Irsay fumbles P.R. battle with latest stream of tweets

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Nearly two weeks ago, Colts owner Jim Irsay made a brilliant move in the ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of his team’s fans by pointing out, in essence, that no other team will pay Peyton $28 million on March 8 and that Manning should be willing to do with the Colts whatever reduced deal he would be willing to do with another team.

On Monday, Irsay squandered those style points by attempting clumsily to reconcile his various public remarks regarding the Manning situation with his prior admonition that Peyton should “keep it in house.”

Addressing via Twitter what Irsay calls “media word-twisters” (I’ve been called worse . . . today . . . by my wife), he addresses the disconnect between keeping it in house and taking it to the tweet streets:  “I said’If u have a PROBLEM with some1,keep it n house.Never said’Don’t communicate with fan base about issues involving their team’s roster.”

And now, for the English tranlsation:  “I said, ‘If you have a problem with someone, keep it in house.  I never said, ‘Don’t communicate with the fan base about issues involving their team’s roster.'”

Unless those are the lyrics of a song with which I’m not familiar, Irsay apparently doesn’t like being held to the same standard he has tried to impose on Peyton.  In Irsay’s mind, Peyton shouldn’t tell the media that he has concerns that the changes in the organization are affecting his ability to regain his arm strength, but it’s OK for Irsay to try to back Peyton into a corner by expressing concern regarding the fact that the only way to keep Manning around is to give him on or before before March 8 a check that at this point in his career Peyton could only get from the State Lottery Commission.

Irsay followed that up with more legible message.  “We will always communicate with Colt Fans about important issues through all 21st century means to be informative and insightful,” Irsay said.

That’s fine.  But Irsay shouldn’t expect his players to not do the same thing.  Surely, Peyton regarded the issues he raised last month with Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star to be “important” and “informative” and “insightful.”

Anyone who gets it knows that both Irsay and Manning hope to avoid blame for the coming divorce.  They’re playing a game.  In his latest effort, Irsay didn’t play it very well.

So, Emperor, if none of your employees can or will tell you that you’re riding that horse both bareback and bare-bottomed, someone has to.  And it’s far better to have that message come from someone in the media instead of, say, Oliver or Andrew Luck.

62 responses to “Irsay fumbles P.R. battle with latest stream of tweets

  1. just release Peyton and begin the andrew luck era, and those haters who on here keep sayin, i hope luck pulls a Eli or Elways, wont happen!! he will be a Colt after the draft and will be the starter day1, let RG3 go to whoever wants a track star turned QB, cause noway Irsay is looking at him #1, folks are seeing his 40 time and seeing that he won the Heisman and think he will tear it up like Cam did last year, but Cam is a freak of nature athlete size and the panthers have a better O-line than most think, i see RG3 as another seneca wallace!! yeah i said it!!!

  2. This guy just doesn’t know when to quit. He has lost the PR battle with Peyton. He should just make the decision he is going to make since he keeps leaking that the decision hasn’t been made yet.

    He should just cut his losses and work for the nest deal he can at the moment.

  3. If the Colts PR head had any self-respect, he/she would give notice today… How can any self respecting PR professional work in that situation.. it just makes them look incompetent.

  4. Irsay needs someone to tell him to just stop. I understand that he feels the need to ‘fight back’ and not be painted in a certain way in the media. The cool part of owning a team is the fact that you have PR folk to figure out how to handle the media. He pays them and should use them.

    Someone just needs to tell him in an Ackbar voice that “Twitter is a trap!”.

  5. What ever happened to an amicable split? It was a good run for the Colts/Irsay/Polian/Manning combination. Could it have been better? Sure. But they established NFL Football in Indianapolis (which was never a sure thing before Peyton), won a Super Bowl and were one of the most successful sports franchises of the last 15 years. Now the time has come to move on. Shake hands, thank each other for the great times and wish everyone involved all the best.
    All parties in this situation risk damaging a legacy that took years to build. Grow up, guys. Act like men and not petty little kids fighting over what’s left of a once great sandbox.

  6. Isn’t the fact that Irsay views Twitter as a great place to communicate evidence enough that he’s wacked out of his mind?

    Him not being in the media or an entertainer and all, just saying….he might be back on the hard stuff, Colt fans.

  7. I think irsay has done a great job handling the manning situation, and I agree with him. Owners can do what they want because it’s their team and league.

