Rams “will” trade No. 2 pick


If there were any doubt in the wake of Peter King’s latest Monday Morning Quarterback column (and there shouldn’t have been), there’s definitely none now.

The Rams, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, will trade the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 draft, which barring something completely unforeseen and unexpected will be used on Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The only remaining question is the “who” and the “how much.”  The fact that the draft picks are now subject to a genuine rookie wage scale, which drives down the financial cost of using the second overall pick, and could drive the picks-and-players cost even higher.

The prime candidates to trade up remain the Browns (No. 4 and 22 overall), the Redskins (No. 6), the Dolphins (No. 8), and the Seahawks (No. 12).  As King pointed out both in MMQB and on PFT Live, there could be one or more mystery teams.

And that’s where things could get very interesting.  If, as suggested earlier in the day, Griffin’s finds extra motivation in the fact that the Colts aren’t given the likely second pick a second glance, Griffin could be the perfect target for the team that holds the No.  7 selection:  the AFC South’s Jaguars.

Yeah, they’re committed to Blaine Gabbert, who arrived via the 10th overall pick in 2011 after the Jaguars gave up a second-round pick in order to flip-flop first-round spots with the Redskins.  But what better way to throw other teams off the scent than to create the impression that Gabbert remains the guy?  New Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey and new Rams G.M. Les Snead worked together in Atlanta, which could help Mularkey achieve and maintain extreme discretion from Snead while the talks secretly occur.  And new Jags owner Shahid Khan may be willing to mortgage a chunk of his future drafts in order to secure the franchise’s future as a contender for the next 10 years or more.

Throw in the fact that Griffin would get two cracks at the Colts every year, and the move seems far less ludicrous.

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  1. Re: the Seahawks – I would be very surprised if the Rams traded w/ the Hawks – took a #12 pick…and stuck seeing RGIII 2x a year for the next 10 years.

    Not likely.

  2. I’m a jags fan….and I hope this doesn’t happen.

    What we need is talent around Gabbert…not a new qb. What’s Griffin going to do better than Gabbert when he still has no talent around him?

  3. Browns are scared..let Colt misfire again this year and they will have higher picks next year. Washington is not scared, Miami will get Flynn do to the new coach and lots of $$$$

  4. Rams are dumb.

    True, I’d put them somewhere between Cardinals and Panthers, significantly below the intelligence of Dolphins, which are just a step above Texans…

  5. he cant really be mad at the Colts for picking the better player..I hope he does go to Jacksonsville–so the Colts can own them for another decade

  6. The landscape changes very quickly.

    For the sake of argument, free agency begins and let’s say Miami signs Peyton Manning and the Browns (with two first round picks has to be the Rams favorite potential trade partner) signs Matt Flynn. That doesn’t factor in any other possible QB moves and the Rams have already lost tremendous leverage with the pick. The Redskins can usually be counted on to do something stupid and I doubt the Rams would trade the pick to someone in their division and while they may still make out like bandits, the reality is, there is not nearly as much competition for that pick as there seems.

  7. “They won’t, but the Rams should consider selecting Griffin and trading Bradford.

    RG3′s upside is THAT good.”

    The cap would make it difficult to do that, Bradford was a better prospect coming out than Griffin is and the return they could get via trade makes it a no brainer.

  8. Except for the fact that Gabbert is a flat out better prospect than Griffin. They are from the same recruiting class, and Gabbert was rated far ahead at that time. They are a couple months apart in age, and Blaine is bigger with a stronger arm. Athletically, he performed on par with Griffin (who passed on the agility drills at the Combine because he isn’t very good at them), and I’m betting Gruesome III doesn’t come close to Baine’s Wonderlic score.

  9. On paper the Browns makes the most sense but I just can’t accept that Holmgren will trade two #1’s for any player.

    Anyone else will have to give up their current#1 plus a future #1 at the very least(probably more) to move up to #2 and the only team I see doing that is Washington.

  10. It is sooooo early right now, and there are so many teams that could use a QB. Even teams that supposedly have their franchise QB could be looking for this guy. As odd as this sounds, I have a wierd feeling that one of the “big name bold” teams are going to trade up for RG3. Someone like Dallas, Jets, Chicago, Baltimore or maybe even Oakland! Who knows? There are so many teams in the NFL who supposedly have their franchise guy, or have made huge deals or wasted big picks to get their guy, but the guys are just not living up to the rest of the team. Early guesses say the Browns have the best chance, but ultimately whoever wants him the most will get him. (example: Ditka trades whole draft for Ricky)

  11. RGIII is good as is Luck but people every year we hear this about a QB or two and unless they go to a team already set to win don’t look for miracles…2 years ago Bradford just when the Rams looked to be turning the corner well here they are 2 years later picking 2nd just missing picking 1st again…so Cleveland keep your picks and build your team cuz even RGIII can’t help you with all the other holes that need to be filled.

