Robert Griffin III is as fast as expected


In case anyone was wondering, Robert Griffin III is fast.

Griffin, Baylor’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, was unofficially timed at 4.41 seconds in the 40-yard dash on his first attempt Sunday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine. That’s a fast time for any position, but for a quarterback it’s amazing. At least, it’s amazing for anyone other than Griffin, who ran even faster on his second attempt, finishing at 4.38 seconds.

If the 4.38-second time holds up officially, Griffin will be the fastest quarterback to run at the Combine in at least 12 years, as far back as complete and official data on the Combine is kept.

Griffin, who was an All-American hurdler at Baylor before deciding to devote himself completely to football, said he was hoping to finish in under 4.4, and he was actually shaking his head and looking disappointed after his first 40-yard dash, as if he thought he hadn’t run as fast as he could have. And he was right, running in three-hundredths of a second faster the second time around.

The reality is three-hundredths of a second here or there isn’t particularly important for Griffin, as far as NFL teams will be concerned. Everyone knows he’s an elite talent and perhaps the best athlete ever to play the quarterback position. All he did today was confirm that.

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  1. Goodell: After a trade with the St. Louis Rams, with the second pick in the draft, the Cleveland Browns select, Robert Griffing III !!!

  2. So far the scouts are saying hes super fast, has a great head on his shoulders, and ha an awesome arm.

    He has played his part perfectly so far. Hopefully all of this can convert to the NFL field.

    I’m a skins fan and hope we get him but even if we don’t it sounds like he should be a fun player to watch in the league for at least 10 years.

  3. When asked what his “wunderlich score” was, he replied, “no comment”. Jimmy Johns is fast but that doesn’t make ’em good.

  4. I like the guy. Probably better for his release to be .3 seconds faster than for his 40 time to be .3 seconds faster. QBs who get rid of the ball faster(i.e. Warner and Brees)don’t take alot of hits and kill defenses because the ball is gone before the pressure gets there.

  5. who cares if he’s fast. Brady is the slowest person on the field. You don’t have to be fast to play QB in this league. you just have to win.

  6. Each year we seem to come up with hyperboles to describe a athlete to ever come out of college. This guy is the fastest, smartest, best dressed and best looking guy since last year.

  7. Allow me to say that most of the guys in this forum are sensible good folks. I am not addressing this to you.

    To the other “gentlemen” on this forum, RG3 is your worst nightmare: he’s a black quarterback who is fast, ACCURATE, cerebral, and full of character. Three of those are attributes you thought you’d never see, and you probably didn’t want to see in a black QB.

    So stop comparing RG3 to Akili Smith, Vick, or JaMarcus. Give the man his due. And remember you were wrong about Cam.

  8. He’ll need that speed running away from pass rushers in Washington. Hope he has a strong back, he’ll be on it most of his career.

  9. Ok Redskins. Here is what you do. Offer the Rams a ’12 First, ’13 First, ’13 Second, Cooley, Hall, and throw in Dan Snyder’s private Jet and I think we’ll have ourselves a QB.

    Give ’em Six Flags, too….

  10. JaMarcus Russell could throw from his knees for 60 yards.

    Tom Brady could probably run at 4.4 seconds as well….in the 25 yard dash.

    I’m hoping the team he goes to is in the AFC….I’d hate to face RGIII 2 times a year….my TV couldn’t take it!

  11. That’s good for whoever team after the Colts select Luck. Let those other teams fight over him. U better have a good medical team and physical therapy team. He’s gonna be hurt alot

  12. 4.38..

    70% completion percentage
    Andrew who??,,

    it’s goin to be real interesting to see how this plays out 5 years from now.

  13. Y’all are some haters.

    If you have an issue with a kid that does everything he is supposed to do…gets good grades, plays lights out, comes from a great family, and is a freakish athlete…you have an issue with yourself…

    Many of y’all WANT him to fail…

  14. Another year, another pool of lust for a guy who runs fast for 40 yards in a straight line wearing a leotard. How’s Taylor Mays and Bethel Johnson doing right now? If RG3 is going to be good in the NFL, it won’t be because he can run a 4.38 in undies…it’ll be because he can stand in the pocket and complete passes on target like Cam did this past year. NFL defenses have been containing run-first QB’s for decades now.

  15. 6’2″, 4.38-4.41 40-yard dash, incredible deep ball accuracy and a smart kid… yeah, he is thus far amazing. To say otherwise is proof of questionable bias. He might not become an elite QB in the NFL, but he has some insane talent and belongs in the top 5 of the draft.

