Bears’ 2012 “to-do” list

Our “to-do” list for Monday’s PFT Live included covering the Bears’ and Titans’ 2012 offseason “to-do” lists.

My “to-do” for items to post on PFT for Monday includes the Bears’ and Titans’ 2012 offseason “to-do” lists.

And now I can check off one of those items, which somehow creates an odd sense of satisfaction.

Here is the Bears’ 2012 offseason “to-do” list.

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5 responses to “Bears’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. 1st rnd: M. Floyd or OL
    2nd rnd: OL
    3rd rnd: gone because we moved up for Floyd or DB
    3rd rnd: OL or TE
    4th rnd: LB
    5th rnd: DE
    6th rnd: DB
    7th rnd: Long Snapper!!!

  2. Decent list, but I think by lumping all the defensive needs in one category and placing it at the end, it seems to give the impression that the offensive needs are far greater.

    The first thing they have to determine this offseason is Forte. Wholly agree with that. It sounds like he’ll be back for 2012 one way or another. Next, they have to get a big WR. I think you really only need one upgrade, and hope Knox comes back mid-season, but more than 1 would be nice.

    I know many Bears fans may disagree, but I think the third most important thing isn’t LT, but rather DE. Idonije showed his age, Wootton hasn’t developed, and Peppers isn’t getting any younger. They need an edge guy to help.

    I’d put determining LT fourth. Here’s the thing – besides LT, the OL is fine. C. Williams/C. Spencer/Lance Louis as the 3 guys fighting for guard spots – solid. Gabe Carimi at RT? Solid. Edwin Williams as depth? Solid. Garza as the veteran anchor? Solid. It really comes down to LT. I’m not really a believer in J’Marcus Webb yet, but Tice is still around, and he’s a believer by most accounts, and a Tice offense is going to be help the OL and Cutler (likely through emphasizing the run a bit more). You likely aren’t going to find a better veteran LT on the market, and at 19, they may be too far out to grab a top OT. If the right guy materialized in FA or draft, sure, but my hunch is that they get someone to compete, but Webb is the starter to start 2012.

    I’d put CB 5th. Tillman is still solid, but aging quickly. After that? DJ Moore looks like a nickel corner. Bowman hasn’t developed. Do they bring Tim Jennings back? Eh. It’s a need.

    Can’t fix everything in one year. I am fine with the safety combination of Wright/Conte, giving them two good athletes. Kellen Davis isn’t going to revolutionize the game at TE, but he’s a solid athlete (remember how athletic he was in college as a DE), is a good blocker, and has solid hands. Spaeth is fine as a number 2.

  3. Forte is a non-issue. They are slapping the franchise tag on him until they can sign him to a long-term deal. He’s not going anywhere. The biggest needs are WR1, LT, and DE. They should use their first two picks in the draft and their top free agent signing to take care of these 3 this year. I’d love to see Vincent Jackson in a Bears uniform. I’d also love to see them draft Whitney Mercilus or another DE in the first rd. The pass rush needs help! But, I wouldn’t mind if they went LT in round 1. Having 2 1st round picks on each side of your line wouldn’t be terrible, as long as they pan out better than Chris Williams. I agree, the interior of the line is good enough and can be upgraded next year depending on how they play next year. The next set of needs are CB, TE, and S. I’d like to see them take a CB with one of their 3rd rd picks. Or 2nd, if there is someone there too good to pass up. They can’t count on Jennings and Tillman won’t be around forever. They need an upgrade opposite him. Someone who he can teach to punch the ball out. Wright and Conte are ok, but I’d like to see a playmaker back there. It would be nice to upgrade TE as well, but they have bigger needs. If there is value in Rd 2, 3, or 4 then go for it, otherwise FA might not be a bad option. And at some point this year or next, a backup RB and WR2 would be nice. Earl Bennet is a nice player, but he makes a great 3rd option. They need a 2nd option in the passing game, whether it is at TE or WR2. Linebacker can be upgraded in later rounds or next year. The Bears need to keep their options open for each pick. Don’t reach. Let the draft come to them. This is where Emery needs to show his expertise and upgrade the talent.

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