Manningham says he’s 75 percent certain to leave

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Giants receiver Mario Manningham beat the odds with a memorable Super Bowl catch.  Three weeks and one day later, the odds don’t favor a return to New York.

Manningham recently told the Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator (via that there’s a “75 percent” chance he won’t be back with the Giants.  And he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that he won’t be chasing a second straight Super Bowl ring.

“How many times have you seen a repeat?” Manningham said.

But isn’t his current quarterback, Eli Manning, one of the best in the entire NFL?

“He is, but there are a lot of good quarterbacks in this league,” Manningham said. “I just want the ball more, that’s all.”

Manningham also wants more money.  More than the Giants will have budgeted for a No. 3 wideout.

The four-year veteran already has been linked to the Buccaneers, given that former Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan now serves as the offensive coordinator in Tampa.  Regardless, Manningham seems destined to play for a team other than the Giants in 2012.

56 responses to “Manningham says he’s 75 percent certain to leave

  1. Sadly…some team will way over pay for him and he will be exposed, Eli made him look better than he actually is, just as Peyton did for Garcon and Wayne, some team will sign him to a ludacris deal and the next season will be looking to trade him, or he will be subject to be released, expecially if he has Josh Freeman throwing to him in TB

  2. The reality of the situation is this: most players get into football for 2 reasons – the ring and the money. Mario has his ring, something many players will NEVER get in their NFL careers. He is now going for the money. As a Giants fan, I’m not happy about it (I like the guy a lot as a complementary receiver), but I understand it. Thanks for the memories, Mario!

  3. Well he got that lombardi. Time to look out for himself and his family, the guy IS a free agent after all, he has earned the right. He knows he is no more than the 3rd best WR in NY…. It’s a no brainer and there should be no hard feelings after the split. I second the above opinion however that going from Eli to freeman would be a rude awakening.

  4. Mario – I’ll make it easy for you. You had numerous chances to become the #1 or the #2 WR. You couldn’t pull it off. I think all the Giants fans would like to see you stay, but only at a #3 WR salary. It’s all that you earned during your time in NY. Someone will pay you more money and promise you the #1 or #2 position. NY can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t. Now, you can safely say you’re 100% certain to leave. Best of luck to you.

  5. One catch, no matter what game/situation, can not earn a contract. The league is lucky that David Tyree was not in his contract year or he would have gotten a contract he did not deserve at all

  6. Anyone else read the headline as “Manning” and be like “WHAAAT!?”

    Nope? Just me? Fantastic. I’m going to go hide my Wonderlic score.

  7. BigD93…good call

    Alvin Harper from Stud to Dud

    Something tells me Josh Freeman won’t make Mario look as good

  8. “How many times have you seen a repeat?” Manningham said.

    ` ` ` ` `
    prior to this post, i wanted you back, but with this line (above), as a giants fan, i now don’t want you back.

    seriously, thanks for the catch, but see ya. we can replace our 3rd WR option.

  9. Can’t blame the players for wanting more money and their lack of loyalty. They have a small window to make as much as they can.

    after all the players have never been the team they’ve just been the Equipment.

    The owners and NFL itself are now the team. The fans are just the chump’s who pay for it all.

  10. Remember ; The Hoodie wanted to “make’em throw to Manningham” for a reason. He’ll never be anything more than an overpaid #2.

  11. you are very right Bigd93.

    This guy is Alvin Harper 2.0 thinks he is the man when he is no better then a number 2 at best number 3 with the g-men.

  12. More like he saved Eli’s behind with that catch. Heck Manningham caught passes from Chad Henne for crying out loud. If that doesn’t tell you he’s a good catcher then I don’t know what will convince you. Manningham probably was the sole reason Henne got drafted and exposed!

  13. Thanks for the great plays Mario. You will be missed…just not “#1 WR Money” missed.

    I hope you play well wherever you go – as long as it isn’t against the Giants.

  14. You can’t fault him or the Giants. Like a lot of you said he got is ring now its time to chase the money. The Giants spread the ball out a lot and he is a 3 at best.