  12. Coseybedaman,

    Oakland has no draft picks to trade with the stunt they pulled to get their current QB. The rest of the teams you listed, you are just flat out wrong on. Word is, that Washington has already offered up 1st 2nd & 3rd this year and next years 1st. And the Rams haven’t heard much of anything from Cleveland. So the bar has been set.

  13. Gabbert and Griffin joined the Big 12 at the same time, they are the same age. Gabbert didn’t start as a freshman (behind Chase Daniels) and left as a junior. Griffin started as a freshman, redshirted the next season, and left as a redshirt junior. If you ignore Griffin’s last season (Gabbert was in the NFL), his previous two seasons starting, and Gabbert’s two seasons starting, were very close stat wise. Against the same opposition. Gabbert 6800 yards, 40 Td, 18 Int, 18 wins. Griffin, 5600 yards, 37 Td, 11 Int, 13 wins. Why would you replace Gabbert with Griffin?

  14. As a Browns fan we can’t afford to give up two first round picks for an unproven commodity, with the condition of our roster.

    I like RGIII, a lot, however not for two first round picks and additional picks.

    All of this is hypothetical, plus the Peyton Manning situation and how active each team is in free agency will dictate on what some of these teams will do in the draft.

    I will be posted to the NFL Network on March 12th all day long, to see who are going to be major players on March 13th when free agency begins.

  15. “Why would you replace Gabbert with Griffin?”

    Because Gabbert is a strong contender for ‘worst NFL QB not named Caleb Hanie.’

    I agree that it isn’t happening though. Gene Smith remains a Gabbert fan.

    They will upgrade the talent at WR and on the line and next year, a guy like Barkley will be ready to take the reins in J’Ville.

  16. I really could see Jerruh making a surprise move for Griffin and then trading Romo after this season for picks in the 2013 draft.

  17. “Luck = Tim Couch
    Griffin = Donovan McNabb”

    I don’t see that happening.

    And Tim Couch wasn’t even bad, there was ZERO talent around him in Cleveland except maybe McNabb’s guy Kevin Johnson and considering his circumstances, I thought Couch did pretty well.

  18. I can’t help thinking that either Luck or Griffen slip down a little. I expect some negative press on one or both to be mysteriously leaked to the media any time now.

  19. Unless the Seahawks offer the Rams Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice, five 1st round picks, and a signed, guaranteed agreement to let the Rams win every meeting between the two teams for the next 30 years, then I can pretty much guarantee you that they will not be trading that pick to a division rival.

  20. If I’m the Rams I’m more interested in a first rounder next year than I am, Cleveland’s 2 first round picks this year. Let’s face it, the Rams aren’t very good, and neither are the teams trying to trade for Griffin. Would you really expect the Dolphins, Redskins, or Browns to make the playoffs next year with a rookie quarterback, no matter how good he is? The fact is, is that the Rams could be sitting pretty with 2 top 10 picks next year. That sounds a whole hell of a lot better than the 22nd pick this year.

  21. I’m hoping the Colts draft Luck and somehow trade up to #2 to get RG3. Backup quarterback has been a problem for the Colts in recent years.

  22. I could honestly see something like this happening:

    Rams trade the pick 2 to Cleveland for Picks 4 and 22, plus next years 1st rounder. Three first round picks is a small price to pay for CLE if they think RGIII is the franchise QB for the next 12 years. Especially if they don’t have to pay him $60 million under the new scale.

    Then the Rams have 4, 22, and Clevelands 2013 1st rounder. But the position St. Louis covets most is LT. They trade picks 4 and 22 to Minnesota for pick 3 and, say, MNs third rounder. This allows them to get the player they want, Matt Kalil, and accumulate a 2013 first rounder.

    Minnesota would gladly take Justin Blackmon with pick 4, and with pick 22 take best available LT left on the board. Spielman has been hinting at taking maybe just an adequate LT and a playmaker. If they could fill two needs by trading, they would do this an pay that 3rd rounder to make it work.

    Clevand gets franchise QB, RGIII
    St Louis gets best LT, a 2013 first rounder, and MNs 3rd rounder
    Minnesota gets Justin Blackmon and the best LT available at 22

    This would work right?