  8. I hope he stays with colts – with or without manning colts are going to stink and he will just delay luck’s progress….

    Is ray & manning are both donks

  9. Poe looks like a beast…
    I hope he stays with colts – with or without manning colts are going to stink and he will just delay luck’s progress….

  10. Peyton just thinks hes above the team owner, lets see, peyton asks Saturday to tell the folks watching the combine on nfl network that i will be back and at top level, and then his buddy bill polian gets up and says he seen manning throw with great velocity and looks good at 20-25 yards, and mine u that irsay just fired bill, so hes angry at irsay so he will help peyton out on that one, peytons doctors released statement that if peyton was his son he would let him play that sunday,well peyton is paying him big bucks,and of course he wants to keep gettin his money, and weekend of the SB,peyton gets on espn and says he will do a incentive laden deal with any other team and he want to be the most sought after free agent this off season,but folks are making
    irsay out to be the bad guy, peyton like and wants the attention,cause Eli just won his 2nd ring and talks of Eli being the better qb now and peyton is injured and only 1 ring,peyton isnt innocent in all this !!

  11. The problem with Irsay and Twitter is that Irsay has no on-deck circle for his pronouncements. His thoughts run right up to the plate and start hacking.

  12. Just cut him loose. Get it over with so both of you can move on. We can all see through your little game Irsay, you are fooling no one. Besides, it’s not like Manning is going to go to another team and be an instant contender. It takes more than a bad neck QB to win in this league. Go pick Luck and start the process over and consider yourself fortunate to have been in the position to draft stud QB’s twice.

  13. Like it or not Irsay owns the team and Peyton is a valued employee. Last I checked, at least in the real world, that’s a big difference.

    Personally I think Irsay’s method of communicating to the fan base is refreshing. Are there mis-steps – sure. Is the fan base engaged – you bet. So much so, that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his venture into Twitterland wasn’t in preparation for the eventful day that Manning and the Colts go their separate ways. In other words the more it gets discussed, the more accepting the fans may be.


  14. I like Irsay but there are things real (adult) men just don’t do. One is tweeting-sorry but it’s for kids and prima donnas. the second thing a real man never does is use the word “hater” -nothing makes someone sound like a girlyman like using this lame word. So please no more from Jimmy or from those undeserving of a man card.

  15. Can we get the former Jimmy Irsay back…the one that was almost invisible while the Colts were winning 12 games a year…as a Colts fan, the future scares me

  16. Irsay is the Dolan of the NFL…..that being said he does not have to hold himself to the same standard as he expects his players to abide by….he owns the team thus giving him the right to say and do outlandish things…we should all be so lucky

  17. Only thing I don’t like about Irsay is that he’s too slow at cutting Peyton Manning. If he’ll just grow a pair and release the guy, I’ll respect him a lot more and he can tweet about whatever stupid lyrics or senseless drivel he would like.

  18. I just wish @JimIrsay would tweet more. I find it amusing and refreshing.

    The pundits just get down on him because it cuts them out of the loop. I know the news when they do and I don’t need to tune into their networks to find it out. They’re threatened…

  19. Peyton is simply living up to his end of the contract. Once Irsay cuts him, he’s a free agent. What a dumb hick.

    Now, it MIGHT be in good taste to give Irsay the right to match his best offer – but he’s not obligated to doing that. …and if he sees all his former teammates leaving Indy (Reggie Wayne, Garcon, Jeff Saturday) – he may no longer feel any tie to the team, as they already whacked most of the coaching staff and front office staff also.

  20. The Colts future would scare me if I were a Colts fan. Personal I am and have been a Manning, Clark, Saturday, Wayne, fan. That team that I, and most were a fan of. I don’t know who the team is anymore. But I do look forward to watching them where ever they are next year.

  21. If I was Andrew Luck, I would run fast from this organization. Peyton single handily saved this organization and this guy will run it right back into the ground.

  22. He is the owner, so a double standard this is not. Irsay is not the brightest. He does have a huge issue to face. He is the boss, that’s all that matters except he is also getting Luck!

  23. This guy and the storylines surrounding him and Manning are tired. Can’t wait until Peyton signs anywhere. Then we can focus on the RG3 stories 10 times a day until the draft is over.

  24. Even more reason why I feel the media has over stepped their boundaries in the sports arena. This article sound so junvenile. And comes across like you just had to keep your daily Peyton, Luck, Irsay story of the day going.

