McNabb doesn’t see Peyton playing for the Redskins

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I’ve been saying for weeks that the idea of quarterback Peyton Manning wanting to play for the Redskins makes no sense, for several reasons.  First, he won’t want to compete in the same division with his brother, Eli.  Second, the Redskins aren’t particularly all that competitive.  Third, the climate combined with a chewed-up field that hosts periodic college games doesn’t provide the kind of laboratory conditions that are conducive to big passing numbers.  And, fourth, a quarterback accustomed to running the offense won’t mesh well with an offensive coordinator who is accustomed to running the quarterback like a kid playing a video game.

On that last point, a former Redskins quarterback agrees.

Peyton’s not gonna go there,” McNabb recently told ESPN 980, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I don’t see Peyton ending up in Washington.  Because what happens is now, you’re bringing in another veteran who will be 35 36, who has been in one offense throughout his career.  It’s the same situation.”

The same situation, of course, as the one McNabb confronted.

“Now he comes over, and as they say now, Peyton is such an offensive coordinator on the offense,” McNabb said.  “So now what does that do to your offensive coordinator?  Does he step down?  Does he step back?  Does he begin to change the whole offense according to the play of the quarterback that he has in Peyton Manning?  Well, I didn’t see that happen, so I definitely don’t see that happening for Peyton.”

McNabb is right.  But he’s overlooking two things.  First, there’s a chance the Shanahans have changed as a result of the McNabb experience.  Second, McNabb was micromanaged for 11 years in Philly; Peyton has been running the show for most of his career.

Still, the fit’s not there.  Manning will use Washington’s interest (along with Miami’s) to drive up the price that someone else will pay.  And so it will be a shock if he plays for the Redskins or the Dolphins — and frankly more of a shock if he ends up at FedEx Field.

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  1. Regardless what you think of McNabb, he’s exactly right on this one.

    The Jets just brought in Tony Sparano too. And the Chiefs said they would run the same offense as Miami did last year.

    Basically the “Peyton Manning offense” no longer exists, no matter where he ends up. The only exception just might be Arizona.

  2. I didn’t realize that an unwanted, out-of-shape former quarterback could be taken seriously by anyone, let alone a fine, upstanding media outlet such as this one.

  3. “Well, I didn’t see that happen, so I definitely don’t see that happening for Peyton.”

    Always thought Donnie was a class act, even when he was on the hated Eagles. But the fact that he thinks Peyton would be treated the same as him by the Shanny’s is ridiculous.

  4. I agree. The last thing Manning wants is to waste away with some ass-backwards organization like the Dolphins (or Redskins). He wants to win ASAP and get a second ring. He will wisely flirt with the Dolphins to get more leverage, just as Jeff Fisher did, but he’ll never really intend on signing. It’s a brilliant strategy: pitting two of the NFL’s dumbest, most meddlesome owners against each other to drive up his price.

  5. Am I wrong for thinking about how McNabb comparing himself as equals to Peyton twice, is a bad sign for McNabb’s progress with his blatant denial? I agree with the fit issues, but dang I just couldn’t shake that one.

  6. I was following your article and logic until the part where you ruled peyton not going to miami. To that i have to say……huh?

  7. He’s no more likely to choose the Cardinals – two swinging gates at tackle and receivers that can’t get open outside of Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald gets bracketed out and none of the other receivers can take advantage.

    Cards need a guy like Meachem or Manningham.

  8. Hate to say it but Miami seems like one of the best landing spots for him.

    If you ask me the Chiefs are the most appealing but who knows if they’re interested.

  9. As a Redskins fan, I don’t want Manning in DC. I’ve had enough of overpriced free agents on the decline. If we hadn’t had McNabb for two years, I might think differently.

  10. Who is a better fit than MIA? Other than outside shots like SF/BAL. I know PFT hates on miami for some reason but look at the facts.

    o-line – solid need RT would draft one at #8 with 18.
    WR – Big one, shifty one, fast one, and white one.
    TE – need help, Clay does have some clark him him (maybe)
    RB – Maybe need a third down blitz pick up flunkey but have nice combo starting.

    What other realistic teams (not BAL/SF) have as much? That being said I want MIA to draft the Texas Tex QB, preferable after trading down, and start him 16 games. Worst that can happen is he does not blow enough to get Matt Barkley. I hope he ends up being good but sucking real bad will also be worth the pick.