    Many of you also said Josh Freeman won’t make Manningham look good, I don’t really think that is the case at all. Freeman is a very underrated QB. True, he did regress a bit last year but don’t forget this is the same guy that threw 25 TD’s against 6 picks in his second year. Freeman tossed picks all over the place last year but he still managed to improve his completion percentage.

    If, and it is a big if, Tampa gets Manningham he is going to be another target for Freeman but they need to get some blockers for him. He took some serious heat last year and that had a lot to do with him throwing so many picks.

    As far as QB’s go Josh Freeman and Eli Manning are very similar QB’s I think Freeman can make Manningham look just as good as Eli Manning did.

    As a Saints fan I got tons of respect for Freeman, dude is a very good QB.

  15. Well with Manningham looking like he’s on his way out and Jacobs close behind it looks like Jerrel Jerrigan and Darell Scott will step in. Both JJ and Scott have better speed and with a season under there belts you bet your a$$ there hungry.

  16. He is a good #3 WR for any team… but a sub-par #2 for most teams… and a miserable #1 for all teams.

  17. Mannigham was never that good in the Run and Shoot. It’s a 3 route option for at least 2 of the receivers. Cruz excels at reading the D and Nicks is getting better. Mario…not so much. He made some plays but more often than not he didn’t.

    He’s not a precise route runner and he better become that because in the ‘just get open quickly’ aka run and shoot offense he was never going to be anything but the 3rd WR.

    Best of luck. I hope he succeeds because he will always have been a Giant first.

  18. See Kevin Boss, Steve Smith and everyone else who leaves for more money than they are really worth. I like Ramsies Barden he will be fine. We need linebackers.

  19. I hope the Browns do not try to get him and overpay thinking he is a legit #1 WR just because he had a nice game in the superbowl, would be a typical browns “Big Name” signing.

  20. As a Giants fan, I’m not against letting this guy walk at all. He showed some flashes of stardom, but most of the team wasn’t all that impressive. And now seeing him all but hoping to get out of NY, I won’t miss him in the least.

    There seems to be a curse forming here…

    Make the most heroic catch for the Giants in a Super Bowl, be off the team before next season.

    Good luck to both Manningham and his future employer… you’re both gonna need it.

  21. jason1214 says: Feb 27, 2012 10:15 PM

    Alvin Harper, THERE’S a name I haven’t heard in awhile………


    His name is mentioned in every Mario Manningham story, right above you even, you’re not clever. Ditto for every other genius throwing his name around ad nauseam.

  22. Manningham had a great four years here w/NYG and while I am extremely appreciative of his production I was equally as frustrated with his “mental lapses” and poor route running.
    He was a good teammate and good 3rd WR -fast and great YAC. He just got his ring and now wants the money, it is a business after all. I wish him luck and trust we will find another option on our roster or in the draft.

  23. This site fails to mention that the Giants consider Manningham a limited receiver who cannot run the routes it needs from a #3 WR.

  24. i wouldnt want him as my #1 or #2. ill take him on my fav team as a #3 and for $2 million a year.

    manningham will be a regret to anyone who signs him to a long term contract.

  25. Right! Cannot wait to see Colt McCowpoke wobble a few knuckleballs off the front of his helmet too. Pass on this one big mike.

  26. I agree that there should be no hard feelings on either side. Manningham has earned the right to pursue the most lucrative contract he can and the Giants should not give him anything more than #3 WR money. I think this is a no brainer. However, the Giants will need to find a replacement for him and I think there could be a few good options. My favorite one would be Steve Smith returning from Philly (only if he is healthy). The guy knows the system, has great chemistry with Eli, would come on the cheap after only catching 11 balls last year, and could play the slot while Cruz and Nicks play on the outside. If that doesnt work out, Jernigan is a speedy receiver who should improve after getting stuck behind Nicks, Cruz, and Manningham for a year. Either way, Ramses Barden is going to have to step up and become a threat on the outside to allow Cruz to get into the slot where he is also extremely dangerous.

    I disagree that the Giants need linebackers. Boley, Kiwanuka, Williams, and even Herzlich all played well for the most part last year. Goff will also come back from injury and hopefully he can be serviceable still. I think they should absolutely add another player to the mix via a mid round draft pick or a low cost free agent but nothing crazy. We are already strapped for cap room and I think linebacker is a position we are young at and can improve on by keeping the players we already have.