  23. The title should just read:

    “Rams will trade No. 2 pick to the Redskins”

    Everyone with a brain knows it’s inevitable.

    Silly Browns fans, did you think your small market team will be able to compete with Snyder’s checkbook? It’s time to bring the ‘Skins back to relevancy.


  24. Gabbert is terrible, anyone would be an improvement over him.

    I do find it strange the Eagles met with Griffin but I’m pretty sure they’ve done this before. Plus they signed Trent Edwards anyway

  25. It Is early to be saying this or that, But it’s fun to think about what certain teams will or won’t do! Every GM is keeping there cards close to the vest. Just think how much trash we would be talking if we had all the insight that the Gm’s do! Every team has a list of in-house players to take care of.

  26. This draft reminds me of the 1999 Draft. The proven NFL-style QB and the QB with all the “upside.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out the same too, although it is unlikely.

  27. If the Seahawks sign Mario Williams in free agency they would be more willing to roll the dice with the #12 pick on Ryan Tannehill. There is no way St Louis makes a deal with Seattle.

  28. There is absolutely no way that the Jags will trade away a good chunk of their draft to get this guy. Gabbert needs time in the system and players around him. A new rookie QB will not solve their probs.

    It’s going to be either the Browns, Redskins or Dolphins. There is also absolutely no way that RGIII will go to Indianapolis, as he doesn’t fit that system. the other three aforementioned teams have no true “system” installed and are still rebuilding, as they always seem to be.

  29. P.S. If I were a betting man and had $1 million to spare, I would put it all on the Browns moving up. They can afford to trade the picks and desperately NEED a QB.

  30. The bigger question shouldn’t be whether or not Mike Mularkey wants a new QB, but rather, whether or not Gene Smith is ready to admit a mistake this quick. I find it highly unlikely that Smith would give up this quick, particularly when the team threw Gabbert to the wolves last year (when it was clear he needed time overall and that their weapons around him were substandard).

    If we want to toss around darkhorses, I’d throw the Bills out there. I doubt it, but Buddy Nix has indicated he’d look at QB’s, and Griffin fits Gailey’s style of offense. That said, it’s hard to imagine them having enough ammo anyways.

    I really think this is a 2 horse race – Skins or Browns.

  31. On top of what babyhorsemorgan (? – which is saying something coming from me) said, Gabbert has only played one season in the NFL which included a shortened off-season, and Griffin is unproven (even though he admittedly looks like quite the prospect). Not only would they be giving up on the 10th overall pick from just a season ago, they would be in a bidding war using the 7th overall pick this season + a good bit more as ammo. Even if Griffin is a great player, that is an enormous cost, and it could set the team back years if Griffin doesn’t turn out to be the player everyone thinks he will be. I don’t think it would be a good move at all for Jacksonville. They need to give their 10th overall pick another chance before writing him off as a bust. They also need to get Gabbert some help on offense so he is in a position to succeed.

  32. trbowman says: Feb 27, 2012 8:23 PM

    Griffin isn’t worth that much, he’s definitely become overhyped.

    I was just wandering where you are projected to go in the first round in April.

  33. You know the more I think about this article the more I’m led to believe its hard to come by a story these days and that you guys don’t believe in beating the streets to find one and here’s why….

    1. I believe we(football fans) already knew the Rams were going to trade the pick.

    2. The teams possibly involved well they’ve all been mentioned time and time again before as possible dance partners.

    So the story is pretty much well nothing as it hasn’t told us anything we didn’t already know!

  34. mitchnig320 says:
    Feb 27, 2012 8:49 PM
    Mystery team = Vikings. They need to just acknowledge they cant get drunk before the draft and grab Ponder in the first round.


    You’re an idiot. Ponder had no off season to work with coaches, Frazier had no off season to work with new players. That being said Ponder looked good, a bad hip hindered him the last few games. I wanna take LT Kalil, and give Ponder/Frazier an ENTIRE offseason to work together. Give him another FULL year and we’ll see what we got at the end of 2012. I think players need more than 4 months to prove they can play. Aikman and Peyton were TERRIBLE their first year. FUNNY one is in the hall of fame, and the other will be in. Not saying Ponder is a future hall of famer by any means, but lets give the kid a chance instead of making a snap judgement. Just imagine if they shut the book on #8 and #18 after one year. I keep saying it…PATIENCE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Sorry but NO ONE knows 100% how ANY of the players will turn out. Like it or not, it is ALL HYPE at this point.