  16. Overated one year wonder. Name the last running speedy qb that won the heisman ,that was sucessful in the NFL and won many playoff games and won a SB or even reached one?……….. I’ll wait…………(And BTW I’m black,so its not a racial thing)

  17. I get a kick out of guys like thejuddstir who question someone’s intelligence while completely misspelling a word.

    Hey toolbag it’s the WONDERLIC Test.

    RGIII: 3.67 GPA, Poly Sci major, soon-to-be millionaire.
    thejuddstir: Living in his Mom’s basement.

  18. Yeah, he maybe fast. But how fast does his brain process information when reading defenses and recognizing coverages?

  19. Personally I’ve always been enamored with his accuracy and arm strength. His completion pecentage and yards per attempt don’t even make sense. Nobody throws for that high of a pecentage downfield.

    The athleticism is just the icing on the cake. In my opinion, while RGIII is fast and nimble the fact that he’s 6’2″ 220 lbs with a bit of injury history makes him NOT a tremendous athlete at the NFL QB position. Most teams would prefer 6’4″ 240 lbs with those same passing statistics.

    But the accuracy combined with some scrambling ability is quite intriguing. Vick didn’t throw nearly as accurately as RGIII and wasn’t as fast. Yikes.

  20. thejuddstir says:
    Feb 26, 2012 9:24 AM
    When asked what his “wunderlich score” was, he replied, “no comment”. Jimmy Johns is fast but that doesn’t make ‘em good.


    What was Marino’s wonderlic score?

    Alex Smith tested through the roof, he didnt get to the playoffs for 6 years.

    That myth is over.

  21. RG3 vs MV7

    The thing is, Vick is 31 years old and runs a 4.3 in full pads, not shorts.

    Second, North to South speed is a lot different than pure elusiveness factor. What separates Vick from the rest of the pack is that his exceptional ability to see defenders coming behind him and his ability to make them grab air.

  22. Andre Ware…

    I really like RG3, and I hope he does well. My big question is why isn’t he a system QB? All those Texas Tech, Hawaii, and Oklahoma St. QBs that threw for crazy yards never got much hype and were dubbed a system QB. Art Briles offense has produced other stellar NFL QB’s like Kevin Kolb. Like I said, I hope he does well but how isn’t he a system QB?

  23. Goes to Brown – probable bust
    Goes to Skins – definite bust
    Goes to Miami – Got a Shot

    Best Bet – KC/Seattle

  24. “Everyone knows he’s an elite talent and perhaps the best athlete ever to play the quarterback position. All he did today was confirm that.”

    Nope….Cam Newton.

  25. As I’ve learned in recent years. A 4.4 means nothing to me anymore besides the guy has some speed. I’ve seen greater athletes fail before him. I hope he does well but you never know how things will translate until he plays next year. Speed in the 40 doesnt always translate to skill on the field.

  26. RG3 is a PoliSci major, is black, and is from Texas

    He is a Republican

    I hope he uses his platform to tell young blacks that they don’t have to be myrmidons for the liberals

    I am sure that plenty of blacks give him hell for not following whatever democrat is out there, and for standing up for himself and being a conservative, I must applaud him

  27. I think the J.J. and his Cowboys should trade up to #3 or #4, and grab this kid. Let him sit for a year, learn the system and take over eventually.

    Rams take Blackmon.

  28. Cleveland lost the self proclaimed “King” Let us proclaim Robert Griffin the 3rd as our new King. His name even sounds like a King. Welcome to Ctown RG3.

    Dumb comparison…but…Leaf…4 letters. Luck…4 letters. Manning…7 letters. Griffin…7 letters. If anyone is going to crap out…I think Luck has the best chance to. RG3 has so much upside…I honestly don’t think he has even reached, nor shown what he is fully capable of. Any guy that can confidently wear Superman and TMNT socks and still kick your @ss at the end of the day is okay in my book.

  29. I’d like Griffin too be good. That way I’ll have an athletic black QB who is actually smart to list with other good QB’s. Right now when I tell people Vick sucks, etc, people assume its racism. And all I’ve got to counter with is, I think Jason Camppbell is underrated…..

    It’s not my fault the black QB’s we have are bad. It is unfair in argument to simply dismiss that as racism.

