Leroy Hill arrested for marijuana possession


Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill is in trouble with the law again.

Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune reports via the Atlanta police department that Hill was arrested for marijuana possession.

According to the police reports, cops were called to an apartment after a complaint regarding the “strong odor” of marijuana. The police investigated and found a few “blunts.” Hill and his girlfriend were arrested. He had less than an ounce of marijuana on him.

As NFL arrests go, this one is pretty benign.  But it could spell trouble for Hill, who has been arrested three times in the last three years. Two of those arrests were related to marijuana, so Hill was in the league’s substance abuse program.

The timing couldn’t be much worse for Hill. He’s about to be a free agent, and it’s hard to imagine him getting a job anytime soon with a possible suspension hanging over his head.

54 responses to “Leroy Hill arrested for marijuana possession

  1. Glad the police are worried about such serious pressing issues. I imagine the residence of that area feel much safer knowing that there isn’t some pot-crazed maniac on the loose.


  2. People still get arressted for that??? What a waste of Police officers time. Meanwhile across town there were 2 robberies, a rape and a murder. Good job puttin out that joint officer.

  3. TURD!!! all that money that u have and you cant but air freshner and scented candles, or open your windows and let the mary jane flow out the windows? he wants to be snoop dog, epic fail!!!

  4. Ya we know”legalize it!”, well it’s NOT legal.

    This guy is just the latest moron who put his career on the line, I doubt it was worth it.

  5. Well last time they got him for marijuana possession it was because he fell asleep in his car at a red light. At least he didn’t do that again.

  6. Guess that ends any debate the Seahawks might have had whether to keep him or David Hawthorne

  7. Wow.. Arrested over smoke “a few blunts” in his own apartment while minding his own business. Sounds fair to me…

  8. Yeah, poor Leroy, breaking the law in the privacy of his home. I’m for legalization, but law’s law, so no tears shed. How dumb can you be to let your career go up in smoke over a catching a buzz? Pun intended.

  9. First, it amazes me that police will even respond to a complaint of Marijuana odor.
    Second, why did he answer the door? They wouldn’t have busted down the door over pot smell. They would have had to get a warrant.

  10. The millionaire will still get to play football after this, I got caught and loss my job for good, I was in the military, started boot camp a month after 9/11 and actually saved a few lives while I was in but we dont get 2nd chances, at the least I still got a general discharge under honorable conditions

  11. For those saying “illegal is illegal” etc.

    Jaywalking is illegal as well – give me a break.

    And no, I don’t smoke.

  12. If he lived in Seattle during the offseason he could have applied for a Green card. We don’t know all of the details. He could have been a loud a-hole neighbor. His history of bad decisions wouldn’t help his case.

  13. It might be illegal but the fact it still is shows how backwards our society is and the large monetary interest that fight to keep it so.

    Alcohol averages more innocent deaths every YEAR than MJ has in its entire recorded history.

  14. Legalize it already. American public has spoken now let the laws reflect. POT is harmless and less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol.

  15. I’m not a pot smoker but I do not know of any pot smokers that have went out and murdered people.. They get baked get the munchies and want to veg out.

    If the United States made it legal it would put a huge dent in our economy.

    You would have to be 21 to buy it anyone caught selling it to minors or nears schools would face harsh sentences. The Government could buy as much of it for cheap as they want and hey maybe save some drug enforcement agents life’s.

  16. I’m sure he will get back to the league but he sure has cost himself a ton of money with these moronic decisions. I doubt he will be back in Seattle.

  17. in 2010 85,000 people died of alcohol related deaths. 435,000 from cigarettes.

    Zero from Pot…. 🙂 It ranks last in the United States and it aint because only a few smoke it seeing billions of dollars of it gets through our borders each year…

  18. Legal herb would be a huge BOOST to the economy.

    It’s already a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Legalize it for adults and tax it= big money.

  19. Why is a pro athlete with all that money slummin it in an apartment? Break down and rent a house with some privacy. Fences make for good neighbors. How many times does it take to learn a lesson? This guy is out for at least 12 months and most likely the entire 2012 Season.