  11. Thing is, Peyton Manning and Mike Shanahan have been enamored with each other for a while, it’s well documented. Oh, and Manning is not afraid to put in the work and follow instructions. He probably won’t NEED a wristband neither, but if he did I’m sure he wouldn’t be too proud to do the best thing for his team to win.

  12. See dirtdawg, here’s another example of the “smarmy” you talked about. This is basically what McNabb is saying: “I’m talking about someone else but I all I really want is to use him as an example to point out how poorly I was treated”.

    The reason McNabb was “micromanaged” in Philly is that a) that’s how it works with Reid, the QB doesn’t make audibles, and runs THAT offense. B) it’s pretty obvious it was the only way any coach could make him look semi-competent. Best example is how horrible that last TD drive of Philly’s was in SB 39. Everyone was like why the bleep is Philly acting like they are down by 3 or have 2 Q left to catch up?? Reid was protecting McNabb who can’t run a hurry up/2 min type offense. Washington found this out for themselves years later.

  13. I think Miami also the warm weather VS Like Seattle that rains a lot. However there are only so many options and where he lands I have no insight.

    One of the worst things for Joint pains is the cold weather, Yes I understand Manning if he plays is going to play games in the cold but if he could have at least 8 games in a dome or warmer weather I see him doing that before playing outside in colder temperatures.

  14. Thanx for confirming what I’ve known since this whole bizzaro melodrama started…I don’t see Peyton playing for any team. Thirty one more teams to go…

  15. As a Redskins fan, I don’t want Manning in DC. I’ve had enough of overpriced free agents on the decline. If we hadn’t had McNabb for two years, I might think differently.

     ??????? If u where a redskins fan which ur obviously really not u would know that we had mcnabb for 1 yr an he couldn’t even finish out the year as a starter! What’s ur deal dude

  16. Hey yo I agree with Donavan McNabb, Kyle Shanahan is a loser, for all intense purposes he got his job because he’s the coach’s son which will probably end up costing Mike Shanahan his job, it should have already but that’s my opinion, as far as Payton Manning is concerned I think that the Dallas Cowboys should take a crack at him but they probably won’t jerry jones isn’t smart enough to figure out that Tony Romo the dumo is a backup qb at best, Arizona should but there ownership is not smart enough to pay for Payton Manning, the Kansas City Chiefs maybe, how about a long shot the New Orleans Saints I like Drew Brees but they should have signed him a couple of years ago but they didn’t so with Colston , Graham that og, and sproles and so on they are not going to no super bowl in for a few years, that’s probably not going to happen either but San Francisco is the team that can go for Payton they have Kapernick for the future and alex smith as a backup which he is only, they have a super bowl defense already, but I am a Packer fan so I hope that doesn’t happen but if it does you will see the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers in the nfc championship game for the next couple of years which would be great for football.

    The Washington Redskins should go after R. Griffin or Dennis Dixon that might work possibly.

    Matt Flynn should go to the Dolphins or the Browns or the Chiefs, and Jason Campbell should go to the Raiders if they had a brain but they don’t so to the Arizona Cardinals, K.C. Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys but he won’t.
    How about the Chicago Bears trading Jay Cutler to Washington for their number 1 pick and the bears move up and grab R, Griffin
    Let the wheels start turning boys and girls it’s off season crazy coming to yo.

    JD Mastermind
    Has approved this message

    JD Master Mind

  17. You say ” like anyone cares what mcnabb says ” as if Donovan cares what you say, he’s rich no, oh an he actually plays/played in the NFL, but you know better 😉

  18. Redskins not all that competitive? They destroyed the SB champs twice this year with Sexy Rexy at the helm. Give ’em a QB and the NFC East will be a cakewalk. HTTR

  19. ill be honest, i dont see the shanahans liking manning as much as the media may think. the redskins need a quarterback thats young and can be molded to their style. kyle shanahan innovated the houston texans’ offense so look no further than houston to see what kyle is trying to do. bruce allen has brought a culture far different from the recent past BACK to washington and a big named, over priced, aging free agent acquisition is the last thing that allen is going to do. in other words, we’re not pulling anymore ‘cerratos’ lol

  20. I’ve seen Manning play, and McNabb, you are no Manning. To even begin to think one of the greatest regular season QB’s with an intellect, passion, and commitment for the game that is light years ahead of McNabb would be treated the same way as poor mistreated McNabb is ludicrous.