  30. The bust of the 2012 NFL draft…is RGIII. Congratulations Washington DC, you have once again found a way to set your franchise back another 10 years.

  31. I feel for those who think because they are picking in the top 4 or 5 you will get RG3, there will be a contest as to who can work a deal with St Louis Rams, there will a lot of offers for the second pick, New England could get that pick, or Miami could, it all depends on what a team is willing to give up. Bill

  32. Seriously…
    1.What did Luck run in the 40 ?
    2. Can we please see these two young men standing next to each other ?
    (I just want too see the difference in size for my self )

  33. He maybe become a great QB in the NFL,but after watching video of him for the last month. The only things that scared me was,he was righthanded when looking the field over,and the recievers were WIDE OPEN on the vast majority of his completions. In the NFL you have to see the whole field and recievers almost never are that open!

  34. The Wunderlich test is another tool in the bag that may help in evaluating how a player solves problems and processes information. A higher score is better for the mentally demanding position of QB, but does not guarantee success. The more positive indicators RGIII has the better.

  35. I believe a former sixth-round pick ran a glacially-slow 40 yard dash in over 5 seconds (and if you look at the actual video on it, it looks like 5 days).

    This quarterback did pretty well for himself with his team.

    The name: Tom Brady.

    I believe Joe Montana ran a similar 40 yard dash, one that could have been timed with a sun dial. I think he did okay in his NFL career as well.

    I’ll believe the hype RG III when I see him on the field against the big boys.

  36. wilnel:

    Joe Montana was a very good runner. He played in an option-type offense at Notre Dame. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    And the fact that so many people are ignoring that RG3 passed for 3500 yards in 2010 and 4300 yards in 2011 (and his 2011 numbers were after his best WR got kicked off the team!) just shows how embedded racism is in this society.


    So, the only black QBs in the history of the NFL are Jason Campbell and Michael Vick eh? Yeah … SURE you are hoping that RG3 succeeds …

  37. To the folks who insist on calling RG3 a running QB … are you even aware that he threw for 4300 yards, 38 TDs, and had 402 passing attempts – against only 178 rushing attempts – last year?

    For his career: 856 passing attempts. 328 rushing attempts. Baylor fans actually wanted him to run MORE.

    The folks comparing him with Michael Vick: Vick had 342 attempts IN HIS ENTIRE COLLEGE CAREER. RG3 had 60 more attempts last year alone than Vick did in his entire college career. And for the “one year wonder” types, RG3 had 3500 yards in 2010. More than Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder. RG3 had only 16 fewer passing yards LAST YEAR than Andrew Luck did THIS YEAR.

    The guy is a PASSING QB. Yes, in a spread offense, but DREW BREES and SAM BRADFORD played in spread offenses. There were also plenty of spread elements in Matt Ryan’s offense at Boston College, and Aaron Rodgers’ offense at Cal.

    Oh yes, Andrew Luck ran a 4.59, which is much faster than Jerry Rice and Anquan Boldin ran. Hmmm … wonder if he should move to WR? If not, DEFINITELY TE, right?

  38. Here we go again RGIII is going to get hurt . First of all he is better than Luck the colts doesn’t have a line so let’s see who gets hurt first . He will be able to avoid most hits unlike Luck who will be a sitting duck. Luckily if drafted #1 he will play in a division with only one good defense in Houston , but for you clowns to say if he go to the browns or Redskins RG will get hurt please. Don’t let the race of a player determine that it only makes you look and sound foolish. The same way Cam made yall feel last year remember. Every player that plays that position will have a high chance of being hurt no matter black or white .

  39. Well Doug Williams and Steve Young were running qb’s can somebody talk to your silly ass now . Shut the Hell up posting your ignorant remarks .

  40. wunderlich should be called what it really is and was designed for Blacklist. Its a useless test setup to try and prevent minority’s from becoming QB’s. they tried to use the test to put down Cam Newton and that backfired. Wonder what Tebow, Matthew Leinheart, Kevin Kolb wonder lick score were? . Tebow could not pass his way out of traffic on the highway To much racist BS in Football which is a shame. Look at how Colts are working hard as they can to bypass Rg3. Minority’s we should start our own league and totally split from NFL. That way minority’s don’t to worry about BS and can own there own teams. Work out deals and play games internationally and domestic. Apply same model to basketball. We should also stop participating in the Olympics. send wilnel1984 and snowpea.