  35. Jacksonville moves up and takes RGIII, then flips Gabbert to Miami for a second. Rams pick whatever reciever is left. Jaksonville then picks RGIII favorite reciever with miami’s 2 rounder.

  36. You think anyone would trade a 2 for Gabbert? If by “2”, you mean a pile of crap, then yes, you got a deal.

  37. I know it’s extremely unlikely for many reasons, but I would love to see the 49ers get RG. I know Luck is all but out of the question at this point, but RG seems like a great candidate, and while I think it’s too early to anoint Harbaugh as a great coach, he’s proven to be great with QBs.

    As far as actual possibilities, the Browns seem like a good candidate. The Dolphins are right behind them. But, predictions for draft day are about as useless as Mel Kiper’s barber. Can’t wait though.

  38. Seahawks: Not a chance in h*** the Rams deal with them unless the price is so high as to disable them for years.
    Cleveland: No way Holmgren pays the price. He believes he can build a QB on his own. Too much ego to move up. No playoffs for another decade.
    Miami: Still hurting from the headcoach debacles of the last two years. They will pay for Flynn and regret it from day one. No playoffs for another decade.
    Peyton should go to Arizona.
    Washington: Synder is dumb like a fox. He will give the Rams two firsts, two seconds, and a third or so. This is a major marketing bonanza. Playoffs in 2014 and a SuperBowl berth in 2015. Washington is close but no rookie will take them to the playoffs in his first year. This kid will make Jerry Jones sweat. I love it.
    Everyone else is out of the game.

  39. eaglez10 says: Feb 27, 2012 8:05 PM

    Rams need RG3 more then any other team considering they got the number two pick they also can use a OL,DL,WR,DB,OLB,TE,and a new team.
    Spoken like a true Eagles fan who doesn’t want the Deadskins to get him! Especially when he’d be an upgrade to Vick

  40. Contrary to some opinions here, I believe Holmgren will have no trouble trading away multiple picks for this guy. They are in the best position to do it, particularly with that 22nd pick and other teams would have to mortgage so much more of their future. Let’s remember that Holmgren has coached Montana, Young, Favre, and others so he knows that he needs a franchise QB to win. He knows he doesn’t have it now. Why else did the Browns scout QBs last fall more than any other team in the league? I think Washington is blowing smoke about what they would offer to scare off Cleveland so it would lower the price. But, Cleveland won’t be scared off. It’s a long shot that RGIII is in any other uniform but Cleveland’s in September.

  41. Miami won’t move up…cost to much. They’ll stay at #8 and get the big Guard. I think Payton will be in maimi negating the need to draft QB especially with M Moore backing up. Its the smart play…

  42. The thing I enjoy MOST about all this pre-draft speculation, and I really do enjoy it – I do a bit of it myself – is the simple fact that as soon as the actual picks are made it all blows away in the wind.

    Until next year

  43. “Let’s remember that Holmgren has coached Montana, Young, Favre, and others so he knows that he needs a franchise QB to win.”

    This is true.

    But it’s also true of Mike Shanahan, who has coached John Elway and Steve Young, winning 3 SBs and being to 2 more with those guys.

    It’ll be fascinating to see those two teams go at it for RGIII. Cleveland has the draft pick ammunition, but Washington has better talent to throw in the mix. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Washington add somebody like Brian Orakpo with their draft pick package. In the end, I see Shanahan winning out.

  44. I’d be shocked if they’re not quietly shopping Bradford. If he could bring a good bounty of players and/or picks, why not unload him and his MASSIVE salary in favor of selecting RG3? They’d save a boatload of cash in the process, and might land nearly as much in trade.

  45. The only transaction the Browns should make with the Rams is sending Pat Shurmur back there for an ugly cheerleader to be named later.

  46. speculating on rookie qb`s is folly of course but that one pick, that one single crazy ass deal to move up and grab a guy that will, first put people in the seats two yrs for sure, will say and do all the RIGHT things for the team as far as marketing goes and then possibly play good football is WELL WORTH IT for a scrub team like the bills. i`d give this yrs 1 AND 2, then next yrs 1 and 3….wtf do we have to lose? we waste countless picks on “well, our organization thinks this kid is much more talented than what everyone else thinks” blah blah blah blah. torrel troup was going to be soooooooooooo tuff at the nose when everyone (me included) and mayock said linvel was better and gmen picked him way after us! go for it buddy . morgage the farm for rg3. it can`t get any worse then it is now.