  20. For those saying “illegal is illegal” etc.

    Jaywalking is illegal as well – give me a break.

    And no, I don’t smoke.

    Difference being smoking pot and being in possession of it are criminal acts jaywalking is not a criminal act.

  21. So many of you think using pot is harmless. We have several players being told “if you use drugs again you are out of the league”. They use again and again. Pot is harmless? Really? These guys are willing to give up their livelihoods and everything they worked so hard on since they could walk. Millions of houses and businesses that get broken into because addicts need more. Harmless? Really? Please don’t tell our youth this stuff is harmless. I have never met a pot user that was normal.

  22. you people are idiots. as of right now, marijuana is illegal, get over it. if youre smoking it then you are in possession of it. the cops are doing what they are paid to do, answer comlaints from citizens, whether it’s a loud music call, drunk drivers or whatever. damned if hey do, damned if they dont. they get there, can smell it, the dumba$$ opens the door, if they are smoking it right then and there then im sure its in sitting there in plain view. done deal. you know, actually, the cops would like it to be legalized too, but until then they have to enforce it. also something i’ve learned, more times than not, where there are drugs, there are guns, where there are guns there is usually violence. and you can’t tell me that this turd didnt have a few guns in his house. and marijuana, just like but maybe not to the extent of alcohol, does impair one’s ability to make good decisions. it also impairs one’s ability to operate a car. it slows and dulls the ability to make rational decisions. if any of you can stop smoking it for a minute and watch how stupid people act while smoking it then you’d see, but like i said, you have to stop smoking it yourself. thats what this world needs is a bunch of jeff spicolis cluttering our streets. morons!!!!

  23. Not happy to see Leroy get busted again, but at least it was BEFORE Seattle had signed him to an extention. Now they go into the draft knowing they won’t be having his services.

    It’s too bad, because he actually played pretty well last year.

  24. I find it hilarious that there are so many uneducated fool out there who think that pot=crime just because “the Law” says so.

    1. Jeff Spicolli was a character in a “movie”, not real person.

    2. A LOT more people smoke pot who don’t act like teenage morons than do. Most of them are *smart* enough not to let it be an issue.

    3. NO ONE, repeat: no one, who burglarizes or robs people for drugs does so just for pot. ALL of those people who steal are addicted to other things or just plain criminals.

    4. Athletes who continue to smoke pot are habituated to it CULTURALLY, NOT physically addicted. It is impossible to become physically addicted to pot.

    5. Just because your ex-girlfriend broke up with you for a guy who smokes pot does NOT make ALL pot smokers “evil criminal thief-murderers”. For serious, dude.

  25. Millions of houses and businesses are broken into to feed a marijuana habit? Wow, you’re out of touch with reality. You must’ve watched Reefer Madness lately. Your level of ignorance is frightening.

  26. His house was smelling like a loud pack. He was minding his own business and everything…. But it is illeagle and you have one of the best jobs in the world. You can always smoke weed if it gets legalized or when you retire, but you gotta use your head more than that man.

  27. I’m so close to offering a taco with a BBQ cheese burger patty, egg salad, crinkle fry, noodles, pancake blend breakfast for only $2.99 with a soft drink so stop messin with my peeps. Thank you, Jack in the Box.

    I can also see the owner of Cincy licking his chops. He just got a LB for the minimum

  28. vdub6146 says:

    One of the signs of too much smoking is not being able to use Capital letters. Go back to DeTox, and grammar school, and try to sell your story again.

    Yes, I believe that pot should be legalized; but when you are employed by a corporation (NFL) and have to abide by their rules (no smoking pot), and are making millions of dollars, well maybe you should not smoke pot.

  29. So it is illegal, and the laws should never be broken, ever. With that reasoning, black people would still be segregated, women wouldn’t be serving the in armed forces or voting, etc.

    I’m sorry, but the, it’s illegal don’t ever do it argument is a joke. If it doesn’t affect you, leave your nose out of it. What ever happened to the American way?

  30. Pot being legalized here will never happen…..the government is too worried about the war against drugs, and consider pot a drug for some reason. I could however, see it be legalized in Canada with all those granola eating hippies they’ve got up there, can you say road trip???

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