  41. To all those black guys or white guys who feel the need to apologize for guys like me..Im not racist but I do speak the truth and I have some narrow-minded tendencies…here we go….

    We DONT like Vick, not because he’s black, but because he murdered innocent animals, and speaks like he has a third grade-education.

    We DONT like Vince Young because he is an immature individual and not a starting NFL QB.

    We think Cam Newton has the potential to be a top 3 NFL QB, yes he made some mistakes as a youngster, but how many of us did stupid stuff when we were that age.

    We LOVE RG3, because he seems immensely talented, humble, and well spoken.

    FYI we also dislike whining babies like Phillip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and Jay Cutler.

    So stop making everything about race

  42. To all the Vick haters ask any of your team defenses do he suck . I bet they would rather face your poster type Qb’s than face Vick . Not a guess a proven fact half you guys let your racism clowd your judgement. He did turn the ball over last year ,but some of them wasn’t his fault . Funny how the Eagles still was in every game that he played in and turned the ball over in . So again I will take it even further ask your teams defensive coordinators who would they rather play a stationary Qb or a Mobile Qb ? Their answer will prove my point Mr. Luck will be another one of them Qb’s that get the hype but end up getting out played by a Qb taking behind him and that most considered didn’t have what it takes to be the #1 pick.

  43. karlpilkington says:
    Feb 26, 2012 12:35 PM

    So funny how ahem people know whether the guy will be a bust northshorejagoff. If you were so smart you would be in Indy. Your not so you arent. Big dummy.


    Obviously you didn’t realize that my arm chair analysis is not of the player but of the teams.

    You don’t need to go to Indy to know DC and Cleveland are where promising QB’s go to bust

  44. It doesnt matter one bit what anyone says right now. All the comments are “He is Great!” or “He is going to be a Bust!”. What will pove Griffin’s ability is his ability to play the game at the NFL level. There have been dozens of guys coming in being called the next best thing and they dont make it. There have been dozzenss of guys who were said to not have what it takes and they are great. There is not telling what a team will get when they draft a QB. All we know for sure is this. The higher the player is drafted, the bigger the gamble. I hav seen Griffin play a few times. Like every Rookie coming out, he needs some work. So does Luck and everyone else. Rare is a player that can come in and win games for their team. Even Newton, though he does good things, couldnt manage to win games for his team all by himself.

  45. Apparently RGIII decided to take up football when he realized that he could make more money at it than track and field. The question becomes whether his recent devotion to football will last over a grueling 10 years or more. Does he love the game as much as athletes who have been playing since Pee Wee or Pop Warner? There is always the risk that his motivation may wane after a string of injuries or poor games.

  46. He needs to go to a team with a good OL and a coach that will customize the offense to his skills. I wouldn’t get too excited about his accuracy, it’s not hard to put up a high completion percentage in a one read spread option.

    Love his mental make up.

  47. The combine numbers are impressive, but this guy is a great competitor, which is what stands out about him most.

    If he gets the right coaching, which he would get in Cleveland (especially if Holmgren does Shurmur as soon as the team’s overall talent is where he wants it as I expect) or even in Washington if Mike Shanahan decides to stop trying to prop his clueless son up and actually does some work himself.

    Nothing was more frustrating than watching the Falcons under the horrendous Greg Knapp waste Michael Vick’s prime years, but as soon as he got back with a real coach in Andy Reid, he has looked like the dynamic weapon he was those first couple of years under Dan Reeves. Just imagine if he had that kind of sensible coaching from the start, much like what Newton got in Carolina his rookie year.

  48. supremeomega says: Feb 26, 2012 10:01 AM

    Y’all are some haters.

    If you have an issue with a kid that does everything he is supposed to do…gets good grades, plays lights out, comes from a great family, and is a freakish athlete…you have an issue with yourself…

    Many of y’all WANT him to fail…

    I agree 100%. If you watched this kid play all season you can’t dispute that he has the potential to be something special. I have seen a whole lot of comments saying that he is a running qb and vick lite and comparing him to a bunch of failed running qbs from the past. I have to think that most of the people saying those things didn’t watch him play much and if they did they just don’t want him to succeed because he can pass! He doesn’t tuck the ball and run every time his first option isn’t open, he wants to throw the ball and he has a good arm and is accurate. Everything that i have seen and read about him indicates that he is intelligent and is a good kid as well. I think the things that will determine his level of success are the team he is on and his health. He will need to develop, be protected by a decent O-line and have an OC that game plans around his strengths, pretty much like any other qb coming out of college. He definitely has the ability to be an exceptional qb and he should be fun to watch.