  21. The whole thing about Kyle Shanahan being a control freak is completely overblown.

    Every OC expects his QB to know the playbook and understand how each play has been designed to work. McNabb obviously completely failed to study the offense. Of course Kyle Shanahan became dictatorial. McNabb was acting like a child who wouldn’t do his home work because he knew better.

    If McNabb’s time with the Vikings shows anything it was that the Redskins were actually incredibly patient with McNabb and tried to make it work for far too long.

    Seriously, how should Kyle Shanahan acted. “I’ve drawn up this play so that receivers should come free here, here and here. Of course, as the QB, you should just go out there an wing it. Try to locate an open receiver and throw it where you think he is going to be. Don’t worry about learning the routes we are asking them to run.”

  22. Earth to McNabb: You are not in the same class as Peyton Manning, please stop comparing yourself to him.

  23. Of course he forgot to point out that Manning is actually good. Even with a bad neck he is still a long shot better than McNabb.

  24. Asking what McNabb thinks about Manning??? That’s about as relevant as what Jake Plummer thinks about Tebow… Who cares

  25. ken0west says:Feb 27, 2012 11:21 PM

    Who is a better fit than MIA? Other than outside shots like SF/BAL. I know PFT hates on miami for some reason but look at the facts.
    Chiefs play in a weak division, and have:

    1. A very good RB who catches balls out of the backfield in Charles
    2. A quality TE in Moeaki(sp?)
    3. 3 Good receivers in Bowe, Breasten and Baldwin
    4. An above average Defense
    5. A defensive minded coach that won’t mind handing over the reigns of the offense to his QB
    6. $38 million+ in salary cap room
    7. Although people think KC weather is cold, nost of football season is finished before winter hits here in late December. Average High Temp here in September is 79, October is 67 and November is 54.

  26. The best place for Manning is in Arizona….fairly new stadium that can be adjusted to the weather…warm weather site…great primary receiver…and a coach who doesn’t seem to me to be a Prima-Donna:) Oh, and people…stop hating on McNabb…grow up.

  27. Not that i’m lobbying for Peyton in Washington but the dumbest part of this article is him not wanting to compete against Eli twice a year….how stupid where I come from you look forward to such an event…I mean come on who hasn’t played against and or wanted to beat big or younger brother???

  28. Oh and secondly MF not that competitive they were in just about every game beat the Giants twice nearly beat the other Super Bowl team with the exception of the Buffalo game either Grossman or Gano blew it…when was the last time you actually watched a Skins game?

  29. The point is moo until Manning is released. It’s like a cows opinion, it doesn’t matter.

  30. most important thing,peyton is not a lazy,fat,out of shape qb that ignores the coaching staff and refuses to run certain plays.i see why the fans in philly hated him!

  31. hahahahahah. McNabb is such a joke. SO is the premise of this article.

    Is Indi competitive without Peyton??????????????????????

    Unlike McNabb, Peyton elevates his team, as oposed to the other way around.

  32. McNabb seriously when I saw that big D end just push you and you fell down while trying to run away from him was hilarious. Marinade on that a bit and concentrate on trying to get on tv. Its over Johnny.

  33. Why would anyone????

    Their head coach just went for the money and sat on his ass!!!!

    He told “Tommy Boy” to do the work!!!

  34. I believe the Shanahan’s and Manning would be great together. Kyle knows full well the talent Manning has, and how to play to his strengths. They’d work together and win, no doubt. Manning, for his part, would have a defense and a developing running game, like Elway when Shanahan went to Denver.

    The other aspect is not that Eli and Peyton won’t play each other- exactly the opposite-remember, one of the most important things to the Mannings’ is Manning Football Inc.- commercials, promotions, endorsements, etc. And who could blame them-the promotions, face time on TV etc. they could garner out of a twice yearly match up would be unparalleled!
    So yes, I think McNabb is wrong and Manning would love several aspects of coming to Washington, but probably he will go to the dome in Arizona with Fitzgerald to throw to.

  35. Donovan….Every night you go to bed with that Abe Lincoln beard, you should thank heavens about Albert having been a part of that awful squad….He took a lot of heat off of you buddy. Washed up….Just leave us SKINS Fans alone

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