  27. “How many times have you seen a repeat?” Manningham said.”

    Wow. Most WRs would flip to have his spot. And btw, you weren’t in the league yet, but the Pats just did it 3 in 4. Your very own team JUST did it 2 in 4.

    So… meh, I’d ship his ass along. Sounds like a half wit.

  28. Manningham – I helped to win the Superbowl so I want more money.

    Me – I saved the life of a little kid but I expect nothing in return.

  29. Manningham is not that good of a receiver. He has problems running crisp routes, and tends to run towards the sideline instead of holding the line against a CB. We will get Hixon back next year, and he’s a better route runner then Manningham ever was.

    If Manningham wants to chase the money let him. As far as being like Boss and Smith, not so much. Manningham is healthy at least, Boss got a stupidly ridiculous offer form the Raiders, and Smith was an idiot not to return to the Giants. He will be signing for veteran minimum somewhere.

  30. jasncondit says: Feb 27, 2012 10:39 PM

    More like he saved Eli’s behind with that catch. Heck Manningham caught passes from Chad Henne for crying out loud. If that doesn’t tell you he’s a good catcher then I don’t know what will convince you. Manningham probably was the sole reason Henne got drafted and exposed!
    You couldn’t be more incorrect. Eli dropped that thing in his lap. I will admit every day of the week that Tyree saved Eli’s behind 4 years ago, but this was not that same circumstance.

    P.S. “Good Catcher” is a baseball/prison term, not football.

  31. Hey Manningham, Eli Manning made you into what you are today. Leaving will only make you worse then the #2 talent you are today. Ask Steve Smith how that turned out for him.

  32. Teams just can’t overpay these days. The salary cap has seen to that. But you can’t blame the players for chasing the cash. We all would do the same.

    As for Tampa Bay … Josh Freeman is the new Capt. Checkdown. He’s not going to hold the ball while Manningham runs deep. It’ll be dumped off before he gets out of his first cut. Make sure the money is guaranteed Mario.

  33. Ok Giant fans lets be serious here. One mario did have ur last TWO biggest catches. His TD grab against SF in the NFC Championship game and the one in the super bowl. Manning sucks, have you ever thought that maybe he is good is bc he has 3 really good wrs. If Welker catches that ball you guys arent super bowll champs. So to sit here and think mario isnt that good is dumb. He makes plays, he has been doing it since he was in high school, then at the U of M, and now with the giants. Giants have probaly the 2 luckiest none deserving super bowls ever. Mario go get paid, well see how good cruz and manning are without you

  34. The Harper jokes were old and tired before they even began. Freeman is no HOF QB, but GOODNESS SAKES are you going to compare him to DILFER and leave out the fact that Harper was injured most of the time he was in Tampa?

    If you want to draw parallels, at least make them accurate.

  35. “How many times have you seen a repeat?”
    The odds are not as bad as it may seem.
    There have been 8 back-to-back SB champs: Packers, Dolphins, Steelers, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots. Teams have appeared in back-to-back Superbowls 18 times. Good teams have a better shot at deep playoff runs than rebuilding teams. His logic is faulty.

  36. Between Hixon, Barden, and Jernigan I think we have productivity. I’m not worried about the 3rd WR option.

    I would like to see a 3rd back (besides DJ Ware) get some some carries though, specifically Da’rell Scott. I know he has had turnover issues but he’s young and these are things that he needs to get worked out this offseason. He has a huge upside, its hard to watch him sit on the bench.

    I don’t think we need any more LB’s either, don’t forget we are getting Goff back from injury. He was really stepping it up before he was sidelined.

    I’d take a OL in the draft.

  37. Alvin…good pull!

    Also what about Peerless Price? Ok Buffalo didnt win a ring but he looked damn good next to Eric Moulds, had a great playoff run so ATL paid him big bucks to be their #1….How did that work out?

  38. “Alvin Harper, THERE’S a name I haven’t heard in awhile………”

    The last time you heard it was when he was in … Tampa. The Bucs – where 2nd and 3rd receivers go to kill their careers after a couple of big plays in the SB.

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