  25. At what point can Goodell begin fining owners for things like this? He takes enough from players, how about a little what’s fair is fair?

    Fine Irsay 5k for every tweet that makes him, the Colts and the NFL look bad. See how long he keeps it up then.

  26. Was surprised to see that these tweets actually occurred in the middle of the day compared to most of his that seem to go out between midnight and 3am.

  27. Best scenario: They release Manning & look to the future with Andrew Luck…then Andrew Luck refuses to play for them.

  28. Best scenario: They release Manning & look to the future with Andrew Luck…then Andrew Luck refuses to play for them

    i bet your a Jaguar fan or a browns fan, just because your team sucks, dont wish something like that on another team, now go back into your moms basement and continue to play your nintendo 64 and drink your capri sun and make sure you havent soiled your diaper or soaked thru your one piece pajamas

  29. why is this website so intent on bashing jim irsay every chance it gets? obviously jealous as hel! of the colts getting andrew luck and these people who run this website can’t stand it. doing all they can to run irsay into the ground. how is irsay the bad guy again? i would really like to know. irsay paid manning 28 million to do absolutely nothing last season. what does anybody expect him to do with manning? manning wont lower his outrageous demands for another 28 million before irsay can even see him work out or prove he is healthy enough to play. keep trying to throw irsay under the bus, it won’t work.

  30. Kinda funny… I haven’t been following too extremely closely, but from what I have see/heard, everything coming out of Indy of late is coming via Irsay’s Twitter account. Not a peep, or a tweet out of Manning of late. This guy has certainly fallen off his rocker.

  31. I wouldn’t even know his name if it wasn’t for Manning. That being said if I was a Colts fan, I’d tweet him that the best thing he could do for the franchise is shut up and let Peyton do his thing.

    After the March cutting, Peyton won’t own him or anyone else any kind of explanation of what he wants to do… And no amount of late night wiskey tweets now could change that or make Irsay look like less of a jerk in the public eye.

  32. I like Andrew Luck. Sadly I will be rooting against him and this stupid team. First of all they should be investigated for tossing a season. Second this buffoon continues to act in a completely unprofessional manner. Remember this is the same “lineage” that moved the Colts from Baltimore

  33. First of all they should be investigated for tossing a season. Second this buffoon continues to act in a completely unprofessional manner. Remember this is the same “lineage” that moved the Colts from Baltimore

    u sir are a idiot!!! the team didnt tank the season, they sucked!! so many players lost to IR and polian built that team wrongly, im a colts fan and ive watched every game, they fought!! but was out coached every game, know your facts first, forest gump

  34. It’s amazing that after more than a decade of incompetent management, I am going to compliment the Forty Niners. I don’t know if other owners use Twitter but Jed York does and I follow him. He tweets often, but usually to compliment a player, promote a fundraising event, tell the fans about good news (i.e. salary cap in good shape or stadium funding is coming together). However, he has never said anything negative about his team, his players or his coaches. I’ve seen him congratulate a player and wife on a birth. But if I saw him try to negotiate through twitter, let alone the traditional media, I would be pretty disappointed.

    York proved to me that Twitter can be a valuable P.R. tool for an owner. But Irsay seems pretty impulsive and doesn’t seem to be able to control himself.

  35. “They’re playing a game. In his latest effort, Irsay didn’t play it very well.”

    I think Peyton Manning knows all he has to do to win this game is not play. Irsay will loose this one all on his own.

  36. butteredsanta – Baltimore passed legislation to use emminent domain to take the team from Irsay. He was supposed to sit on a lawn chair on the 50 yard line while this took place?

  37. Thank you Irsay and Indy for showing the rest of the league how not to handle a contract/non contract situation. First class organization that was full of rot just below the surface. See Bengal fans thats why Mike Brown dosent tweet. Lol

  38. As a long suffering Bills fan it makes me smile to see another owner who can’t stand success if it means staying out of Polian’s way.

    Weren’t they in the super bowl 2 years ago? what was it, ten straight years of 12 or more wins? one bad year, fire everybody. Jim Irsay clearly doesn’t remember the first 15 seasons in Indy, when the Colts were drafting in the top 5 almost every year, but somehow never got any better. As the late John Butler once said: some organizations could have 28 first rounders every year and it just wouldn’t help. Welcome back to irrelevance.

  39. You people seriously need to relax and find something worth while to complain about. Luck is coming to Indy. Couldn’t ask for a better transition.

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