  49. I like how everyone says the team who picks Griffin should put in a system for him. Here is the thing. That doesnt work. Griffin will have to adjust to the NFL game if he wants more than a couple SI covers and some air time on TV. If he wants to be a winner and win championships, he will have to adjust to the NFL, not the other way around. Guys that made their name running the ball in college, then made their name household in the NFL, all learned to adapt to the pro game. I’ll name a couplle.. Steve Young, Mike Vick. Young was a decent passer early, but Vick wasnt very consistent until he honed his passing skills. Throwing the ball is what is required in the NFL. Running QBs make people watch, but throwing QBs are what teams need to win today.

  50. wickerphil: great post! It has seemed really obvious to me all along that this kid is a passer first. I watched him all season and i hope he is successful in the NFL because he was a lot of fun to watch in college.
    There are a lot of misinformed people commenting that would be wise to take a look at the stats you posted before telling us all how miserably he is going to fail.
    Some people will look at those stats, completely ignore them and continue to tell the rest of us that he is a running qb and that he is a bust. To those people: I know this isn’t going to make you even consider that he might be able to throw a football but seriously, being black does NOT make him a running QB. I know that is a difficult concept for some of you to get your minds around but look at his stats and watch some film, he can throw the ball! I am not sure what you all were watching last season but I saw a guy who was usually only running as a last resort. Only time will tell if he will be successful just like every other player going from college to the NFL.

    wickerphil: Also, great idea about making luck a TE. Maybe the broncos can pick him up to give tebow a target at TE.

  51. The Redskins are supposedly willing to offer their first three picks in this draft, as well as their 1st round pick in 2013 (and possibly more), to move from #6 to #2.

    Let’s assume the Rams want at least 3 picks in order to make the trade. The Rams would assuredly want the Redskins’ 1st and 2nd this year and the 2013 1st in that scenario, so the Browns would have to offer at least their 1st and 2nd this year and a 1st next year or their two 1st round picks this year and a 2nd next year. Too much to give up for a team with so many needs.

    Now, if the Rams demand the 4 picks that the Redskins are offering, the Browns would probably have to add their 3rd round pick this year to one of the above trade scenarios. That just makes it all the worse.

    If another team wants to sell off multiple picks from this year and next and move up to #2 or #3, Cleveland should let them. I just don’t think they can afford that massive loss of draft picks with all of the needs they have.

  52. tr975,

    That’s for Holmgren to decide. If he evaluates him as a franchise QB, it’s a no brainer because if they don’t find a QB, the next 10 years will continue looking like the past 20 since Bernie Kosar left town.

    Great QB play covers up alot of holes, just ask the Colts. The teams who traded alot for very good QBs in recent memory, the Broncos for Elway and Giants for Eli Manning, certainly thought it was worth it since they each got two Lombardis out of the deal.

    If Holmgren sees that kind of ability in the guy, you do that deal everyday of the week and twice on Sunday because you can fill the holes as you go. They already have a very good defense with a shut down corner, arguably the league’s best left tackle, decent running game that would only get better with the threat that Griffin presented to defenses in Shurmur’s version of the West Coast offense, and you have the rest of the draft to look for more dynamic pass rushers, receivers, and interior linemen.

  53. Griffin is certainly an impressive young man, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does at the next level. To call him a better athlete than Vick is simply ridiculous, though.

  54. RGIII brings a quality to the draft that no other collegiate QB can match ~ he knows how to win for a team with only one true receiver, a rather mediocre offensive line, and absolutely no defense. Come to think of it, that describes about six of the 32 teams in the NFL. Too bad that only three of them get a shot at Griffin. Whoever gets RGIII should pray Kendall Wright is still available for those two are sheer magic when paired up.

  55. RGIII brings incredible skills to the NFL. His arm strength and accuracy are already comparable to some NFL QBs and he’s much quicker than any of them including Vick. He also has excellent Division I football knowledge. How that translates to the NFL remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see how he plays in the NFL. There is nothing in Division I football that can prepare anyone for the NFL.

