Griffin will grace cover of EA’s college game

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Good things have happened in threes this week for Robert Griffin III.

First, a deal with adidas.  Then, a stellar showing at the Scouting Combine, with solid performances on the field and in interviews.  Now, Griffin will appear on the cover of the next edition of the EA college football video game, according to SportsBusiness Daily.

Another Heisman winner will join Griffin on the cover.  Fans will be able to cast a vote from among a list that includes Marcus Allen, Doug Flutie, Eddie George, Desmond Howard, Barry Sanders, Herschel Walker, Charlie Ward, and Andre Ware.

The development continues a steady ascension for Griffin, who now is now viewed as being on nearly equal footing with Andrew Luck, even though the Colts reportedly are locked in on Luck.  And as pointed out today during a PFT Live visit with Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Football Night in America, the Colts’ refusal to give serious consideration to Griffin could put a chip on his shoulder that will make him driven to do whatever he can to beat the Colts, whenever he has the chance to do so.

In 1998, Peyton Manning famously warned the Colts that, if they pass on him, he’ll make them repeatedly regret it.  Whether or not Griffin issues a similar warning before the draft, it’s hard not to wonder whether he’ll hold a grudge after it.

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15 responses to “Griffin will grace cover of EA’s college game

  1. I think the Colts are very fortunate…

    They drafted one HoF-QB and right when he is done, another top prospect falls right in their lap without the waiting period teams usually have after a great QB retires…

    The Dolphins and Broncos are still looking for their future more than a decade after the last great QB…

  2. “In 1998, Peyton Manning famously warned the Colts that, if they pass on him, he’ll make them repeatedly regret it.”

    I believe the words were “I’ll kick your a** for the next 15 years”

  3. You have to wonder what Cleveland is doing by not securing the pick from the Rams already. They know it’s gonna cost, but they’re not the only team that covets RG3. Washington would like him for about 12-15 years and then to move right into the White House. Senator Griffin is a franchise savior, so there should be no hesitance. Andrew will be good, but if they think he Peyton and try to stifle his mobility, it will reduce his effectiveness. Don’t try to make him Brady or Manning. That ship has sailed. Defensive speed dictates that your QB must be able to move.

  4. qdog112,

    Securing anything right now is not the NFL way. They only operate as procrastinators when a hard and fast deadline approaches.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal for the number two pick won’t be made until the Rams are on the clock in April! The Rams have all the leverage now that RG3 pretty much wowed everyone at the Combine mentally and physically. The usual suspects and a few last minute teams will make offers and cause a bidding war for his services.

  5. this griffin clown reminds me of the vince young saga. remember when vince young was going to get “revenge” on his hometown texans who passed on him twice a year while with tennessee? how did that work out? this loser won’t even be as good as vince young HAHAHA

  6. They should just turn NCAA And Madden into expansion packs and allow you to keep a dynasty going over different years. I hate having to buy a new game and start all over again.

  7. They may as well give it to him, he won the Heisman, Luck didn’t…We’ve already annointed Luck as the next “HOF’r” and it’s really getting annoying. RGIII is better, IMO. If he was 6’6 we wouldn’t even have the discussion, he’d be #1. I like Luck for one reason and one reason only, staying @ Stanford last year…classy.

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