Luke Kuechly had a very good day

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Plenty of mock drafts have had Boston College’s Luke Kuechly as the first linebacker off the board and that doesn’t figure to change after his combine performance on Monday.

Kuechly, who left Boston College after his junior season, had a strong collegiate career but there were some concerns about whether he was a good enough athlete to excel at the professional level. He answered those doubts with strong results across the board that should solidify him in the top half of the first round come April.

Kuechly wound up with a 4.58 in the 40-yard dash and a 38-inch vertical leap, ranking third among linebackers in each metric, and was at or near the top of the position group in the other drills. There have been plenty of players over the years with strong game performance and weak combines as well as others who are workout wonders without the ability to back it up on game film. Kuechly showed scouts Monday that he ranks well in both things and that spells a high draft position.

The Eagles have been linked with Kuechly quite often with the 15th overall pick and he makes even more sense after Monday’s showing. The question now will be if he remains on the board that long.

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  1. This kid as good a linebacking prospect as come along in years. Terrific athlete, off the charts intelligence and character. As impressive an all round prospect as anyone in the draft. Only his position works against him.

  2. MUCH more athletic and impressive than i thought. now if he can just make more tackles AT the line of scrimmage then he should have the ability to become one of the most complete ILBs there is in the NFL. job well done. definitely wont be upset if he ends up with my Eagles at 15 (hopefully he lasts that long).

  3. Praying for Eagles to get him, a WR and DT with their top 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. I feel like they might get a FA MLB though, there are potentially a lot of good options out there right now, in which case I think they’d go FA MLB, 1st round DT, 2nd rd WR, and 2nd rd BPA.

  4. even the eagles should be abe to get this one right if he’s there when they pick. id love to have this guy on my team.

  5. If the Eagles draft Kuechley and then maneuver to draft Mark Barron I will believe the Mayan calender is correct.

  6. I pray the Eagles dont take this chump. He makes 3/4 of his tackles 5 yards past the line of scrimage and cant get off blocks.

  7. He’ll probably either go 11th to KC or 15th to Philly. I see KC taking him if there isn’t a good RT available and they haven’t found one in free agency.

  8. I hope my Eagles draft him and sign a good MLB like Toullock. I know people say Kuechly can’t shed blocks, but how does someone be as productive as he was and not be able to shed blocks. He is 243 pounds, hes athletic, and he he is work out guy benching over 25 reps. That to me points to a good work ethic. His production dwarfs all others in college in recent years.

  9. “If the Eagles draft Kuechley and then maneuver to draft Mark Barron I will believe the Mayan calender is correct.”

    Don’t forget all the free agents … and the trade for RG3.

  10. I just watched about 20 minutes of Kuechly on youtube. The people who say he can’t shed tackles are wrong. At least in college he was shedding tackles. There were times when he didn’t but from what I saw he shed blocks more then he didn’t without question. The people who say he makes all his tackles down field are wrong also. He makes plenty of plays at the line or even before the line of scrimmage. In fact in his 3 seasons at BC he had double digit tackles for a loss each season. He does make tackles down field but usually when a play is directed away from him and he covers half the field to make the play.

    The guy has a great motor, great work ethic, great instincts, and great leadership qualities. Does go a little high some times when tackling that can result in a missed tackle, but that is correctable with a high character guy like Kuechly. The team that drafts him should get a solid starting LB who may end up being an pro bowler/all pro. At the very least you will end up with a special teams stud. Safest pick at LB in the draft in my opinion.

  11. Also he played for a team that sucked defensively. I wonder how he would have looked on Bama or LSU where he wouldn’t have been game planned against as much. Just saying

  12. Hightower looks like a good player but he had tons of help on that defense. I would be happy with either one. Not saying Kuechly is better or worse, but don’t write this kid off because he only weighs 242. He is coming out a year early and with NFL trainers he could put another 5-10 lbs on without losing much speed and agility.

  13. With Leroy Hill arrested again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Seahawks take Kuechly if he’s available at 12.

  14. When you’re the only good player on a defense that can’t get off the field, you’re going to put up huge numbers.

    I also think drafting ILB’s in the first half of the first round is kind of crazy to be honest.

  15. bozosforall says: Feb 27, 2012 6:32 PM

    Great Ohio native football player. Congrats to Cincinnati for producing such a solid prospect.


    Yes genius, we get it. Give credit to Ohio, because as a Jets fan, you hate all things Boston, including BC. I’m guessing from your posts you probably didn’t/don’t have a high enough IQ to go there. I give you too much credit, you likely didn’t finish 8th grade.

  16. philahitman says: Feb 27, 2012 5:51 PM

    I pray the Eagles dont take this chump. He makes 3/4 of his tackles 5 yards past the line of scrimage and cant get off blocks.


    Not sure where you get your info. from, but this isn’t true. He had 12 tackles for loss. Offenses would scheme to avoid Luke because the BC defense was horrible besides him…meaning he would run across the field to make those tackles after 5 yards. Go preach stupid someplace else.

  17. Unless one of the stud tackles slips, KC at 11 seems to be a fit. Put him inside with Derrick Johnson, with Tamba Hali and Justin Houston on the outside. Potentially pretty damn good linebacker group.

  18. If I were Howie Roseman the Eagles would have Jason Pierre-Paul or Carlos Dunlap instead of Brandon “Fragile Midget” Graham.

    I also like the guy who scouted Kuechly on Youtube highlight reels. hahahaha Mike Mamula had a great highlight reel and combine too. Highlight reels dont show a players flaws.

  19. Notgoing to happen. Reid has his eye on Mike Moriarity of Kentucky east central-West State a 6′–01/2″ Def Tackle @395# in the mold of Broderick Bunkley.

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