  56. Terelle Pryor ran 4.36 at 6’6″ 230-something and Vick ran a 4.33 at pro day. Best athlete to “ever play” may be discrediting the feats of those young men lol…He still a beast though oh well…

  57. sfm073 says:
    Feb 26, 2012 11:39 AM
    I wonder what the two qb’s in the super bowl ran? When a running qb wins a super bowl come talk to me.
    John Elway = 2 SB wins
    Steve Young = 1 SB win
    Joe Theisman = 1 SB win
    Roger Staubach = 2 SB wins
    Kenny Stabler = 1 SB win

    *Fran Tark (3), Don McNabb, John Elway (3), Joe Theisman (1), Roger Staubach (3) all made the SB but lost.

    **I would have mentioned Doug Williams but he was no longer mobile when he won the SB.

  58. Obviously you didn’t realize that my arm chair analysis is not of the player but of the teams.

    You don’t need to go to Indy to know DC and Cleveland are where promising QB’s go to bust

    northshorejagoff, please tell me the last PROMISING qb that came to washington that was a bust. Please tell me your definition of promising…
    REX, we already knew who he was
    Donovan, we see what happened in DC and MINN
    J. Cam, average at best
    Brunell, old before he came here
    Patrick Ramsey, I do not think he was ever considered promising.

    Now please with your infinate wisdom explain yourself. You can not and like I said you sir are a big Dummy.

  59. All this marketing and hyping Griffin should be a red-flag to teams – YOU WILL NOT WIN A SUPER BOWL WITH HIM.

    Look at the winning Super Bowl QB’s – how many of them were QB’s with the skill set of Griffin? The answer should immediately put the brakes on your acquisition of him – unless you are drafting him as a wide receiver.

    What will happen when a team drafts Griffin is the following:

    – Strong first year ticket sales.
    – Diminishing returns on ticket sales as Griffin’s glaring weaknesses of reading defenses and propensity to take off before pass route develops is exposed.
    – Quarterbacks like Griffin are more likely to be sacked than other quarterbacks. Look up the stats. They don’t lie.
    – Mobility issues will plague a QB like this as their ONLY strength diminish after first three to five years. Then you are STUCK with an immobile, stupid quarterback with a prima donna complex.

    All you have to do is to look at Mike Vick to see that once his legs slow down, he loses. Like Griffin, Vick isn’t particularly bright, has limited ability to read defenses, and is easy to defend – keep him in the pocket and he is easy to sack.

    The most difficult QB to defend is someone like Eli Manning (and I am not a Giant fan!) – above average intelligence and ability to read defenses – patient – and has just enough mobility to press defenses when they give him the opportunity. Same thing with Drew Brees.

    What remains to be seen is if someone like Cam Cheating from the Panthers can develop into a pocket passer. If someone like him had to cheat in college, you have to wonder how invested he is to really learning things rather than to be a student of the game like Peyton Manning.

    And don’t undervalue the impact of a prima donna QB on the team cohesiveness in years 3-5. Once the sheen is off his reputation, watch the team dissolve. I’d draft Griffin in the second round as a wide receiver that could throw passes within the framework of an offense. I would not trade up to take him. He isn’t that good.

  60. I’m just going to assume anyone who thinks Cam Newton is yet to prove himself as a passer is racist. Look at his passing numbers. Completely ignore his rushing numbers if you like. The only ding on him was the picks, but that was just as true of Manning his rookie year (in fact much more true).

  61. I hate how people feel the need to compare Luck and RG. Can’t they both be great? As far as who should get picked first, it depends on the team. Luck clearly fits the Colts system better. And if the 49ers were picking first, even RG was clearly better, Harbaugh would still take his guy. But there are some teams that would want to emulate last years Panthers and build around RG. They are both great and comparing them just splits hairs and does them both a disservice. I just can’t wait until we get to actually compare them on the field against one another (which you know is going to be a MNF game as soon as it’s possible.)

  62. I can’t wait for this kid to shut all the haters up, just like Cam did last year. It’s going to be great..some of the so called Experts are still eating the Newton Jock Strap special on rye. You notice no one is bashing Mr. Newton anymore, that’s because their mouths are full of NJS on Rye with cheese. No soda with it either, water. So they can experience the full taste of in your FACE. RGIII have a ham sandwich (the Hogs) after the Skins’ select him #2 overall, his sandwich will debut in mid-September. Served on whole wheat, lettuce and tomato. It will be a tasty treat, served also with a sour pickle. So to leave a bad taste in your mouth as you walk to your vehicle from you stadium seat after that loss and $350 you spent on beer and hot dogs on your sorry pathetic team and attitude.

    Signed sincerely,
    On-Air Host OTSTS

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