  47. Coseybedaman,

    Oakland has no draft picks to trade with the stunt they pulled to get their current QB. The rest of the teams you listed, you are just flat out wrong on. Word is, that Washington has already offered up 1st 2nd & 3rd this year and next years 1st. And the Rams haven’t heard much of anything from Cleveland. So the bar has been set.

    I am going to say this. Oakland does not have first or 2nd round picks which is what we all know for trading to the pats for Seymour and a Carson 1st for the Bengals.

    Raiders cant afford unproven 1st round or 2nd round players this year anyways with the cap.
    Raider stars in late rounds and they are a young team with many drafted picks with their lack of success over a decade. So it might not be all so bad without a 1 and 2 and compensatory picks plus free agency and trades to beef up the sh1t D from last year.
    4th round Darren McFadden
    5th round Denarius Moore
    4th round Taiwan Jones
    7th round Heyward-Bey
    4th Round Jacoby Ford
    8th round Rolando McClain

  48. “The only remaining question is the ‘who’ and the ‘how much.’

    For those of you keeping score at home, that is actually TWO questions. Duh.

  49. chico54 says:
    Feb 27, 2012 8:13 PM
    Mystery team is eagles, the wait til last second they can offer d. Jackson, a. Samuel , a first and two seconds


    Why would the Rams take that deal? Drop back 12 spots and get a disgruntled WR and a broken down D-back who the Eagles have tried to trade twice?

    St. Louis could get a similar deal from a any of the other teams mentioned here who have more attractive 1st round picks than the Eagles do.

    This is why no one likes Eagles fans. They insert themselves in any store no matter how far fetched it is.

  50. It’s going to happen – the Rams have no choice but to trade out. If they are too greedy and can’t complete a deal – then they’ll be forced to draft Blackmon or more likley Kalil. Then the Vikes would be in the same boat – It’s has to happen, and if WAS doesn’t go crazy and mortgage the house so to speak – RG3 is headed to CLE

  51. Rams should trade with Cleveland, and trade away the 22nd pick for a higher pick to get Blackmon & Kalil, or Blackmon & Floyd. They have an opportunity to make finish the foundation of the franchise with the leverage that they have with the 2nd pick.

  52. I know now with the rookie payscale in place and so many people gushing over RG3 that the 2nd overall pick is gonna be valuable but Cleveland should think twice about giving up both their 1st rd picks and more for this kid. It isn’t like qb is the only hole on their team, keep both your 1st rounders and make the overall roster better, you make this deal and fail then you’re setting your team back ten years…again.

  53. “And new Jags owner Shahid Khan may be willing to mortgage a chunk of his future drafts in order to secure the franchise’s future as a contender for the next 10 years or more.”

    Those two things do not go together: A) mortgage your future drafts and B) secure the franchise’s future as a contender.

  54. I doubt that Dolphin’s owner Ross will want to deal with Fisher and the Rams after he played them to drive up the price for his HC services. Getting into a bidding war with multiple draft picks already on the table will only hurt the Dolphins as a team. The Dolphins have other options!

  55. Of course, like all good GM’s, the Rams front office might have told Peter King a bunch of smoke. One thing that is sure about the NFL draft: you can’t predict what will happen among the teams.

    What you can predict is folks with little or no solid information will speculate endlessly to create chatter.
    So goes the suggestion that the Jags would spend more draft picks and money to create a QB controversy.
    Few knew anything about RGIII coming into this season. Next year, there will be another one coming around the bend. It’s far too soon to give up on Gabbert and to spend even more resources when the Jags need players in other areas. I would’t accuse the author as that tends to get you cut from this blog, but the idea is silly.

  56. “Mystery team is eagles, the wait til last second they can offer d. Jackson, a. Samuel , a first and two seconds”

    The Eagles wouldn’t offer nearly that much, but they might offer Jackson OR Samuel and their 1st round pick.

  57. I’m a Jags fan and in my opinion, if we need to move up to get a player, it should be Blackmon rather than RGIII. We have the WORST WR group in the NFL.
    Enough said.

  58. Raidersfreak, the comment that the other teams I named are “flat out wrong”?? Are you serious?? Jeff Fisher has no clue who is getting the pick yet, let alone “raidersfreak” on profootballtalk.com . Get a grip buddy. Not to mention the Raiders organization has ZERO ties to Carson Palmer now, and virtually every player on their roster. Mckenzie was hired to change the culture in Oakland. No one’s job or contract is safe there. We witnessed one of the worst trades in NFL history with Carson Palmer due to a team needing a QB, and you are going to sit here and tell me there is no chance that a big name team will trade for RG3?

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