client’s value because the Bucs have all that cap room. I wouldnt put much faith in many of these rumors being true. The Bucs have a list of guys they want to target and they are not going to hand it out for all to see.

    Rumors that originate from agents are crap.

  17. As long as the Bucs don’t expect him to be a WR1 this would be a great signing for them. Manningham is a solid number 2, and it helps that Sullivan is down there so the offense should be familiar.

  18. I hope this isn’t true. What we need is more speed. I’m watching the combine right now and there’s a bunch of guys that are bigger and faster than manningham. Even though they suck, it’s cool to see the front office trying spend some money though.

  19. As a Saints fan I’m loving this. Manningham has done nothing in his career except to catch a perfectly thrown ball in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. I’m sure the Yucks overspent too.

  20. .

    The Bucs fan base is eroding, partly because the team’s insistence on playing with 25 million in cap space on the bench.


  21. inthearex says:
    Feb 26, 2012 11:29 AM
    I’m not sure why giants fans hate on manninghams abilities. He’s made big plays throughout his career. Hes had incredible games against the cowboys. He’s slippery in the open field. He’s a sneaky good player. Sure his focus has led to some drops but he’s a pretty good receiver. I think this has the potential to be a good landing spot for him.

    We’re not “hating”, we’re stating the facts, as they have been presented to us over four seasons of watching him play. I love the guy, but what I said is 100% accurate.

  22. Somethings that many people do not know about Manningham. He actually is great at sideline catches. This is why it wasn’t luck that he caught that pass in the Super Bowl. He also is willing to block and is ok as a blocker especially for his size.

    That being said, he may be a good player, but he personally won’t make the Bucs WR’s or offense relevant. I would love to have him back with the Giants, but this is a business, and you aren’t always going to be able to resign everyone.

    Lastly, call me crazy but Hixon for one could step in and the Giants would still have a top notch WR trio. I know what it sounds like, but Hixon is good. He’s just had some bad fortune with injuries. If Manningham really goes, I wish him all the best.

  23. I love that several “smart guys” are all making the same easy Alvin Harper joke; damn you guys are unique geniuses! Also, this is nothing more then a rumor at this point, Free Agency doesn’t start for a couple weeks & yet every whisper fans take as fact for some reason. How about we wait to see where he actually signs & for how much before having an opinion on this “non-exsistent” deal.

  24. @turbodog

    Why don’t you take a look at the stats before you type. Looks like the last three years of Manningham compare favorably to Lance Moore’s.

    He’s a good WR that’s going to do well for TB. He’s quick and creates good separation. All these fools who think he’s caught one catch his entire career obviously haven’t watched him.

  25. The Alvin Harper joke is lame anyway. He had a rookie passing him the ball with a defense LOADED with rookies as well (Brooks, Sapp, etc.)

    Tampa is young, but they’ve got some pedigree on their coaching staff and a good running game. Mario-82 can get separation at least; and that should open things for Williams and Benn.


  26. Hey Giants fans….I’ll continue to eat crow and say congrats again on the SB victory. Manningham made a big boy catch and Wes didn’t. Just have to live with that….although, 5 Super Bowls in 11 years ain’t too shabby you must admit….even if you hate the Patriots…

  27. PFT seems to have the dumbest people commenting. You have people saying the Bucs are stupid to pay him big money, yet free agency hasn’t started. Others thinking Tampa leaked his out and it’s a fact, yet no one knew who their coach was going to be. So please, think before you post, before you prove you really are dumb

  28. Been watching this kid play for sometime now,I think he`s average at best.Everybody is talking about the drops hes had,The one drop I remember that sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl was against the Redskins.He was wide open and had a sure TD and just could not handle this perfectly thrown ball!!!!

  29. New York and Boston fans are always like this, so disregard the comments. they love you when you do something great. and once you leave you’re labeled a bum. the Bucs arent looking for a Calvin Johnson, we just want SOMEONE who can get ANY type of seperation. Go Bucs!

  30. Giant fans do not hate the Patriots. And it goes beyond our two SB wins over you. In the first place, we are too busy hating the Eagles and the Cowboys.

    In the second place, those with knowledge of Giants’ history know that Belichick is a Giant hero who began a 12 year stint with the Giants in 1979 as a defensive coach. and rescued the Giants and their fans from 15 years of humiliation. In 1981 he took over the linebackers and welcomed all time great LT to his existing unit which already contained future hall of famer Harry Carson. All Pro Carl Banks was added as the other OLB with the third pick of the 1984 draft. While the NYG offense could still not get out of its own way, other teams were afraid to play Belichick’s defense, noting among other events that prime time game in which LT grotesquesly broke Joe Theisman’s leg.

    After the offense became respectable the Giants won championships in 1987 and 1991 with Bill as defensive coordinator. The 1991 game vs. the Bills as the Gulf War swung under way was one of the best up to that time when nearly every SB generally ended up in a blowout.

    If Parcells had not classlessly withheld until late in the offseason that he would not return as coach then it was just assumed Belichick would have been given the job. But he had already committed to Cleveland.

    To Giant fans of that era, Belichick made it good to be a Giant fan again and he will never be forgotten.

  31. Manningham caught three playoff touchdowns for the Giants and they were all important. He has genuine speed.

    He was just not as good as Nicks and Cruz at running routes, halling in sideline passes, and possibly avoiding drops. He saw more single coverages.

    There’s no reason why he shouldn’t learn to overcome most of his technical failings.

    The Giants would love to have him back, but are in cap difficulty and can’t pay a third receiver the type of Nicks and Cruz bucks he will be looking for. He doesn’t deserve that much either on what we’ve seen so far.

  32. It seems like everyone on this site falls into the fallacy of thinking that if something similar happened in the past, then the exact same thing will happen again

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